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Tithing: The Gift That Keeps On Giving with Joel Luce

The CEO of Previon, my wonderful husband, Joel Luce shares the total life impact of tithing. Managing finances is a significant challenge for anyone working nine-to-five and business owners. But what if I told you that there is a guideline you can follow to bring life and change to your finances? In this episode, Joel and I explain how prioritizing our tithes allowed us to sow into God's kingdom and receive the miraculous blessings God had promised us. We break down what the Bible says about giving our ten percent and how it created transformation not only in our lives but in the lives of those we bless through our offerings.

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You Can Do The Impossible with God’s Might

Everyone has the same opportunity that can determine your outcome: time and chance. As Christians, we need to understand how to make the most out of our situations with the tools God has given us. In this episode, we will discuss the might of God and how it opens a realm of possibilities to accomplish the goals He has set for you. We use the story of David's men as an example of how to take hold of time and chance through God's might to accomplish what feels impossible.

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Recognize Sin To Find Prosperity with Tiff Shuttlesworth

Evangelist Tiff Shutteslworth breaks down how sin develops and the importance of identifying it to live holy and victoriously. As Christian adults, it is vital to understand how to live a holy life the way God intended. We must be vigilant about what is pleasing to Him and what is not. Tiff shares how we can recognize God’s intentions for eternal life and tells us it comes down to one thing. We examine how to acknowledge sin and the steps to take to find freedom through sanctification.

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Walk Into The New Year As A Conquerer

"New Year. New You." You have probably heard this saying or said it yourself. But what does it take to be a "new you" and have a prosperous year? How will you approach goals and heart-filled desires for the next 365 days? In this episode, we will explore the key to reaping the Lord's benefits for you. We also discuss the steps necessary, through scripture, to understand how to receive God's plan for a fruitful 2023.

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Your Small Beginning Is The Key To God’s Big Future

The week before the New Year is a time of reflection for many. We evaluate what has been essential to us and determine if we have been "successful" in the eyes of our piers or, more importantly, ourselves. We may look at our current situation and think, "I'm not where I want to be." But I'm here to remind you that your story is just starting! In this episode, we discuss the story of King David and how his humble beginnings were a stepping stone to his growth and triumph. We also examine how David's obedience and sacrifice to the Lord throughout his journey allowed him to live the victorious life God laid out.

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The Manger: The Sign of Your Provision

Christmas is here, and this season brings a flood of challenges, but I want to tell you that the manger is a SIGN of your provision. Are you looking for a miracle? Are you hoping to see your prayers come to fruition as the year closes? I am here to tell you to be EXPECTANT for the revelation you have been seeking! In this episode, we will discuss when you receive your miracle and how God makes provisions for you to carry out HIS promises to completion. We will also review the story of Mary and Joseph to understand the significance of the manger and how it represents God’s miraculous work in your life.

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Step Out of The Drought And Into God’s Promises

Seasons of struggle can last years, and it can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But do not give in to the weight of today's burden! God equipped you with the answers to your hardship! He has your miracle available on the other side of your obedience. In this episode, we will continue with the story of Elijah and how he stepped out according to God's will and witnessed HIS miraculous power in a mighty way. We will also discuss why taking an uncomfortable leap of faith brings us what we need and allows us to witness God do the impossible. Remember, all is possible through HIM.

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Receive Your God-Ordained Miracle

Seasons of struggle can wreak havoc in our lives and deplete our spirit. Like me, I'm sure you've prayed to God for relief, but sometimes we aren't listening to what He is telling us. As a result, we miss out on His plan of action because we don’t like the words said to us. What if I told you that listening to what God reveals to us is vital to be prepared and protected? In this episode, we will study the story of Elijah and how listening to God allowed him to witness His commanded miracles! We will see how Elijah’s faith and obedience gave him, and others ordained blessings during a time of hardship.

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Are Strongholds Keeping You From Divine Calling?

Do you feel stuck? Is there a holding pattern in your life that is separating you from your divine calling? You may know what God wants you to do, but you have allowed a stronghold to pull you away from His purpose. To secure God’s plan in the right direction, you must recognize what is required from YOU! In this episode, we will view the steps needed to break free from the baggage that holds you back and learn to walk in the authority God has already given you. The Bible shows us how to come out of a holding pattern and into our God-given destination.

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Your 100-Fold Blessing

At one point or another, we have prayed for a monumental blessing to move in our life. To see our prayers come to pass, we must trust in Him by being grateful for what God is currently doing and what He will do in our future. When we give God thanks, He hears us and works on our behalf to fulfill his promises. In honor of our 100th episode, we will look into what the Bible says about the 100-fold blessing and how we can tap into it through a life of thanksgiving. Finally, we will see what the 100-fold blessing looked like in the lives of Abraham and Isaac.

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