Who do you say that Jesus is? That’s a question that Jesus himself wants you to answer. But it begs the question, why would Jesus ask his disciples about identity when He didn’t trust himself to men? (John 2:24) The key to identity is not in who you know. One won’t find it in a job title or one’s birth parents’ name. You can’t find it based on nationality or scientific DNA discovery. You can’t lay hold of it by monetary gain or shrewd dealings. Not even knowledge or education can grant it.

The key to identity and the pursuit of its influence can only be obtained by the one who grants it, the one who created you. The one who alone designed and established your unique design, purpose, and potential can and does affirm and establish true identity. No court decision, doctor, teacher, or even you can alter the identity God created. You are not merely flesh and blood but spirit. Your soul has only two options: to be in the right relationship with your creator or not.

Everyone wrestles with the question of identity. Man tries to control what the outside world thinks about them and their opinions of who they are and their capabilities. Police and investigators employ people whose job is to profile individuals to ascertain who people are and what motivates them to know what they are capable of. Companies have potential hires take personality tests to determine what benefit or hindrance a person will be to an existing team. Parents think they know their children until they do something that surprises them.

Many of us try to define our identity based on external factors such as our performance, accomplishments, jobs, and families. We even attempt to understand ourselves by analyzing our intentions. But deep down, we know these things are not the answer to our quest for self-identity. They may provide temporary satisfaction or validation, but they do not address the fundamental question of who we truly are.

This question is so crucial that Jesus felt it necessary to teach its value to His disciples in Matthew 16:13-19. He wasn’t asking because He didn’t know. He was asking for the benefit of His disciples. If you have been asking yourself that question, try asking this question first. Who do you say Jesus is? If you can answer this question first, then you can answer your question because only when you have discovered who He is can you ever know who you are. Your soul is crying for the answer. Are you in right relationship with Him, or are you still lost? 

Acts 17:28 says, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” “In Him there is no darkness,” 1 John 1:5b says. We have redemption, inheritance, sonship, identity, peace, and eternal life in Him. Without Him, we have nothing. Let Him give you the identity you were created for.

So today, I want to ask who you say Jesus is.