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About The Episode:

Ever wondered how to stand firm amidst the crashing waves of life’s challenges? Our latest episode uncovers the strength found in faith through nature’s most powerful metaphor: the storm. Join us as we share personal stories and biblical narratives that highlight the relentless pursuit of hope and the unwavering power of Jesus’ compassion. We thread the needle between ancient scripture and modern-day trials, promising insights that may just transform your approach to the tempests in your own life.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • A biblical study into Jesus and Peter
  • How to have faith in the midst of a storm
  • Why we need to focus on Jesus during challenging times
  • How the impossible becomes possible when we have faith

Where to dive in:

(0:00:00) – The Power of Storms (9 Minutes)

This chapter reflects on the strength and presence of God, especially during the trials we face when obeying His commands. I share a personal anecdote to give insight into the nature of storms in our lives and how they test our faith, often leading us to question whether we’ve heard God correctly. We examine the biblical account of Jesus withdrawing to a desolate place after John the Baptist’s death and the crowd’s relentless pursuit of Him, showcasing their desperate need and Jesus’s unwavering compassion. This passage from Matthew 14 is a powerful reminder that in the midst of our storms, if we’re following Jesus’s command, we can walk confidently, knowing that He is with us and that these challenges can reveal His power in our lives.

(0:08:52) – Jesus Walks on Water, Peter’s Faith (5 Minutes)

This chapter examines the biblical passage where Jesus commands the disciples to sail to the other side of the lake while he retreats to pray alone. I recount the story of Jesus walking on water and calming the storm, highlighting the moment when Peter steps out in faith and then falters, prompting Jesus to save him and chide him for his doubt. The narrative prompts me to reflect on the power of Jesus’ reassurance to take heart and not be afraid, and I share a personal connection with Peter’s experience, admitting my own moments of faltering faith in challenging situations. By placing ourselves within the scripture, I encourage listeners to find personal relevance and lessons in these stories, making the biblical truths applicable to our lives today.

(0:13:33) – Houseboat Trip in Wilderness Storm (6 Minutes)

This chapter we recount our cherished family vacations on a houseboat at Lake Mead, where we would engage in waterskiing and jet skiing, embracing the serenity similar to that sought by Jesus in the wilderness. I detail the meticulous process of anchoring the houseboat to ensure safety during sudden desert storms, highlighting a particularly harrowing experience. During this trip, my husband was amidst crucial business negotiations for a company acquisition, often working from the marina. I share the tension between the need to return to the houseboat before nightfall and my husband’s commitment to the deal. Our return journey became fraught with challenges as darkness fell, our boat’s light failed, and a malfunction slowed us to a crawl amidst rising winds, encapsulating a mix of adventure, risk, and faith.

(0:19:13) – Faith in the Midst of Storm (18 Minutes)

This chapter, I share a personal experience of being caught in a terrifying storm while on a boat, illustrating how easy it is to lose faith even when past miracles should offer us comfort. We reflect on the natural human tendency to focus on immediate fears rather than the evidence of God’s presence and power in our lives. Drawing parallels with the disciples’ fear during a storm despite having just witnessed Jesus feeding the 5000, we emphasize the importance of recognizing Jesus in our own storms. I encourage listeners to find that place of faith in Christ where they, too, can walk above their circumstances, unharmed by the storms they face.

(0:36:52) – Powerful Storm (8 Minutes)

This chapter explores the omnipotence of God, especially His dominion over nature and life’s storms, as depicted through Biblical narratives such as the calming of the sea and Jesus walking on water. I discuss how these miracles are intentional acts to establish God’s authority and to strengthen the faith of His followers, exemplified by Jesus inviting Peter to walk on water amidst a storm. This act serves as a metaphor for our own lives, where we are often called to step out in faith and face our own storms, trusting in God’s sovereignty. Additionally, I reflect on the current moral state of the United States, urging listeners to stand firm in truth and faith, even when it leads them into the midst of societal tumult. The episode aims to reassure believers that while they may not be spared from life’s storms, they are never beyond the reach of God’s power and presence.

(0:45:18) – Walking on Water (10 Minutes)

This chapter reflects on the biblical account of Peter walking on water and how his faith enabled him to participate in the miracle of feeding the five thousand. I discuss the notion that the disciples were integral to the miracle, as it was through their hands that the bread was broken and distributed. We examine Peter’s boldness to step out onto the water and how his focus on Jesus allowed him to walk in the realm of the supernatural. However, the moment he shifted his attention to the storm, his fear began to sink him. The key takeaway is that even when our faith wavers, Jesus is there to catch us, and He doesn’t disqualify us for moments of doubt. Ultimately, I emphasize that maintaining our focus on Jesus and His commands will keep us afloat, and the Lord will never let us drown while we walk by faith, even amidst the storms.

(0:54:59) – Walking on the Storm (10 Minutes)

This chapter examines the growth of faith among Jesus’ disciples as they witness His miracles, such as calming a storm and walking on water. We reflect on the transformation from questioning Jesus’ identity to recognizing and worshipping Him as the Son of God. I discuss the idea that Jesus’ actions served as an illustrated sermon, teaching the disciples about their own potential to overcome storms in life with faith. Emphasizing that as followers, we’re invited into life’s storms not as mere humans but empowered by God’s presence, I offer a prayer for those seeking healing, encouraging faith in Jesus’ unchanging power to make the impossible possible. We conclude by affirming that with our eyes fixed on Jesus, what seems impossible is surmountable, and I invite listeners to share their experiences of miracles and faith.

About your host: Jaime Luce’ testimony has daunting personal mountains and treacherous financial valleys. She was trapped in day-to-day stress and couldn’t see a way forward. But how she started is not how she finished! And she wants you to know God has a plan for your life too, no matter how tough it seems. Today, Jaime has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owns two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. God’s way is always the blessed way! 
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Full Transcript

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00:00 – Jaime Luce (Host)
And let’s remember what God has done for us and where he has shown himself strong. Let’s remember the things that he’s commanded us to do and if you’re walking right now in obedience to what he commanded you to do, then you don’t have to be afraid of this storm. This is a storm you can walk on. If Jesus commanded you to go where you’re going and to do what you’re doing, then you can know that you’re going to be okay. Welcome to the Jamie Luce Podcast. Thanks so much for joining me today.

I’m going to be reading today out of the book of Matthew, so I want you to get your Bibles out, get something to write with. Let’s take some notes today. I wanted to ask you if you have ever thought about this, because I have thought of this many times. I’ve probably complained to the Lord about this, if I’m honest in my prayers, but complaints in my prayers. I know that’s probably not right and that probably doesn’t sound very faith-filled, but I think you’ll relate to what I’m going to say. But have you ever obeyed the Lord? Felt like the Lord spoke to you to do something. You did that thing that he asked you to do and in the doing of that thing, a storm arises. A storm hits and you think how is this possible? How can this be? Why does a storm come up? Seemingly every time, I do what the Lord asks me to do, and the thing about a storm, when it comes up and it’s unexpected, you think, okay, did I hear wrong? Did I not? Somehow did I do it wrong? Am I not? Was it God at all? We question so many things when storms arise and the power of a storm in our life has the power to either rocks us or it can rock us, but then it can reveal God’s power, and I really want to talk about that today. I think that this will be an encouragement to you, something that some of you probably need to hear today. The start of a new year doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever we were dealing with before just went away because there’s a new year. So I want to encourage you today and I really do believe that this word will encourage you. I wanted to kind of start by explaining or telling you a little bit about an experience that I had just that gave me insight into what we’re going to be looking at today. So I want to read the passage to you. Then I’m going to give you a little bit of a personal story and then we’ll delve into some teaching about it.

But if you’ll open your Bibles to Matthew, chapter 14, and just for context, this is right after John the Baptist has been killed and the word gets to Jesus that he’s been beheaded, and Jesus goes into the wilderness because he wants to be alone for one. He probably is wanting to pray, and you know, I don’t know. I’m reading into this. I could be wrong. This is not gospel truth. This is Jamie’s opinion. I’m just trying to think of my own self in the situation. I try to put myself in the story and think what would I be thinking? What would be going on? And we don’t know if Jesus is also going because he thinks, okay, they came after John, I could be next and it’s not my time, so I need to get out of here. I don’t know, but for whatever reason, jesus has pulled himself away. What’s interesting is he’s trying to get away.

So the text says that now when Jesus heard this this is Matthew 14, verse 13, now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself. So he gets in a boat. I want you to think about this. He gets in a boat and goes to get away to a deserted, desolate place, and yet the people listen to this. But when the crowds heard it, they heard that he got in a boat and that he took off. They followed him on foot from the towns. So he’s in a boat, assuming that getting there in a boat is quicker than walking there. They follow him on foot. And it says in verse 14, when he went ashore he saw a great crowd. They moved so fast that they got there on foot before Jesus got there on boat. So when he gets out of the boat, here’s a crowd waiting for him.

Okay, if you’re, if you’re Jesus, well, if you’re not Jesus, I should say as a human, I’m thinking to myself. I’m trying to get some space. If you happen to have been a mother of small children, your escape into the bathroom could be followed by pounding on the door and screams and yelling for you to let them in. You kind of get the picture. He’s needing to process this with the father. When I say process, I simply mean talk to God about what’s next.

John the Baptist is now gone. This is obviously a turning point in the ministry of Jesus, because we know that John said he must increase, I must decrease. So this is an increasing time. He has now decreased, he’s gone. Those who follow John are now going to turn and follow Jesus, or at least we would assume so, because John was pointing them to Jesus. So Jesus is moving forward. It’s not his time to be done, but it is his time to excel, his time to be made more manifest. This is the growth time. This is more time. This is more expansion, more. And the people have followed him.

Because why, why would you go on foot at such a pace to beat somebody where they’re going? The only answer is you have great need and your faith says that if you can get to him, you can get the answer that you need that this person. You need to get to this person. And they did everything they could to get into his presence, to be able to bring to him their needs. And I love the next verse because it says and he had compassion on them and healed them. Jesus was always moved, no matter what the agenda was, no matter what was going on. Compassion always moved him. And no matter where you’re at today, no matter what you’re facing today, jesus knows, if you’re listening to this. This is one of the ways that we run after him. I do it, I go looking for what is he saying. I get in my word, or I’m praying, or I pick up a phone and I’m looking at YouTube and I’m, you know, or listening to a podcast, or I’m reading a book about the Lord. I’m looking for him. I’m looking for him so that I can make contact with him. Why? So that I can receive the benefits of knowing who he is and what’s possible if I get to him. Okay, and so this is.

This isn’t our text today, but this is leading up to it. This is the text, the portion of text where Jesus, then, by his disciples, feeds the 5,000. And we’ll talk about that a little bit later. But right after feeding the 5,000, we come to verse 22. So he just finishes feeding them, says, and those who ate were about 5,000 men besides women and children. Verse 22,. This is our text today Immediately, immediately. He’s finished feeding them, he’s had compassion, he’s done the job that needed to get done at that moment, immediately.

He made the disciples get into a boat. He made the disciples get into a boat. Okay, so Jesus is commanding them to do something. He made the disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side while he dismissed the crowds. And after he had dismissed the crowds he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came he was there alone. But the boat by this time was a long way from land, beaten by the waves, for the wind was against them. And in the fourth watch of the night, which is about three o’clock in the morning Sorry, lost my place.

And in the fourth watch of the night he came to them walking on the sea. But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified and said it is a ghost and they cried out in fear. But immediately Jesus spoke to them saying take heart, it is, I do not be afraid. And I’m going to pause there for a moment because when I was preparing to record this today and I was just rereading the text again and and re wanting to just to take it in, to be really truly prepared and reading this text again today, I really did, as I read this particular line take heart, it is I do not be afraid I felt the Holy Spirit prompt and say that somebody today who’s listening to this needs to hear that and you just need to know, for your circumstance will go on, will do the teaching, but you just need to know and receive these words.

Take heart, it is, I do not be afraid. And Peter answered him Lord, if it is, you, command me to come to you on the water. He said come. So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the wind he was afraid and beginning to sink, he cried out Lord, save me. Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying to him oh you of little faith, why did you doubt? And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased and those in the boat worshiped him, saying truly, you are the Son of God. We’ll read the rest of that a little bit later, but I don’t know if you’ve ever.

You know I say this to you kind of regularly that you really, when you’re reading scripture, you should do your best to put yourself into the story, and I don’t just read it for the sake of reading and skim over it, but think about what the scripture is, the picture that it’s painting and the story that it is telling, or the truth that it is exposing. If there’s a question being asked, why is that question being asked and what does that have to do with me? And how do I make this scripture that I’m reading, how do I make this apply to my life today? And as I was thinking about this, and here they are it’s in the evening, it’s dark, it’s late, the wind is beating on the boat, the winds are beating on the boat, but that also means that the waves are crashing, the water is spraying and it’s not like they’re in a yacht where they go down below and they’re not getting wet and they’ve got a motor. I mean, these men are in the elements and they are fighting these elements. And it reminded me I’ve had an experience, a couple experiences actually, very much like this One in particular, and I have to say I didn’t react in faith. I really didn’t, and so I really related with Peter in this instance.

But our family for years would go on vacations on a houseboat trip, and it’s a big houseboat. There was a lot of us, so we would get the very largest boat possible for all of us, and we had at the time a ski boat that we could ski behind and we had a couple of sea-dews, you know to wave runners, whatever you would call them just to play around on, and we’d take the week and just kind of escape to a deserted place. Because we’d go to the desert, we’d go to Lake Mead and that was our time away, that was our refreshing time. So I do understand why Jesus would go to the wilderness to get away. We would do the same thing and there were times if you’ve ever been on a lake, and especially a lake where sudden storms can pop up, because they were constantly dealing with that on the Sea of Galilee a sudden storm would pop up and Lake Mead is very much like that, especially if you’re going in the months that we would normally go during the summertime, there’s monsoon season and you can get caught in a crazy storm out of nowhere.

And it’s a very particular thing when you have to anchor your houseboat at night. They give you these long ropes that you have to anchor to the shore and they are attached at the back of the boat and the front of your boat is up at the shore and you go straight out and the back of the boat is out there. So you’ve got these long ropes that come and you have to fasten them into the ground and you crisscross these stakes that are four feet long into the sand, into the ground, so there’s only a little bit left on top of the ground and you have to do a particular way to tie them off so that your boat is secure and it needs to be secure. And the more exposed you are out to the, the openness of the water, the better you better be anchored, and it’s the safest places to get into what they call a cove, so that you are protected from the wind on both sides by some type of mountain or hill that will take some of that wind and brace, you know, help keep you braced in the storm. And we happen to be out there and a horrible wind storm kicked up.

And that particular day my husband was right in the middle of he was taking vacation time, though he was going every day with his computer to the marina because he was working. We were getting ready and following the what the lord was calling us to do, and that was to buy the company that my husband at the time had worked for. And in doing this there was a lot of preparation and a lot of stuff he was in the middle of negotiations with and people he was working with to, to go on what they call the road show. He was preparing their book was what they call it a book of all the information necessary that you do and you present to these different investors in order to raise the funds to be able to make this purchase. And we had gone, he and I, by ourselves, took the ski boat in the afternoon and we had gone to the marina and we were sitting, he was doing some work and I was getting really nervous because I knew it was getting late and I didn’t want to be out on that water once the sun went down because it, when you’re out in the middle of the lake, of the lake, without the benefit of daylight, you may or may not see things that are in the water that are shallow enough to harm you.

You could hit things that you don’t see. It’s dark, I mean it gets dark out there and it’s not like you see lights. It’s you’re not in the city, you’re away from the city, you don’t see. It’s very, it gets very dark and though there are stars above you, it’s not enough to light the water so that you can see what’s going on in the water and the light that we had on our boat, for whatever reason, wasn’t coming on. So I knew that when we were at the marina and he needed to get done what he had to get done, so it was getting later and later.

The sun was going down and I kept saying, you know, probably irritating and while he’s trying to focus and work and I’m concerned about it’s getting later, we need to go, we need to go, we need to get back on the boat. And he, of course, is the risk taker. He, you know I’m a risk taker too, but he’s more of a risk taker than I am, and it was about this deal and it was about getting this done, and we knew that God had called us to do this. There was, it was part of the mission and and so he took the extra time. Needless to say, it got dark and we are heading back and literally, our boat is okay. To make things worse, the wind is beating on our little boat trying to get back to the larger boat. I can’t see, and on top of it, not us not being able to see. Something goes wrong in our motor and instead of being able to go at a decent speed so that we can beat the sun going completely down. This made it so that we could. Only we were basically just putting along, we could. We had no speed and you can’t fix it. It’s dark, you can’t see what’s wrong, you can’t figure out what’s happening and on top of that, Joel’s not really a mechanic, especially on boats. So we were in.

You know, I was completely out of my comfort zone, to say the least. I was, I was freaked out. I was afraid I was showing no faith at all instead of understanding the Lord has told us to do this business venture. We know that he’s got us. We actually knew he was with us on our vacation. I was taking no comfort in what I knew about God. I was taking no comfort in the past, miracles and things that he had done for us, the miracles he had done. Even up to this point, I was not focused on what I knew God had done, what he could do and how much faith I needed to have right now.

I was in the middle of a storm and it was scary, and the wind is crashing literally on our boat and I can’t see and I’m terrified of the rocks and the things that are around us and I don’t know if we’re going to any second hit up against them and put a hole in our boat. All I could think of was that we’re going to sink, we’re going to hit something, we’re going to sink and have no help and we’ll be cleaned to a rock all night long and cold in the water and have no way to get help. I mean, that’s literally dramatic, I know, but if you’ve ever been in situations that are that scare you, it was scary and my husband, I know, was frightened by it, but he didn’t show that outwardly to me and I was not making it easy on him. I am complaining, I am upset. I didn’t. I did not behave well. I had to. Later I had to truly ask for forgiveness because I was not behaving well. Now this was many years ago. I really hope that I have truly grown since then.

But I’m being honest with you to tell you where I was at and, needless to say, if my mom, who is a prayer warrior, she was terrified for us. She knew they aren’t back yet. This isn’t good and she was out at the front of the boat, kind of like a Noah moment. The storm is raging and she’s out there with her hands raised and she is trying to. You know, she’s praying and she’s rebuking the storm and she’s asking the Lord to bring us back safely. And when we come around we’re going straight. I don’t know where to turn because I’m hoping I can see. I see a little light and I said I think that’s them. I see a light boy that’ll preach too, right, I see. So we start turning and then, after going a little while, we realize that is them and if we stay and keep that light in the center, we could see where the boat was at, we’d be okay and we’d be able to get on, get anchored and be all right, be safe from the storm.

We did make it back and I I just it again. I want to say that it was. It was a storm I didn’t expect. It was a storm that really was terrifying to me, truly terrifying. I felt like our safety was very much in danger and and I’m telling you that because I want you to know I relate and I’m sure you can, even though yours might not have been in a boat on the water.

I’m sure you’ve been through situations where you’re terrified and it doesn’t matter that you’ve seen God do things before. Somehow those things are not coming to mind at the moment. You’re, you’re, we can. We can lose our footing in our faith, and I I’m not wanting to beat you up today. I want to encourage you because here we literally see this happening. I mean, this is happening within hours of Jesus feeding the 5000.

Within a very short amount of time, a miraculous miracle on a huge scale has just taken place in in front of their very eyes and also, in fact, they were a part of it, and we’ll talk about that a little bit later. They were part of that miracle, but in that situation, when the storm arose, somehow that wasn’t on their mind. There was no memory, no thinking about the power of God available to them, and so I just want to encourage you with that first. Okay, so that’s, that’s first. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it, but I want to to be able to help you, to see yourself in this.

So the storm was so bad, and the storm was. It was so dark outside and they were so beaten by the wind and the waves that when Jesus comes walking on the water, they don’t recognize Him. They don’t, they can’t see that that’s Jesus in the midst of their storm. They can’t see that that’s Jesus, who is not affected by the storm, who’s walking on the storm, walking on these waves, not affected by them, and in their, in their fear and in the work that they’re having to do, because, if you’re think about this, they went out.

It’s evening, they have been doing this now for several hours and a storm comes up. It’s three in the morning. They are exhausted, they’re tired, they can’t see, they are beaten by the waves, they are wet, they’re. They don’t know other than they’re trying to get. You know, not only stay with water, they’re not in the boat so that they are drowned by the water, but they’re trying to make progress, they’re trying to get to the other side. They were commanded by Jesus to go there, and so there are just so much that you can find yourself in this circumstance, in. But it is in this very place that we can see that they did not. They didn’t recognize Jesus in their storm.

And I really want us to think about that, because you can be in that same place, you can be in that same mindset, because there is a place in Christ there is, there is a place of faith in Christ where you too can walk on the storm and not be affected by it. And I’m wanting to encourage us in our faith today to say, if we can stop and analyze for a moment, that we’re in the storm and we can look around us and recognize, yeah, things are bad. But my hope today is to pull you back, let’s get it, let’s pull out our perspective, let’s let’s pull out a little bit and let’s remember what God has done for us and where he has shown himself strong. Let’s remember the things that he’s commanded us to do. And if you’re walking right now in obedience to what he commanded you to do, then you don’t have to be afraid of this storm. This is a storm you can walk on. If Jesus commanded you to go where you’re going and to do what you’re doing, then you can know that you’re going to be okay. So Jesus sees and knows the situation that you’re in right now. I mean, he commanded you to go. He knows, he’s not surprised by where you’re at. He’s, he walks to you in your, in the midst of this storm and it’s.

It can be. It can be something that is obvious to the Lord, obviously, obviously not obvious to us that there is a problem. How do I say this when it is a natural thing to come to. Let’s say, you have a sickness and it’s a natural thing to go to the doctor and to get help from the doctor. That’s a natural thing. It’s a natural way, it’s a natural course. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The men were rowing the boat. The only way to get the boat to the other side is to row the boat when you’re, when you’re in a problem. It’s not a lack of faith to be doing the natural things. So I don’t want to discourage you and make you think everything is supernatural and that if you’re not doing something in the supernatural, that somehow you’re doing it wrong. I just don’t want us to lose sight that, yes, we can be doing what God’s told us in the natural, but there is a higher perspective to walk that natural out.

Okay, so Jesus sees and knows the situation that you’re in, but it is obviously not a problem to him. Right? It’s not a problem for Jesus. He’s not in his power, in his ability. He is not bound by what we think is impossible. He simply does the impossible. The impossible is possible with him. It’s not like he’s. There is no such thing as impossible with God.

I don’t know if you’re understanding what I’m trying to say here. There are. We live in the realm, the natural realm, where there is this impossible, and then we know that with God, outside of our little realm, there’s this impossible. But what we’re forgetting is that if we have Christ and Christ is in us, christ has called us, christ has commissioned us, he’s given the command and we belong to him and we’re walking in obedience. We are now no longer bound to the natural. We’re now walking that whole scenario of obedience in Christ and we’re walking it out in the not impossible realm. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s we now live. That circumstance can live. This is where we have to adjust our faith and adjust our mindset that we do not have to do this from the natural point of view. We can do this by the supernatural point of view. It changes how you see it, it changes how you feel it.

I want to read this note that I wrote down because I don’t want to get ahead of myself and I want to give you everything that I felt that the Holy Spirit gave me to give to you today. But Jesus, well, let’s read the scripture. Let’s look at what is happening here. Let’s go to verse 26.

But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said it is a ghost. So again they’re. They’re not recognizing Jesus. We’ve we’ve stated that they haven’t recognized him. They know they’re seeing something. Okay, they recognize they’re seeing something, but what they see is bringing terror and fear into their hearts because they think that what they’re seeing is more trouble. And you can be, you can be following what the Lord has told you to do.

Let’s say, he tells you to say something to somebody, and when you say that thing to somebody, their reaction is not what you expect and it doesn’t go the way that you expected it to go. And yet you know the Lord told you to say it. So if it goes not the way that you expect, your fear then is that this is bad, this is worse, that the problem is now worse and it so. I know that’s a different analogy, but it’s they. They see it and they think it’s a ghost. They see Jesus and think it’s a ghost. They think this is worse. This is death out there looming. This is no longer, this is no longer just a storm and we’re in trouble, but death is looming and this is worse than what we thought Okay, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say, and let’s look at what Jesus says the minute.

They say that they think it’s a ghost and they cry out in fear verse 27,. But immediately Jesus spoke to them saying take heart, it is, I do not be afraid, and I wanted to give this to you because I felt like the Holy Spirit said this to me. In other words, jesus was saying wait, wait, wait. This isn’t bad news, this is good news. I’m not a ghost, I’m Jesus. Okay, this isn’t bad. I know this looks bad, this isn’t bad. I commanded you. If you’re doing what I commanded you, you’re going to be okay. This is not bad, this is okay.

We really struggle with this because we like to say, or the critics of Christianity like to say well, if God is so good, why do bad things happen to good people? Well, sometimes we’re judging that thing before it’s completed. Okay, we’re judging the thing before it’s completed, and by doing that, you’re calling something that is good evil. And scripture teaches us do not call good evil or evil good. And you can’t know unless you are literally asking the Lord and following his command. So, if I’m following his command and whatever is happening is happening by my following his commands. That is not bad. I need to recognize Jesus. That’s not bad. He’s saying this is good, I’m here, okay. And when he’s saying it’s me, in other words, he’s saying all as well, you don’t have to be afraid, I’m the one who does the miracles, I’m the one who commanded you, I’m right here, don’t be afraid, okay. And it, you know, a better translation might be to say that he says take heart, I am, he’s the, I am whatever you need. He says I am whatever you need, I am. Whatever isn’t there, whatever is not possible, I am. He’s saying don’t be afraid, I am.

And I wanted to show you this part of what these men would have known because they would have been taught the scriptures. And I’m going to give you a couple of scriptures. First one is in Job, and it’s Job, chapter nine, verse eight. And this is in Job’s reply that he’s giving, and it says and I’ll read you the whole thing, but I’m getting you to a certain scripture. Then Job answered and said truly, I know that this is so, but how can a man be in the right before God? So he’s going back and forth with Bill Dad and they’re having this argument, verse three. If one wish to contend with him, meaning God, one could not answer him once in a thousand times. He is wise in heart. This is where we want to go. He is wise in heart and mighty in strength. Who has hardened himself against him and succeeded. He who removes mountains and they know it not when he overturns them in his anger.

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I talk about earthquakes, moving mountains. Who commands the sun and it does not rise? Who seals up the stars? Who alone and here’s the verse I wanted to give you, verse 8, who alone stretched out the heavens and trampled the waves of the sea? So he is the Lord over the sea, he is the Lord over the storm. He’s the one who created them, who moves them. And then I want us to look at Psalm, chapter 89, verse 9. It says you rule the raging of the sea. When its waves rise, you still them. I mean, I feel like this verse literally is speaking about the passage in Matthew, which it’s also in the other gospel.

But this is this was beautiful to me that this is the way that God is establishing in their hearts. He’s trying to show them by the miracles that he does. Everything he did was intentional. He’s saying there is no storm, there is no thing that you will face that I have not got the power over. I crushed the waves with my feet. I walk on these storms. They are stilled by me. I can make them come, I can make them go. I have power over them.

So, obviously, jesus is allowing something in these passages. He is allowing something in this storm. This is not taken, jesus, by surprise. What is he wanting to show his disciples? What is he wanting them to understand in this situation? What is he wanting you to understand while you’re in the midst of whatever storm you might be facing Now?

I’m not saying that Jesus brought the storm. I’m simply saying he’s Lord over the storm. I’m not saying that God took you into whatever you’re dealing with, but I’m saying he’s not surprised by it and he’s Lord over it. God commands us to go and in the going, our protection is in our obedience. So you don’t have to fear the storm.

Notice that Jesus didn’t tell them with instructions that he’s going to come to them and that they’re going to avoid a storm. Because, isn’t it true? We try to live our lives avoiding storms. We don’t want to deal with the storms. We don’t want, we’re afraid of them. We really do believe that they have more power than we have the power to combat. We’ve got to not fear the storm. I’m talking to me too, folks. We cannot fear the storm, and I want you to notice what Jesus did to them here. He is the one commanding them to the storm, and when he gets to them and tells them not to be afraid, there is this interesting dynamic that takes place.

Jesus and Peter have this exchange, and so let’s look at that exchange. Peter, in verse 28, it says and Peter answered him Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water. He said. Jesus said come. So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the wind he was afraid and beginning to sink, he cried out Lord, save me. Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took him, took hold of him, saying to him oh you of little faith, why did you doubt? And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.

Okay, so notice what Jesus does here. He does not come on to the scene, call me in the storm as he came. He doesn’t come. And they see him coming and notice that it’s Jesus, because now the wind has stopped and the storm has subsided and you can just see that that’s Jesus walking to you. They would not have expected that this was Jesus. They had never seen him walk on water. They saw him do miracles, but they never saw him defy science, defy the elements. He commanded the elements for them.

So this is not the same passage that we read earlier in Matthew. I believe it’s five, I’m sorry, matthew 8. In Matthew 8, 23 to 27, it’s when Jesus is in the boat with them and a storm arises and he’s asleep while the storm is coming and they’re terrified again of the storm and they say do you not care that we’re dying? And they wake him up. That’s a different passage. So this is now. Jesus has come. He has shown them already he can command the wind and waves. But this is different. Jesus is showing him I not only command the wind and the waves, none of these things have any effect on me. I so control them that I can walk on what is is terrifying you. I am that I have all power, in every sense and form of the word, to walk on this circumstance.

And Jesus, in this exchange with Peter, actually invites Peter into the storm, into the tumult, out of the safety what little safety he had. He invites him out of that little safety of the boat and the other men, to come out into the wind and the waves without that protection and to walk by faith to Jesus, and the Lord might be asking that of you today. He might be inviting you into the storm. He might be inviting you into the storm. You could be akin to the three Hebrew boys You’ve been invited into the storm to stand for what he tells you to stand for, to speak what he tells you to speak, and in so doing you know that means you’re going right into the fire.

Our country right now, the United States, is in a terrible place. It is in such a fast speed moral decline and they call evil good and good evil, and the deception that is going on and the corruption of all those in power is mind-boggling, and God is calling us, many of us, to stand up and not be afraid and to speak truth and to, in essence, invite us into the storm, invite us into the tumult to say what you know is controversial, but it’s Bible and it’s truth, and it’s the only way that saves. What was Jesus doing with Peter? Inviting him into the situation so that he could see that he actually could walk on it too, that this was to grow Peter’s faith. He invites us into the tumult, into the storm, into the craziness, and he invites us to do it unafraid, because it is I I am. He’s calling us. Don’t be afraid. Hear the command of your Savior, hear the invitation that he’s giving to your heart. It’s that that you want to follow, because that is where your safety lies. And Peter blesses heart.

I mean, we like to criticize them, we like to criticize these men and we remember that literally hours ago, they were doing a miracle. I really this has always puzzled me when I would read that Peter would say well, if it’s you, lord, call me to you. That seems like a such a strange thing to say, because if you think it’s a ghost, you’re gonna trust that the voice you hear is God. And he’s telling you yeah, come on out into the storm. Doesn’t that sound crazy? I mean, to me that sounds crazy. And yet Peter was in that faith moment when Jesus said don’t be afraid, it’s me. And in that moment of hearing his voice, peter is remembering. I think he’s remembering. This is what my mind thinks. My mind thinks said okay, peter’s remembering.

Jesus didn’t just feed the five thousand a few hours ago, because it wasn’t actually Jesus who fed the people. What happened in that story? The disciples bring to Jesus this few pieces of bread and fish and tell them this is all we have, we can’t possibly do this. And Jesus says that’s all right. He takes it, he blesses it and gives it back to the does. He breaks it and gives it to the disciples. Okay, so he’s broken this bread and given it back to them. But now they have to take this broken piece of bread that they’ve got in their hand and now they have to go to the groups that are sitting in groups of 50 and however they had, you know, situated everybody, and now they have to break that off and be feeding everybody with that.

The miracle happened, folks, in the hands of the disciples. Jesus blessed it, yes, but he commissioned the disciples to feed the people. He commanded them from the get-go. He said you feed them, we don’t need to send them away, you feed them. Jesus didn’t do the miracle by his hand, he used the disciples. The miracle happened in the disciples hands, and Peter’s remembering this. And so he says, lord, okay, if you can do miracles with me too, then that impossible thing you’re doing I can do that too. You’ve invited, invite me, invite me into the realm of the impossible. And Jesus is inviting Peter. He says come on, it’s me, don’t be afraid, come on, come on out into this impossible thing. Let me show you how to do this. And Peter did it. He did it. He walked on water. He defied gravity, he defied the elements. He did the impossible. He was walking in the realm of the supernatural. He walked on water at Jesus’ command.

The problem came when and we all know this the problem comes when we take our eyes off Jesus, when we take our eyes off of the command Jesus gave us, when we look at the elements against us, when we get our focus on the person who’s complaining, or the circumstance that now seems impossible, or the money’s not there, or this person is now causing trouble and they’re standing against you, they’re making an obstacle for you. There’s a mountain in front of you now. That wasn’t there and you don’t know how to get over the mountain. And instead of keeping our eyes on, jesus said this is what I’m supposed to do, this is the command he gave me, so that’s what I’m going to do. Instead of keeping our mind and our heart there, we let our mind go to the elements. We take our eyes off Jesus and we put our eyes on the elements and what did the scripture say?

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid. So he was in a position, just a moment ago, of the supernatural, with no fear. Jesus said don’t be afraid. So he wasn’t afraid and he did what Jesus told him. And he was doing it. But then he looked at the wind and he was afraid and beginning to sink. We will all sink if we take our eyes off Jesus. We will all sink if we forget what he has told us. If we turn loose and lay hold of instead the thing that’s against us, we will all sink.

And yet Peter did the right thing. He cried out to Jesus to save him. It’s just that simple. I mean, it’s that simple. Cry out to Jesus right now. Put your eyes back on him. Cry out to Jesus. If you feel like you’re sinking in your circumstance, cry out to Jesus. Get your eyes back on what he told you. Remember that you were called out into that supernatural and he will keep you there. He will help you there. And it says immediately. Jesus reached out his hand and pulled him up and they walked back together. I mean we don’t see those words, but they said that Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying oh you little faith, why did you doubt? And when they came, got into the boat. So they walked the rest of the way back on the water into the boat. Peter did it. There was a momentary lapse of faith, but Peter did it. He didn’t drown, it wasn’t a ghost, it was God. And they made it. And as soon as they got back into that boat, that wind ceased. That storm had to go.

Where do I want to go from here? This is what I wanted to say. I highlighted this for myself and when the Holy Spirit spoke this into my heart, I could hardly wait to say this to you. It’s not profound, it’s just a truth, and I want you to write it down because this will bring encouragement to you. The Lord will never let you drown when you’re walking by faith. The Lord will never let you drown walking on your storm. If you’re walking by faith, he won’t let you drown just because, while you’re doing the impossible, you become afraid. He isn’t disappointed with you and he’s not changed his mind because of that moment. He’s not saying Okay, now you blew it, you’re disqualified. I’m not going to finish. The thing that I called you to. You’re not going to get to the other side. That’s not what we saw.

Peter continued.

He got back up.

He still was with Jesus.

He walked on water and walked back to the boat. The issue of his laps, his momentary lapse of faith, did not change God’s mind about what God was doing in Peter. We don’t have to fear this. We know Peter knew who Jesus was, but he was growing in his understanding of what does that even mean? You’re the Christ, you’re the son of the living God, but what does that really mean? How powerful are you? How big are you? How possible is the impossible? Peter was still growing in this and God will not allow you to drown. You will still complete the thing that he’s called you to do. He is allowing you in this circumstance and in your storm. He’s allowing you the opportunity to learn, to grow in your faith. He’s calling you higher, he’s calling you deeper, he’s calling you farther than you’ve ever been into that realm. He has saved Peter immediately and it reminds him about faith.

And when the wind is pushing you and the spray of the waves is hitting you, you can know that Jesus said oh, you have little faith, wait a minute. Oh, you have little faith. You mean to tell me that a little bit of faith. He’s talking to Peter. Listen to this. Oh, you have little faith. Peter just walked on water. Peter just got out of the boat and walked on water and Jesus says oh, you have little faith. So if, if, that little bit of faith could cause Peter to be able to walk on water, jesus is saying Can you imagine what you could do with great faith? Can you imagine what’s possible if you have great faith?

I want us to look at what this did in the disciples when, in Matthew eight, I told you we’d go back there when Jesus was in their boat, but asleep, and they said Don’t you care that we’re dying? Jesus said why are you afraid? Oh, you have little faith. And then he calmed the wind and waves by speaking to them and the disciples said In fact, let’s look at that Matthew eight. I want you to see this Matthew eight, and it’s verse 27, eight 27. And the men marveled saying what sort of man is this that even wins? And see, obey him. So just a few chapters before.

I don’t know what that actual timeframe is, but in that first storm they’ve, peter knows who Jesus is. The disciples believe that he’s the son of the living God. They know he’s Messiah, but they’re not sure what that means. Okay, so they’re still growing in their faith and their knowledge of who God is and how powerful he is. Jesus is and they say, who is, what sort of man is this? Okay? And now they see him walking on water. He’s no, he’s not just commanding the wind and waves to cease. He’s now walking on water and when the wind stops and the storm has ceased and Jesus and Peter get back into the boat, this is now the growth that has taken place by allowing them to go through the storm and see what Jesus did to example for them, that they could walk on the storm, to show them how this can be done, to teach Peter that this can be done, what he was teaching the disciples by doing this we see in the verse.

I’m on chapter eight, go back to 14. Oh, you of little faith, why did you doubt? And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased and those in the boat look at the difference. What sort of man is this? That he can do this? And now, look, they worshiped him, saying truly, you are the son of God, their storm, and walking through that storm, the way that Jesus showed them the, the what do they call that in church? When they teach you and they give you the example, they show you with actual things I’m totally drawing a blank and illustrated sermon. There we go.

Jesus gives as an illustrated sermon, basically walking on the storm that they were terrified by and showing them that they could also walk on that storm. He’s showing them who he is and the power that he has, but he’s also showing them who they are to be, who they are to be. Do you see the difference? Do you see the growth in their faith and in what they understand about their calling? And into the mission and into the storm that he calls them? It won’t be long before he says that I send you out amongst wolves. You are sheep being sent out amongst wolves. He invites us into the storm, but we don’t have to walk in this storm or deal with the storm as mere humans. We can go in the power of God and this storm cannot stop what God has purposed us to do. And you will not drown in this storm Just for, just for the sake of showing you this, because in the storm they they did not recognize Jesus.

I wanted to finish off this chapter. So verse 34 says and when they had crossed over, they came to the land at Gnessaret and when the men of that place recognized him, when the men of that place recognized him, they sent around to all that region and brought to him all who were sick and implored him that they might only touch the fringe of his garment, and as many as touched it were made well. I wanna finish this today by saying that if your storm is a physical, you need physical healing in your body. I’m going to pray for you that you have faith today, that you’re gonna walk on this storm and know that the impossible is not impossible in Jesus and that he invites us into the storm but he’s with us in this storm and the impossible is possible. That if you recognize him, if you can hear this little message today and recognize that Jesus is here with you, then you can recognize that the impossible is now possible. And just as all the men of this region recognized him and brought him there sick and they knew that if all they could do is just touch the fringe of his garment they would be healed and they were healed then you can know you can do the same. We’re gonna reach out by faith and touch the Lord.

Today. Can I pray with you, father? We’re so grateful for your word, the truth of your word, the power of your word, and you are the same yesterday, today and forever. And with simple faith. Today we’re going to say we recognize you, we recognize that you’re right here with us and we might have had a momentary lapse of faith, and we’re crying out to you saying Jesus, save us and for those who need saving today, those who need healing today or those who need a miracle today, we are reaching out for your salvation and we are going to walk on this storm with you and the impossible is made possible.

Father, I thank you for healing right now, being dispersed by you, by your love for your people and the compassion that you always had on them, and that they will reach out today by faith and receive from you the help that they need, that you are still their loving father. You’re still their loving Jesus. You’ve not left them. You’ve not forsaken them. You are here. Fear not, it is I, fear not, it is I. Lord, you are always with us. You have promised never to leave us and never to forsake us. You have not changed your mind and we receive, by faith today, your touch, your healing, your mountain moving power, your ability to walk on the impossible, and we will walk it with you. And we will do it with our eyes fixed on you and your word, on your commands. And it’s in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen, oops, amen, amen. Well, thank you so much for joining me today and spending this time. I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus. What seems impossible is not impossible with the Lord that we serve. He has conquered death, hell and the grave, and there is nothing that is impossible with him. There’s nothing impossible to those that believe, and I agree today with you. I count it my privilege to stand in agreement with you for the impossible for your life. Thanks again for joining me today.

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