In my last blog, I wrote that there is an advantage to being a Christian. The first and foremost advantage is that of God’s word. We have the final say on the matter when we have God’s word. There is, however, another valuable advantage that brings great reward. That advantage is the prophetic.

With the barrage of “paranormal” television shows and overtly demonic movies made, it is evident that there is a rising curiosity about the supernatural, to say the least. Even those who deny Jesus have the pull to investigate the supernatural realm. People are looking for life and help beyond themselves. Whether aliens or ghosts, there is a desire to believe in what we cannot see.

We, as believers, already have this advantage. As I was studying both the lives of Elijah and Elisha, I saw ten benefits to having the prophetic at work in our lives that affect our everyday. Whether we are facing a challenge today or the uncertainty of tomorrow, we are not left helpless. God has provided, by His Spirit, everything we need to be victorious regardless of what lies ahead.

Here are ten prophetic advantages to consider.

  1. The prophetic provides healing. By the Spirit of God, Elisha told Naaman to dip in the Jordan river seven times, and he would be made well. He heard by the Spirit of God and gave the instructions. The benefit was a miraculous healing. Healing doesn’t just represent our physical bodies. Many things may need healing. For instance, Elisha healed the pot of stew so that the men could eat without being affected by the poison in the pot.
  2. Revival. Both Elijah and Elisha brought dead children back to life. For Elijah, that death also represented the death of a dream and miracle that God had already performed. For Elisha, the death also represented a person’s future provision and care.
  3. Judgment. Elijah brought justice against the false prophets of Baal. He wiped out the false message that led Israel to sin and kept her from the blessing. Judgment is often necessary for the blessing to flow. The sin of Israel brought a three-year drought, but correct judgment brought rain and blessing.
  4. Salvation. When an enemy army surrounded Elisha, God listened to Elisha’s prayers, blinding his enemy. God saved him from their desire to kill him.
  5. Sight into the unseen. In the same story, Elisha’s servant could only see the impending doom. Elisha asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servant. When He did, his servant could see the armies of heaven surrounding the enemy. Having eyes that see by faith removes fear.
  6. Strategy. When Israel’s enemy plotted to attack, the Lord would tell Elisha their plans ahead of time. Elisha would then tell Israel’s king so they could always avoid the attack. We also need a strategy for what is coming our way. Then there is the Shunamite woman who had made a place for the prophetic and reaped an enormous reward. When a seven-year famine was coming, Elisha warned her and told her to move before the famine. She obeyed, and her family was spared going through it. When it was over, she moved back, and the king restored everything to her.
  7. Provision. Elijah presented his need to a widow in her dire need. Her choice to provide for him first resulted in her need being met fully until there was no more need left. Elisha provided the solution to a dept that a prophet’s widow could not pay. He instructed her to borrow as many containers as possible and begin pouring the oil she had left into the borrowed containers. There was sufficient oil for every container until none was left to fill. He told her to sell the oil and pay her dept and keep the rest to live on. It was provision not just for the dept but for her sustenance once the debt was paid and saving her sons from slavery.
  8. Determination of the times. Elijah prayed that it would not rain until he prayed again that it would. It did not rain for three years. Elijah determined the next three years through his prophetic prayers.
  9. Knowledge of intent. Elisha, by the Spirit, saw Gehazi, his servant, take by greed and dishonest gain what did not belong to him. Elisha saw his servants’ heart and motives. He also predicted his servant’s consequences and that of his family.
  10. Deliverance and preservation. Though this is not referencing Elijah or Elisha, Hosea 12:13 speaks of Moses and says, “And by a prophet, the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.”

No matter what you need delivered from and preserved for, God has made provision for his people through the gift of the prophetic. Whether by someone in the office or by praying in the Spirit of God, we have access to whatever we need.

Don’t allow the fear of the supernatural to hinder your reliance on God. Step out in faith and believe. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is no respecter of persons and is the answer to your every need.

Jaime Luce