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I want to help you experience Christ through the living word and find the answer to the deep needs in your heart. Step into the plan God has for your life and leave a legacy of love, hope, and change based on your first-hand experience with the transformational love of Christ.

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Jaime Luce, Step Into Your God-Given Promise and Create A Legacy

I am an author, podcaster, blogger, and Christian business leader. But my heart is dialed into helping people just like you discover their God-given path and legacy. You were created in God’s image and have everything you need to walk out what He has called you to accomplish. I attended The Kings University in Southlake, Texas, and focused on Biblical and Theological studies. I am passionate about teaching from the Living Word so you can stand on biblical truths when life gets hard because it will. Go through life’s valleys equipped with hope!

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Don’t settle for the life/lies the enemy or your past has handed you.

The Jaime Luce podcast offers strength and life-giving principles from Scripture for living a Spirit-empowered Christian life of victory!

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You Don't Need Money by Jaime Luce

You Don’t Need Money. You Just Need God

The world would say, “You don’t need God. You just need money.” But nothing could be further from the truth. I want to help you live the life God has promised you. In my newest release, you will be encouraged with the true life stories of miraculous provision while learning how to receive God’s best for you. The key is knowing that you don’t need money. You just need God.

I’m so excited about this book. I didn’t want to write something that simply told about the financial miracles God has done for me. But I wanted to practically help others know how to have the same kind of results. So this book is a playbook. Just like in sports. It will have the story of the need we faced from small to the astronomically huge and how God provided every time. Then we will give you what I call “the play call.” After you understand the Biblical method that was used you are then given a teaching on how to use that knowledge. I can promise it will give you the tools to change your situation and to realize that “You Don’t Need Money. You Just Need God.”

Are you longing for purpose and direction?

Every week, I write a blog post based on the word of God so you can walk out your legacy. I want to empower, edify, and help you climb every mountain. You were made for greatness within your sphere of influence.

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Seven Marriage Success Strategies of A CEO’s Wife

This week’s headline reads that the gorgeous film star is marrying her handsome co-star. Next week’s headline reads same couple is calling it quits. No one believes that a successful Hollywood or high-profile career marriage is possible. The myth is that to have a successful career means you can’t have a successful marriage. You are either married to one or the other. That simply isn’t true. It is possible to have both a successful marriage and an equally successful career.

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