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About the episode:

The CEO of Previon, my wonderful husband, Joel Luce shares the total life impact of tithing. Managing finances is a significant challenge for anyone working nine-to-five and business owners. But what if I told you that there is a guideline you can follow to bring life and change to your finances? In this episode, Joel and I explain how prioritizing our tithes allowed us to sow into God’s kingdom and receive the miraculous blessings God had promised us. We break down what the Bible says about giving our ten percent and how it created transformation not only in our lives but in the lives of those we bless through our offerings. 

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • A biblical understanding of tithing
  • What to do when you can’t tithe
  • How giving back opens Heavenly doors 
  • How to be kingdom-minded in our businesses and finances 

About the guest:

Joel is responsible for the strategic direction of Previon. As the founder of Previon and co-creator of our patented product and process of at-home self-test kits that are tailored to the patient and empowers them to take decisive action with their health, he has realized a commitment that is near to his heart. With the loss of his mother due to colorectal cancer, that could have been detected early, he has fulfilled a promise to reach as many people with lifesaving information and products to improve and save lives. He has been with the company for over 26 years, with 35 years in the industry of helping people live better lives.

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ story begins with emotional and financial struggle as a single mother trying to survive. Today, she has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owned two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. She is on a mission to help others walk through the valleys of life with hope and knowledge that God always has a way.  Learn more.

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Hello, and thank you for joining me. This is the Jaimie Luce podcast. And I have in studio with me again today as my treat my husband, Joel Luce, who is the business owner of two very successful companies. And I wanted to be able to bring him on again, we’ve got some wonderful principles to talk about and share with you. I currently am letting everyone know about the book that I’ve got out, which is you don’t need money, you just need God. And it’s a playbook for miraculous provision. And we have as a couple, as a family and other family members as well. Had we really watched God do some miraculous supernatural things, when it came to our finances. And anytime that we thought we needed something and didn’t know exactly how to do it, how to get it, how to be about it, how to make it happen, we would go to the Lord and every time he would lead guide and direct us in what would take us to a supernatural answer something that on our own, we couldn’t have done but with Him, all things are possible. And I again, wanted my husband Joel, to be able to share with you as a business owner, some of the wonderful things that he has learned along the way to encourage you to help you to know that no matter what you’re called to, whether you’re in ministry, whether you’re just you’re you’re married, you’re you’re doing life, you’ve got a job, you’re a student, wherever you find yourself in life, there’s a calling that is on your life, God has a purpose and a plan for you. And he desires that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. We are to prosper, we are to be about our Father’s business, we are to multiply the kingdom of God in every way, and our finances and our personal lives and businesses and our relationships. In everything we do. We should be those who are the builders are the ones who sustain everything that no matter what’s going around on around us in this world. And some crazy things are happening right now. But we’re the ones who are living on the rock. We’re the ones who should be unshakable, even if things are shaking around us. And Joel has gone through that he’s gone through some serious shakings in the business realm in the finance realm, and has really navigated those waters by faith with the Lord, and come out on the other side, successful and ape and really seen God do. He’s even right now, dropping new ideas and things into your heart. And we know new things are even on the horizon. And they’re coming. So I want to talk in particular about a topic in the book, one of the chapters in the book that it’s chapter 11. For those of you who have the book, it’s on Amazon, go get it. The chapters title is The Art of negotiations. And in that we hit on the subject of tithing. And tithing is a funny subject, people get all kinds of attitudes and ideas about the word tithing, and it ruffles a bunch of feathers. But we have seen this principle, literally change our lives. And I wanted us to talk about it to encourage some people today to let them know, no matter what you have an idea of I actually hope that you start today by listening with just remove any preconceived ideas that you have. Just let yourself be teachable. To learn something new, maybe think about something from a different perspective that you never have before. And see if God won’t speak something to your own personal heart and life to take you in a direction that leads to blessing. So in the chapter, the art of negotiations, which you’re fabulous at, I want to talk or let you actually explain what kind of happened where we were at without giving the whole thing away. We’re not going to tell you the whole thing. You have to get the book to get the whole story. But the Lord had dropped something into your heart while you were praying one night, and I want you to go ahead and take it from there.


Well, I mean, it was it was it wasn’t didn’t start out to be about tithing. It was about wanting to see my life change our life change in a dramatic way. And and through finance through through through more income. And it was about you know, because we felt called to do more things and to do in the end that where we were at was good. But we knew it wasn’t where God wanted us to be. And so it was okay, Lord, how do I get there? How do I do this? What what what are what are you saying? And sometimes it’s not what God’s saying to us sometimes, but it’s what we’re saying to God. And then, and then I think, I believe that then God tests us to see if what we’re saying to him, if we’re, if that’s a real heart thing for us, meaning that we really care about it, that it’s really important to us that we’re willing to commit and put the time in, and whatever it is, whatever it is, well, for us, and for me that night, it was about increasing our income, and it was actually doubling our income. And, and I told another group that I was speaking with, that I’m not sure it was biblical or not. That the prayer that I prayed that night, it was a crazy prayer, it was literally crazy prayer, that God if you double my income, I’ll double my time.


Okay, now, before you go on, I want to interject because I know that people will say, Okay, well, the tide, just so that we’re clear is 10%. The tide simply means the tempo. That’s what that means. It doesn’t, there is no double tide, according to Scripture. And I think that’s probably even why you were thinking, I know, this isn’t necessarily biblical. But the idea behind what you prayed was, I’m going to do twice as much, if you will do this for me, Lord, not only will I give you this, I’m going to double what I give to you. So take it away.


And that’s a good point. It was really, and I guess, not necessarily a tide, but an additional 10% a doubling. And, and I don’t know why I thought of that. I just knew it was in my heart, that I learned the principles in a very short period of time, that if I give, he’s going to get back to me, and if I, if I, so then I’m going to reap, right. And then that, that whatever I saw went to, and if it’s good ground, it’s going to be multiplied back to me. 3060 100 fold, and sometimes even more. And that’s what’s beautiful about God, is that, even when you don’t deserve it, and even when you do it wrong, and even when do you you, you do it with your heart, you all of your heart, and you say, a crazy prayer like Lord, I’ll double my tithe, if you double my income this year. And God God takes us at our heart. Yeah, you know, and what’s in our spirit. And, and sometimes it may not even make sense in our heads, what we’re even saying, or praying, or hey, but but but when it comes out of out of, out of a heart of wanting to be closer to God and wanting to do what he’s called you to do, and wanting to improve your life and your family. And, and, and, and be able to do things in a positive way for the kingdom of God. You know, that’s what he looks at. It says, How many scriptures have we all read that says, He looks on the heart, not the outward, right? You know, so So God heard my prayer that night. And the very thing I prayed, he did that year. You know, and, and throughout that year, that was toward the beginning of the year, throughout that year, then he doubled our income that year. And it helped us accomplish some things that we were trying to do. And, and and part of it was another new home, and some other things that with our children and other things that were going on, and in ministry as well. Right. And, and not to give it all away. But I do have to I guess I do have to say that the one part that is so important, is that I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. And God did what he said he was going to do. And, and in prayer one night, he reminded me of that oath. And there’s some powerful scriptures, especially in the Old Testament, they’re they’re, they’re more brutal in the Old Testament. Yeah. And where it says you should have never made that out to me. And when I heard that, and I read that I had never been so broken in a in a prayer time with the Lord that I was that night for hours weeping. And I don’t cry a lot. I cried that night. I mean, I cried a lot and came in told you about it and everything. And then we gave that extra double tie within three or four days on that very next Sunday. And then within 90 days, God gave it all back to you it all back to us. But again, I think it’s God looking on our hearts and saying, Are you going to? Are you going to tie? The Are you going to give me what what i’ve what I’ve asked you to? Do? You know that that’s mine anyway, to begin with the 10. And then the other is offerings, then I think that really shows our heart towards God, and towards the kingdom of God. And, and, you know, it’s what does it say? Seek first, His righteousness, you know, and in the kingdom of God, right? And those things, and then all those other things will be added to us. You know, so to me, all those other things are the things that we want and need. So the things that we want the things that we need, God supplied, but but but I think it’s a hard issue. I think I think tithing and giving is a hard thing.


It is, I think that with tithing, it’s the one thing you can do such a quick self check. Because what will we so easily spend our money on? What do we so easily give our pocketbook? To? What things do we easily say? Well, I, you know, I just, there are people who will give dues regularly monthly to organizations, you’ll pay a monthly fee to go to the gym. You know, if you’re someone who cares about working out all the time, and they don’t think twice about Well, that’s the fee I got to pay every month. And I’m you know, and and tithing is interesting because tithe is not me giving to the Lord, what belongs to me. Tithing is giving back to the Lord, what belongs to hence returning, right? If I it’s like saying, Joel, here’s $100 bill. And then I turn around and do something and turn back to you say, will you help me back my $100 bill? You’re not giving me $100 You’re just giving back to me what I gave to you. And as Christians, we have the full understanding, or at least we should, that everything we have comes from Him. Scripture teaches us that tells us that every good gift comes from the father of and there’s no variance attorney, there’s no it no shadow of turning, he doesn’t think one thing one day and then change his mind and think something different than next. He’s given us principles, not to Hemis in not to say you have to do it my way or the highway. But he gives us principles, because he says you can learn how dependable I am. There is protection in those parameters. I think of one of the stories in the book of mine where I it, I talked about tithing and what the Lord did for me when I gave a tide that I thought I didn’t have it’s one thing when you think, Okay, I have it this month, I’ll give it it’s another thing when you don’t have enough to pay any of the bills. And that’s all you have left. And you think I’m supposed to give that to you. And now how do I buy groceries? And how do I put gas in the car? And how do I pay that? It’s understanding that if I give to God, what belongs to him, the protection of those parameters is that he says I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, so that not only will he then take care of my needs, and he’ll do it supernaturally he did in the story. I tell him the book, he supernaturally took care of all the needs when I was obedient, and did what I what I should have done. But he’s not telling it to us to be hard and dogmatic and say do it my way. He’s saying I love you. And I have put in front of you a way to live this life, blessed and in abundance and protect it, right. So you know, some people will say, Well, I tried sometimes. And you put this into practice that day and did watch what God did, and the grace that He showed, during that time to say, I’m going to teach you a very valuable lesson about when you ask me. And when I am when I do what I say I’m going to do. But so many will say well I did that. And then things got crazy. And you know, things changed. And now we don’t have it but you know, so I would like to know how you have looked at this principle and lived it. Are you still living it? Do you always live it? Is it a part time thing? Is it a full time thing? What does that look like for you?


Yeah, I you know, when I was younger and serving the Lord, I’ve been given offerings, but I never really tithe. And and I really didn’t fully understand it because it wasn’t taught very well in the church that I grew up in. As I got older came back to the Lord in my 20s it was taught very well by our pastor, where were we met? And and they did a great job of teaching that and I think that’s one thing that’s missing in the church and I think that’s a big part of your book. Is is is really explaining, using using actual stories and actual people and and things and concepts and principles and biblical principles to make it work in, in, in in your own life. And and to see that I think with the tithe, I think one of the biggest things with that is whether whether you’re a feast or famine, whether think, you know, it’s tough times, like you said, someone, that’s Well, I tried that, and it you know, and things got worse, and they continue to get worse. Those are the times that that I believe, whether it’s God testing you or not, and it could be, it could be it was with me, it was with us. But, but but or it could just be a difficult time. But but the key and my and what I’ve read in, in the Word, and the testimonies that I’ve heard and that are in your book, is making it a priority is when when you when the tie with your money becomes the priority. And then then you every other bill, every other commitment, every other gym bill, whatever it is, I mean even gas to get to work becomes a lesser priority. And God will make a way and see that you get you know, where you need to be when you begin to make that a priority. I mean, we experienced that. During the recession of Oh 809 when things were really bad, where we were losing millions of dollars overnight, in one of our companies and, and not knowing where the bottom was. And, and but we kept tithing, we kept giving, we kept giving offerings, we cut out restaurants, we cut out doing you know, vacations, we cut out Christmas gifts to one another, we gave them to our kids but not to each other. Right? For two years in a row. I think. And and we did whatever we had to do, but we never stopped tithing. We never stopped giving. And I think it’s prioritizing your life, right, your finances around that. And then everything else will begin to fall in place. And then God is faithful. He’s so faithful, that he will do what he said he will do. You know, it says that he will he will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you don’t have room enough to receive. And when you tie them when we tie, he’ll like you said earlier he’ll rebuke the devourer. Right. I need some things rebuked in my life. Yeah. And in my family, and in certain situations in our companies, you know, that we need, we need the enemy review, right? And God said, I’ll make you a deal. That if you time, if you give him that 10 I’ll do that for you. I’m going to open up the wound windows of heaven, I’m going to pour you out a blessing. And then I’m going to rebuke the devourer. Right for your sake. Right? Because you did this, because you believed me. And you were faithful. Right? And you committed to it, and you prioritized it. And I think that is the key is making it the number one priority in finances, start there. Everything else is after, right? And then watch and see what God


Right. And you know, I’m not sitting here even trying to think, give tithe, or send an offering to this ministry. We’re not asking for them. We don’t I don’t have a way for you to do that. I’m not asking you to do that. We’re teaching a principle where you give into your local storehouse, the church you attend the place that you get ministry from, so that God can then bless your life out of that place that the needs of the body are met. I mean tithing is, we’ve been talking about how it affects us personally. But it also affects all those around us. It’s a body ministry, God chose tithing as a way to make sure that the needs of the body are met. And not just us personally. It’s a way for us to do what you mentioned the scripture that says, if you’ll seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, what’s right to God, not what’s right to me. I mean, we tend to live this life so many times thinking I just do what I think is best for me. But we’re supposed to be God minded. We’re supposed to be Kingdom minded. What does God say about this? What should I be doing? How should I be giving? We do that a lot together, we’ll sit down and say okay, what is the plan this year? Where do we want to give we even challenged one another this year? On what dream of giving, we dream about giving what is the dream this year that we can give and do that is without our reach beyond our reach right now that on our own? We can’t do this right now. We supernaturally want to see God. Give into us so that we can give this away that’s we love to dream like that. And we’ve got a current one we have done by the end of this year a dream we’re dreaming to Give. And we’re expecting to see God do some miraculous things in order to enable us to do that. Why? Why did why do we think we have an ear? If you had the Lord’s ear that he would hear us? And I think it goes back to what you said that he knows what’s on our heart. He knows we’ve said, No, Lord, You are the priority. What you say that’s what I want to be about. I want to I Yes. Do I want my family blessed? Yes. Do I want to be able to do fun things with my family? Yes. Do I want to have a nice house? Sure. Do I want to drive a nice car? Yeah, I don’t want to have it in the shop all the time. Don’t worry about it. I want those things. But what I really want is to please the heart of God, I really want to be about God’s business, I really want to be able to say, look at what God’s doing over there and look at that ministry, or look at that person, how God changed their life, because we were able to help in that in that way, whatever that is the giving it’s, it begins with the tide. But it certainly doesn’t end with the tide. And I’ve watched you do that over and over again, in business. That might even not look like money in the traditional sense. Like we, you know, we’ve mentioned that we’ve helped and are helping to send someone through their entire college, private college education, it’s not cheap. And not only that, but you had someone who worked for you one time, who was battling alcoholism. And you wanted to make sure and do your best, as in the marketplace, a minister of God, you took your business as your calling. And you chose to make sure and pay for a way that he could go get help, and wouldn’t lose his job, and be able to sustain his family. There are ways we can get involved. And it’s about having that heart of giving however, that works.


I mean, that’s a great point. Maybe I shouldn’t call you Babe, on TV.


I mean, that that’s a great point. Because if God puts it on my heart, or our heart to help someone that’s not even a believer, right, and and to take care of them, and to maybe send them to rehab or or to we’ve done some pretty amazing things are crazy things even show up to people’s houses on Christmas morning, right? And give them money that morning. Because God spoke to us the night before. And not knowing what their need was, and that they didn’t have presents that they didn’t have enough money to pay their bills on Christmas Day, right? We didn’t know that. Right? But if God if God will take care of the unbeliever, how much more will he take care of the believer? Right? If you’re a believer in God, and you’re tithing, and God will send people into your life, and he will do you talk about crazy stories. In Jamie’s book. I mean, these are insane. Stories about what God has done. I mean, it’ll encourage you, but there are so many amazing principles and concepts and, and just how to do certain things. And and to be able to have success in your life on a whole nother level. And it’s not just success with money, it’s success with with touching people, and transforming lives, and then being able to have those stories. My God have a story have us I would rather have a story about what I was able to do for somebody else than what somebody did for me. Don’t. Don’t we want to be the ones that that wow, I was able to I was able to give that person a car. And we’ve done that many times. I was able I was able to help that individual out and get their life straightened out. Don’t Don’t all of us want those stories. I want more of those stories. I want a million more of those stories before I leave this earth. You know, and and I look young, but I’m not young. And the white here it gives it away. But, but but but I want a million more of those. So let’s be the ones one. Why not us? You know, why does it always have to be someone else? And that’s what I believe. I mean, we started with nothing, you know, and we began tithing, we began giving and we’ve been seeking God it’s that simple. Right? I mean, that was really the simple process three step process, and believe in God and watch God do the miraculous in our life and kept doing it. You know, repeat repeat that over again that work do that again. Right? Right and save your business. But but but in God will give you amazing stories that you too will have and be able to testify about and encourage someone else, not only transform somebody’s life, but but it transforms your own life. It does to what to where it is so meaningful to you. That I mean, if you think about it, and we reflect over our lives, especially getting a little older, you tend to reflect over your life a little bit more. And what what did I do? What did I accomplish, and I want to do something great for the kingdom of God. And we want to, and I know you do, too. And I believe this book will help you do that. You know, that’s why we’re talking about this, we don’t need the money, trust me. We don’t need God. From the book sales, that’s not what any of this is about. This is about helping you and you getting the resources and getting the information and knowing how to do what we’ve done, right. And living a life that is so far above what you could have ever imagined our dream, do that. I mean, you know, trust in God, trust in God, trust him to take care of you when you give your time. And never stop. You know, I mean, I talked to that group of young people, like I was talking about another session. And I said, Man, if you’re down to your last $90, give God nine bucks, give given the $9 tithe on that $90. And let him multiply that back to you. You know, what are you gonna do at $9? Anyway, I mean, barely get a cappuccino these days for $9. So, so anyway, that’s, that’s what I believe. And that’s what the Bible teaches, you know, as we trust God, and we do it his way. Then he provides miraculously for us,


You know, I think I will close with this little scripture story. It what Jesus asks someone while he’s at dinner, and says, who’s the neighbor, who is my neighbor. And he tells the story of what we’re all familiar with the Good Samaritan, and who was the Samaritan, who was the one who cared who was the one who gave, and that one I find injured, he was a businessman, he was on his way to go do business. And along the way, during that business journey, he sees someone in need, he took care of his need, and when finished his business, you know, and then made sure and said, and I’ll take care of it. If there’s anything else on my way back, I’ll make sure this one is taken care of. It’s not always giving doesn’t always look the same. Caring for people’s needs, can look so many different ways. But we’ve hopefully shared with you all today, the real heart of what it is for God to know that this is, this is the heart of God, that we become like Him. And He teaches us how to be that giver, just the way that he taught us by giving his son for us. Thank you so much for joining us today. We’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for joining me today and tuning in. I would love if you would go to my website, Jamie, where you can access all of my social media. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I also have a brand new book out you don’t need money, you just need God, which is available on Amazon. I would love to hear from you. So you can email me at mail at Jamie Again, thank you so much for joining me. Join me next time