Jesus gave the simple command to “follow me. Seems easy enough when He is right there with you. But what happens when you can’t see Him? Peter had heard it before, but now it’s regarding his manner of life and death. Don’t we feel that way? We believe what God has said and promised. We want what He wants. But how do you follow and lay hold of it when you can’t see Him, and it feels like life and death?

The point of faith is always a crossroads. Which way do I go? Do I do this or do that? At the crossroads, you will need to follow the road signs. What I mean is you need to be looking for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We are three-part beings. We are a Spirit, have a soul, and live in a body. And in that order. If you live soul first, mind, will, and emotions, you will live double-minded. Whatever can affect your feelings or confuse your thoughts will determine your direction. When you live from your body first, every craving and pleasure will direct your steps. But when you live from your spirit, you have access to previously unknown information. You now live on a need-to-know basis.

If you have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, you are in the know. There is nothing unknown to you that the Holy Spirit doesn’t have access to. Following the leading of the Spirit is the key. He is the inward witness. Romans tells us that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit. It is that inner knowing, that still small voice that says, “this is the way. Walk in it.” The trick is letting go of what is familiar to lay hold of the new and unknown. What God has for you is better than anything you could imagine. But to attain it requires new ways, instructions, or directions.

Just like following your GPS, the Holy Spirit will give you only the instruction that is next. You must take one turn at a time. If you go left when He says right, you will not reach the right destination. We like to make decisions based on the familiar and not faith. For example, I was born and raised in Southern California. The mountains never move. You can know which direction you are going based on your view of the mountains. But when I moved to Texas, where there are no mountains, I felt lost. Every time I got in the car, it seemed that I was on a faith journey. I needed my GPS. Getting to the correct destination meant turn-by-turn instructions.

So point number one is to be filled with the Spirit and receive turn-by-turn instructions. Point two is don’t take shortcuts to try and get ahead. Stay with the guide. Sometimes we think we have a better idea. Instead of waiting for the next instruction, we get impatient and go out alone. This was the mistake Abraham and Sarah made while waiting on the promise of Isaac. You will only end up with an Ishmael that mocks the promise.

Third, don’t lag behind. God has a timing and season for your blessing. If you’re late, you might miss it. Following involves doing so at the same pace as the leader. If you fall behind, the one you’re following falls out of sight. You could miss a valuable turn because you didn’t move when you should have. Blessings have seasons. Miss one, and you may have to wait several more seasons before that one rolls around again.

Today, choose to follow the One who knows the way. Don’t listen to the chaos of emotions, thoughts, or cravings of the flesh. Let your spirit take the headship of your direction. Choose to listen to the instructions of the Holy Spirit and keep in step all the way to your promise. He promised He would never leave or forsake us. Your destination is secure if you’ll just follow the Leader.

Jaime Luce