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Jaime Luce is a sought-after author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and monthly Charisma Magazine contributor. Over the past two decades Jaime has served as a leadership and development pastor, teacher and blogger. She is a team-building and personal growth specialist. Her goal in every mode of ministry has been to empower others to discover the truth of who they are, while also equipping them to tap into God’s abundant blessings.

Jaime attended The Kings University in Southlake Texas, with studies in Biblical and Theological studies.  Jaime’s faith in a real and personal God, is the foundation for all her communications. It remains her great joy to share and empower others with life-changing Bible truths. 

With surprising and miraculous true-life stories, Jaime shares one of life’s most powerful revelations in her upcoming book co-authored with her mother, Judy Mercer, titled “You Don’t Need Money; You Just Need God.”

Jaime resides in Newport Beach, California with her husband of 27 years, Joel. She considers her husband to be her greatest gift from God. Jaime and her husband own two companies in Yorba Linda, California. Her in this life are their four adult children and their families.

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You Don’t Need Money, You Just Need God

The world would say, “You don’t need God. You just need money.” But nothing could be further from the truth! Jaime Luce wants to help you live the life God has promised you. In her newest release, You Don’t Need Money, You Just Need God, you will be encouraged with the true life stories of miraculous provision while learning how to receive God’s best for you. The key is knowing that you don’t need money. You just need God!

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  • Five Stars on Amazon
  • Featured on CTN Houston
  • Featured on Charisma News


I’ve known Jaime Luce now for many years. I’ve had a front row seat as she and her husband navigated the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship since 2007. I’ve been involved at a level that I got to see it all miraculously happen. Jaime is a God-fearing, God-centered lady, who believes deeply in prayer and the Word. This is a glimpse from the other side of entrepreneurship, from the wife’s perspective, but her rendition is spot on I must say. What a great resource for anyone who’s spouse is passionate about their business, and deeply passionate about their God, but still living in this turbulent world. Excellent read!

Galen Walters, CEO/Chairman Relationshop Inc., Author, teacher, leadership coach, and businessman.

“I am delighted to recommend this book to one and all because we have all experienced financial need and often have found ourselves at the proverbial end of our rope. This practical guide for depending upon God to meet our needs is Bible-based and filled with personal experiences that bring it to life and make it applicable to our lives. The personal stories will keep the reader riveted and engaged. And of the many memorable tips and principles so succinctly presented, I find this one the most encouraging: “… If It Matters to You, It Matters to God.” I’m always amazed how God answers even the seemingly insignificant requests I make to God, such as asking him to help me find my car keys or glass- es. It’s absolutely true, that if it matters to you, it matters to God! And it matters to God that we are reminded through this wonderful book how faithful he is to meet our needs.”

Mitch Land, PhD, Professor, Dean of Media and Worship Arts, The King’s University