Don’t settle for the life/lies the enemy or your past has handed you.


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The Jaime Luce podcast offers strength and life-giving principles from Scripture for living a Spirit-empowered Christian life of victory! Hear teaching and interviews that will help you not settle for the life/lies the enemy or your past has handed you. By faith in Jesus and His name, you can be healed, delivered, restored, and made completely new! By the power of the Holy Spirit, take back everything the enemy has stolen and claim every promise God has for you!

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Discern The Vision God Has Given You

Have you ever felt like the chaos and difficulties of life clouded your vision? What if there was a way to understand the difference between a mountain-top vision and a valley-vision? What if you could decern the guidance God is trying to provide? In today's episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we unpack Isaiah 22 and discover powerful insights into addressing sin and repentance through the lens of biblical scripture. We discuss embracing God's grace and mercy while cleansing your heart from sin and finding hope, healing, and direction in His word.

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Triumph Over Adversity: The Inspiring Journey of Pastors Terrell and Brandy Scott

Founder and Lead Pastors of Passion-Life Church Terrell & Brandy Scott share their inspiring testimony on redemption, healing, and finding purpose on the Jaime Luce Podcast. No matter the severity, we have all done things we are not proud of. If we don't deal with our past, we can stew in that negative mindset of regret for the rest of our lives. But there is good news - healing and redemption can be found in HIM! Tune in and be inspired by Terrell and Brandy's journey of forgiveness, healing, and finding purpose in their past trauma. Learn about the importance of surrendering to God, being thankful, and the power of forgiveness in allowing us to move forward and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Do People See Christ In You?

One of the most important commandants God gave to us is to love our neighbor. But what does that look like? How is showing the love of Christ reflected in our daily lives? In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we break down the parable of The Good Samaritan to understand Jesus’ affection for us and learn how to show that same affection to people in need. We discuss the importance of knowing who you are in Christ to represent HIS glory when caring for your neighbor.

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God Is Calling You To An Abundant Life with Matt Tommey

Best-selling author, artist, entrepreneur, and mentor Matt Tommey passionately discusses the importance of living in the abundance of God's Kingdom on the Jaime Luce Podcast. Have you been living a life where you feel constantly defeated? Maybe you feel unqualified to achieve the goals God has called you to do. In today's episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we explain how renewing your mindset allows you to live the abundant life God has promised you! Learn the simple, biblical steps that will enable you to embrace who God has created you to be and understand the discipline needed to have a victorious mentality.

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