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Jaime Luce’ story begins with emotional and financial struggle as a single mother trying to survive. Today, she has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owned two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. She is on a mission to help others walk through the valleys of life with hope and knowledge that God always has a way.

Are Strongholds Keeping You From Divine Calling?

Do you feel stuck? Is there a holding pattern in your life that is separating you from your divine calling? You may know what God wants you to do, but you have allowed a stronghold to pull you away from His purpose. To secure God’s plan in the right direction, you must recognize what is required from YOU! In this episode, we will view the steps needed to break free from the baggage that holds you back and learn to walk in the authority God has already given you. The Bible shows us how to come out of a holding pattern and into our God-given destination.

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Your 100-Fold Blessing

At one point or another, we have prayed for a monumental blessing to move in our life. To see our prayers come to pass, we must trust in Him by being grateful for what God is currently doing and what He will do in our future. When we give God thanks, He hears us and works on our behalf to fulfill his promises. In honor of our 100th episode, we will look into what the Bible says about the 100-fold blessing and how we can tap into it through a life of thanksgiving. Finally, we will see what the 100-fold blessing looked like in the lives of Abraham and Isaac.

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The Kinsman Redeemer: Save What You Lost

Have you lost something in your life that you need to reclaim - health, finances, relationships, or anything? It is time to walk in your Kingdom Authority and tap into a source that can avenge your debts. But you can only access this power if you grasp WHO provides it. In this episode, we break down what the Bible says about a kinsman redeemer and how it allows us to recognize who restores us in challenging circumstances. We will continue to dive into the story of Boaz and Ruth and study how Boaz being a kinsman redeemer to Ruth, exemplifies how Jesus provides for us.

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Walk Away To Find God’s Will

There is always a right circumstance for us. The key is understanding how to tap into it by observing what we need to let go of. God has His will waiting for us, but we must learn to walk away from situations holding us back. In this episode, we dive into the story of Ruth and discuss how she followed her heart and recognized the will God had for her through her mother-in-law Naomi. We study how Ruth turned her life over to God and lived a life of obedience that, in return, provided blessings in her life.

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How To Heal Through Responsibility and Faith

Our attitude can change how we see ourselves. It allows us to view our life through a lens of self-pity or responsibility. How we change our mindset comes down to one thing: faith. To overcome circumstances and heal from hardships, we must understand how to take ownership through our faith to live a life of freedom. In this episode, we compare two Bible stories on healing that give us insight into how we come to Jesus to receive deliverance in our life. And we discuss how to let go of our hurts and seek God in our journey toward restoration.

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How To Use Your Kingdom Authority In Prayer

As Christians, we have an identity problem. We question who we are, what power we have, and what our purpose is. However, there is a simple solution to this: prayer. To understand who we are and be confident in our authority, we must have an active prayer life. In this episode, we dive into scripture to break down why we need to pray, its importance, and how God intervenes on our behalf. We also discuss taping into our God-given dominion, authority, and their roles in prayer.

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Wake up! You Need to do something about this!

Are you sick and tired yet? Is this much ado [...]

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Plug Into A Warfare Prayer Source

Are you facing spiritual warfare in your life that you can’t get past? No matter how much you pray, is that stronghold fighting back? While there is power in prayer, you must connect to the right source! Today, I discuss how to pray the kind of prayers that plug into a power source to your specific needs. We deep dive into parts of the Bible that give instructions on having a powerful prayer life that changes your circumstances.

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