Don’t settle for the life/lies the enemy or your past has handed you.


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The Jaime Luce podcast offers strength and life-giving principles from Scripture for living a Spirit-empowered Christian life of victory! Hear teaching and interviews that will help you not settle for the life/lies the enemy or your past has handed you. By faith in Jesus and His name, you can be healed, delivered, restored, and made completely new! By the power of the Holy Spirit, take back everything the enemy has stolen and claim every promise God has for you!

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Your Will or God’s Be Done? Lessons From Peter and Jesus’ Trials

In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we explore Jesus and Peter's experiences in Luke 22, reminding us that we can find strength in prayer and resolve to align our choices with God's will. We'll discover how dealing with pride and sorrow can be transformative, opening the doors to victory and freedom. Just as Jesus did, we too can learn to make sacrifices and choose the right path over the easy one.

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Four Questions That Will Ignite Your Spiritual Revolution

In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we journey through scripture, highlighting powerful questions asked by God, Jesus, and an angel to explore their profound implications on our daily lives. We also discuss the importance of alertness and prayer during challenging times and the power of placing our trust in God's will rather than our abilities or circumstances. Let’s dive deeper together to enrich our spiritual journey and help lead a fruitful Christian life.

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God Will Illuminate Your Path

In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we journey from Genesis to Revelation to uncover God's unchanging presence and light amidst our ever-changing world. We will examine God's Word as an anchor, a beacon in our darkest moments, and a transformative force that banishes fear while restoring order. This episode culminates with a reminder of God's unwavering presence and His ability to illuminate our path when we feel lost.

By |September 5, 2023|Categories: podcast|Comments Off on God Will Illuminate Your Path

Is It God or Is It Me? How To Distinguish God’s Voice Amid Temptation

In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we navigate the complex layers of hearing and obeying God's voice. We'll unpack the significance of distinguishing between your mind, will, and emotions and those of the Holy Spirit while also considering the risk of listening merely to respond instead of genuinely hearing. Our thoughtful dissection of biblical accounts will help highlight the implications of hearing the wrong voices and the transformative power of acting on God's instructions.

By |August 29, 2023|Categories: podcast|Comments Off on Is It God or Is It Me? How To Distinguish God’s Voice Amid Temptation

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