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About the episode:

Ever felt lost in the darkness, searching for a flicker of hope? Have you ever wondered how to find comfort, direction, and purpose amid confusion and chaos? In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we journey from Genesis to Revelation to uncover God’s unchanging presence and light amidst our ever-changing world. We will examine God’s Word as an anchor, a beacon in our darkest moments, and a transformative force that banishes fear while restoring order. This episode culminates with a reminder of God’s unwavering presence and His ability to illuminate our path when we feel lost.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Biblical references to understand God’s presence and its importance
  • Why we are not alone in our darkness
  • How God speaks and creates action to remove the void
  • Why we need to submit to His presence to be brought out of our chaos
Where to dive in:

(0:00:03) – Overcoming Darkness and Finding God’s Light (15 Minutes)

Today I’m encouraging our hearts to remember who we are and remember who God is. No matter how chaotic and dark our circumstances are, we do not have to fear. We can look to the book of Genesis to see how God acted in the very beginning and understand that He is the same today. God was already present in the darkness and the very first thing we see about Him is that He is a God of light. He is the Alpha and the Omega. Nothing happens without His handprint and He is the one who brings light to our darkness.

(0:14:55) – God’s Presence and Purpose (15 Minutes)

No matter how chaotic and dark our circumstances may be, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is with us. His presence is the one theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation, from the very beginning to the very end. The purpose of our lives is to enjoy intimate, exquisite, and eternal fellowship with God, to be filled by his presence and to be motivated by it. We can see his presence in the creation of all things, where he took nothing and created something. He is the creator and sustainer of all that exists, and his Spirit was present before anything was made.

(0:29:31) – God’s Word and Miraculous Provision (5 Minutes)

No matter how deep the darkness runs in our lives, we have the word of God to anchor us. The Spirit of God is hovering over us and speaking life into our circumstances. With his word, God takes action and speaks what we need to hear in order to find light. We have the word of God and it is living, powerful, and eternal. It is the bread of life and can provide us with the nourishment and answers that we need.

(0:34:37) – God’s Word and Light (13 Minutes)

No matter how difficult our circumstances, we must remember that God is with us. He has already turned on the light and He is the answer to darkness and chaos. We need to turn to Jesus, spend time in His presence, and increase the power of His light in our lives. Our Father is eternal, creative, all-powerful, and ever-present, and He wants us to remember that nothing is too hard for Him. He is the most powerful and with Him, all things are possible.

(0:47:24) – Trusting God’s Timing and Faithfulness (7 Minutes)

No matter how overwhelming our circumstances may be, we must remember that God is in control. We can trust him to provide the answers we need, and he is actively working in our lives to bring order out of chaos. He has laid a foundation that cannot be overcome because of his perfect timing and unmatched wisdom. We must stay in his presence and encourage ourselves so that we can receive instruction and direction. Remembering God’s track record of success in creation and his subsequent actions of creating, seeing, and blessing, will help us trust him. He is our light in the darkness and will show us the path we should take.

(0:54:42) – Promoting Jamie Loose’s Podcast and Website (1 Minutes)

God is always with us no matter how chaotic and dark our circumstances may be. He is the one anchor that will provide hope and light in the midst of the darkness. We can trust in Him to provide the answers and to turn on the light when it feels like all hope is lost.

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ testimony has daunting personal mountains and treacherous financial valleys. She was trapped in day-to-day stress and couldn’t see a way forward. But how she started is not how she finished! And she wants you to know God has a plan for your life too, no matter how tough it seems. Today, Jaime has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owns two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. God’s way is always the blessed way!  Learn more.

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Full Transcript

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0:00:03 – Speaker 1

Welcome to the Jamie Luce podcast. I’m your host, Jamie Luce. Thank you for listening today. All of my blogs, social and YouTube links can be found on my website, If you enjoy this podcast, you can support it by liking, subscribing, getting notified and sharing this broadcast. Another way you can help is by rating and reviewing on Apple podcast. My hope and goal in every episode is to give you tools found in Scripture, either by teaching, discussions, testimonies or interviews that encourage and equip you as you navigate living a real Christian walk in a difficult world. I would love to hear from you Whether you have a comment, question or prayer request. You can email me at mail at If you’re watching on YouTube, drop me a comment. I’d love to partner with you on your journey of faith. If you’re listening today on any podcast platform, take a screenshot and tag me and I’ll post it to my Instagram story. And now join me for today’s episode. Welcome to the Jamie Luce podcast. Thank you for joining me today. I hope that your day has been a good day so far, but I’m hoping that, by the help of the Holy Spirit, that this day is going to get even better for you.

I have a simple word to bring to you today and I want to encourage your hearts. We live in some really dark, chaotic times, and that can just be on the outside of us. You know our surroundings and let alone what’s going on on the inside of us and in our personal worlds and our homes where we live. And so today we’re going to be going over several passages of scripture, one of those being in Genesis, one one, and then we’re also going to read out of John, a scripture out of Jeremiah, another out of Matthew. I want to give you some tools today to remember who you are and remember who God is, because because of this darkness, we don’t have to fear the dark. You know, when we were kids I don’t know about you, but being a female, I guess, and being young, and I guess this is for both boys and girls but when we’re young we tend to be afraid of the dark, and it’s the fear of the unknown and not knowing. You know what’s hiding in that darkness, and so we tend to be afraid when it’s dark, and if you, if you ever experienced this as a child, you know for me, I could cry out that it was dark or I would go running to the room. And what was my hope? That my parents would come and turn the light on and bring light to my darkness. They would then check under the bed, they would check in the closet, anywhere that I might want them to check and make sure that there was nothing hiding that I didn’t know about and that it’s amazing.

When the lights go on, nothing has changed in the circumstance. Nothing is different. There’s nothing there in the light that’s not there when it’s dark. It’s just that we don’t see it. We just don’t see it. The darkness clouds our vision and we tend to fear that there are things there, more there, scarier there, when we are in the dark. And so it’s interesting that we can not only know this, we can know this in the natural, but we forget that that it works the same way for us in our spiritual lives.

So I have a simple message to bring to you today. You may be in the dark today and you don’t know what decision to make. You may be in a very dark circumstance and you might be afraid. You may fear the unknown or the future, and you may have dark vision and not know how to look ahead, not not even knowing which direction to look. Difficult to look up because you’re afraid of what’s in the future. But if you fit into any of those categories today, I want to bring you an encouraging word. So if you’ll go with me to Genesis, chapter one, and we will get a parallel of what was going on, and take that and look at our lives and see if we can see the same patterns, the same elements going on and then understand what God was doing, you know, genesis is an amazing book.

If you will take the time to really meditate on the book of Genesis, especially just the creation account, I mean there’s tons in there Abraham’s story, joseph’s story, there’s so much in Genesis anyway. But in the account of creation we see a very, very dark, scary and chaotic situation. If we begin, let’s just look at this in this language. I want you to try to hear this language for your life, not just in scripture, not just in the earth, not just in the heavens. I want you to hear what? Where is God? What is he doing, how? Why is he doing that? How is he doing that? And I want you to understand that God is painting a picture for us.

Genesis, the account of creation in Genesis is there because God is showing us off right off the very beginning. I mean literally says in the beginning. So this is how God acts, this is who God is, this is how God relates to us. We take what we read here because God is explaining himself. If we’re willing to look at this simple passage, you can get this just from the first three verses. So many attributes of God that are visible in those first couple of verses to realize, if that’s who God is in creation and God doesn’t change, then that is who God is in my life and in my circumstance. So let’s look at that In the beginning, god.

So in the beginning, no matter what was there, God was already there. Okay, in the beginning, god, he is the first and the last. He is the Alpha and the Omega. You can’t have life period without God’s handprint, without God’s design. You can’t have life without God’s fingerprint somewhere. There is nothing that well, I’m getting ahead of myself. In the beginning, god, and what was the very first thing that we see about God? I mean, boy, I want to jump into this so fast. I better take it a little slower. I’m going to read you these verses and then I want you to just think about them. We’re going to dive into them. Okay, because I’m wanting, I’m so excited about this, I’m getting ahead of myself way too quickly.

So, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. A dark picture, a scary picture the cosmos in complete and utter chaos. Okay, it had no form, there was no order, there was nothing, nothing tangible that made sense. It was void, it was missing, it was empty. It didn’t have anything fulfilling nothing, life, giving nothing worth substance. It was void. Yet when we see this in its complete darkness right, darkness over the face of the deep, but the spirit of God, it says, hovering over the face of the waters, the beginning of verse 3 says and God said and God said so, if we want to see what we can know and understand about God, because what happens when we’re in a bad situation, in a scary situation, in a dark situation, in a terrible situation? Awful, what happens If you are a believer?

You either do one of two things you either are someone who has just great faith, you are unshaken by the circumstance around you, you are not afraid of what is in front of you, you have total faith. You’re either in that camp or you say God, where are you? It’s so dark, I can’t see, like a little child, it’s too dark, I can’t see, where are you. I mean, we used to do that as kids. I’d say I can’t see you, I can’t even see the hand in front of my face, I can’t see you. And someone could be right there and I couldn’t see them because it was so dark. And you can fall into that camp, even as a Christian, and say it’s too dark, I don’t see God. And if I don’t see God, I have trouble making out his attributes. I have trouble remembering what he looks like.

What does the Bible tell us about us? It says we don’t even remember, like someone who goes and looks in a mirror and then we turn around and forget what we look like. We have to come back to the mirror and look again. It’s not like the imprint just stays in our forefront, it doesn’t, it goes away and we don’t remember what we saw. And so many times this is what happens. We are faced with a situation Something comes, it’s either, maybe it’s a surprise, maybe it’s been building and whammo. All of a sudden the shoe drops. You know, we like to say the stuff hit the fan. I mean, things happened, right. It just chaos, disorder, scary, darkness, trouble.

And if we’re not in faith, we tend to be in fear. Right, if we’re in fear, we are fearing that God is who he says he is. Because we can’t see him. We fear that he’s not going to do what he said he would do. We forget who God is.

So something we have to really work at remembering is that God is exactly always who he said he was. From the very beginning until the very end, god will be who he said he will be and he has made himself known. He made himself known in creation, not just in the way he created, because I believe he showed us so much in how he created, but even if you look at creation now, it continues after the pattern in which it was made. It was made in the pattern that God said was good. These are attributes of God himself. We procreate. Everything he created had the seed of itself in itself, was told that it should be fruitful and multiply. It is made to bear within itself its own continuation, to continue on, to be fruitful, to be multiplying, to increase, to become more. We are never to be stagnant. We are never to think that, whatever place that we are at, that this is it. Nothing ever just sits Now.

Something can deteriorate, it can grow worse or it can grow better, but it cannot remain the same. If you have a house and you have meticulously taken care of that house, you’ve poured all kinds of effort into it, you’ve manicured the lawns and planted all your plants and watered them and everything is beautiful, and you go away for a couple weeks on vacation. When you come back, your plants are going to be overgrown. You’re going to start to see weeds in that beautifully manic. Once is not done. It’s a continual need, because things will deteriorate but they will not stay the same. They will not stay the same.

So if you first you have to know, if you’re in this horrible situation, my friends, your life is not even creation doesn’t even show this to you. You have to hear and see the lie of the enemy that it will always be this way. It will not always be like this. It cannot always be like this. That is a lie of the enemy. But we can see about God that he wants us to know who he is. He wants us to know what it is about him that is so dependable that we can count on it, that we know what to turn to, what to expect, what to ask for, what to boldly come before his throne room and ask for. And so it’s important that we understand this and because everything he shows us about himself is how he relates to us. God relates to his creation, he relates to us, and so if I know who he is, if I know his character, if I know what he’s like, then I know what to expect in how he deals with me, how he responds to me, how he will relate in this relationship.

So the Bible has one main theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation, one theme through Genesis, all the way through. You will see this in every book of the Bible. It runs from the very beginning to the very end and it is a solid theme. That theme is the presence of God, the presence of God. Genesis begins within the beginning. God, god, was present at the very beginning. His presence, he was hovering, his spirit was hovering before anything was made. He was present and hovering, his spirit was there, active, you see, in Matthew.

So if you want to try to say Old Covenant, new Covenant, old Testament, new Testament, when Jesus comes on the scene. What does his name mean? What is Messiah? What is God with us? His presence, not just in the flesh I mean, jesus came in the flesh but his name, who he is, is with us, his presence. This is why it is so important that when we gather together as a body in a church, we should be coming together to first number one, be in his presence. We should be fostering his presence. We should be actively desiring his presence. We should want to be in his presence, we shouldn’t want to hurry out of his presence.

It is the theme of all, that is, that we know in this word of all that he is. It is the theme of his presence. Then there is one purpose that we hold as his creation, one purpose, there’s one theme. There’s one purpose, that one purpose that we hold. If anybody has ever asked you what is the meaning of life? Here is the purpose. Here is the meaning of life right here, to enjoy intimate, exquisite, eternal fellowship with God, to be in his presence, to enjoy his presence, to have the abundance of his presence. That is our purpose. He has told us why. Everything is because of him, his presence. Everything exists because of him, his presence. Everything is about his presence and everything is about us being in his presence, being filled by his presence, being motivated by his presence. His presence is, it supersedes everything the presence of God and our relationship to that presence, to him. Okay, that is our relationship with him to have this eternal, never-ending, beautiful, fulfilling relationship with the God of all of all.

So God is many things and the first thing that we see in this passage for us to know about him is that he is eternal. God is eternal. He was before we were, before there was a was, before there was a thing, before there was an earth, before there was a heavens. God was okay. So he is eternal. It is the very first thing that we see about God and the very first thing we see in his being eternal is that he is a creator. He is creative, he creates, he takes. It takes nothing for him to create. It takes nothing, nothing has to exist prior to his creation. He is all-powerful in his creation because he can do anything from nothing. Okay, this is just in the very beginning of Genesis. You can see this just in these verse, verses or two. So he is the creator of what? All? All, capital, a, double L all. It’s like the joke all the pastors like to say. The word in the Greek all means all. In the Hebrew it means all, it’s all, everything. There is nothing that exists that he didn’t create. We’ll read that verse in just a minute. Before all things, god was. He is also the creator of all things and he is currently the sustainer of all things.

The Spirit of God was hovering. I love this because if you read it in the different versions, the words they use are so good. I love these meaty words Hovering. You know my husband likes to tease me because when I get ready, if I happen to get ready before he’s ready, then because normally we try to time it. You know, we try to. We try to get ready and be ready right about the same time, but if I’m ready before he’s ready, I tend to pace back and forth into the bathroom, out of the bathroom into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, just kind of seeing where he’s at, and he’ll say you’re hovering, you’re hovering. What am I doing? I keep making my presence known, I’m right there, I’m anxious, I’m ready to act, I’m ready to do something, I’m ready to go, I’m ready to.

Hovering is not a. It is not a stagnant word. It doesn’t mean like something is just sitting, floating and has no movement, no action. It’s a movement word. Okay, another of the words that I think this was in the King James is brooding. Oh, I love that word. He’s brooding, brooding. Brooding is a word that conjures up all the thoughts that go on with the hovering. Right To brood is to be in preparation, and all the thoughts and all the intentions are in brooding. All the intentions are there.

Then one of the the translations was moving. God was moving, he was active. Think of, think of a helicopter, how a helicopter has its its propeller, things in the air and they’re going around and around and around the air. The helicopter might be hovering, it may not be moving, but those propellers are. I mean they are, they are moving fast and hard and there’s a lot of action taking place to hold that hover. Okay, so you can understand the process, that there is something definitely happening, there is intention with that movement of those propellers and at the same time, there is a hovering, there is a steadiness, there is a purpose in what it is doing, and so we can see at the very beginning, in the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth. And even though the earth was formless and void and dark, the spirit of God was hovering, was brooding, was moving.

Now, why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because, in your circumstance, you can feel like my life is dark, it is chaotic, it has no meaning, it’s empty, it has no sense, there is no semblance of together, it is, it is a disaster. It is chaotic, it is scary, it has no purpose, it is meaningless. You can feel all of these things, but if you belong to God, if God is your father, then you can know that even in darkness, in void, in chaos, in in the mess, the puzzle pieces are not joined. Everything is, is discombobulated, it’s oh, my goodness, if you could see. This is how God does darkness. Okay, if you’re in the dark, this is how God does darkness.

He is present, he is intentional, he is creative, he is hovering, he has purpose and movement. His spirit is there, brooding over the situation. You are not in that situation If you belong to God, you are not there alone, you are not there hopeless, you are not helpless. Your this hovering is so important. The spirit of God present is so important If you are in the middle of chaos, disorder, emptiness and darkness. Hear me, god is present. God is present. That’s who he is.

It is the theme God is present. Your heavenly, eternal, all powerful, ever present creator. God is your father and, just like when I was a child, if I were to cry out in darkness wanting my father to come, I can know that my heavenly father hears my cries, that it’s dark and that I’m afraid, he hears yours too, precious one. He knows what you’re dealing with. He knows it’s scary. He knows that the expectation on you is that you are to be strong and courageous and able to go after this fight that you have to win and, at the same time, be on the inside. You could be David on the outside and you could be charging and saying God is able, and you have your little slingshot and your rocks, but on the inside you are the teenage boy who is mocked by your brothers and who’s always accused of being up to something and having. You have no value, you’re not important, you don’t matter and you’ve never done this before and you don’t know what you’re talking about and the things that we have to battle, that were that was going on in us. We have a heavenly father who is present. He doesn’t ever remove himself from the scene, he never leaves us, he never forsakes us.

That theme doesn’t change. Your circumstance does not empty God of his being. Your problem does not delete God’s presence. Praise God. Your problem is his invitation to his brooding, his hovering, to his movement and, in his intention, over whatever your darkness is. He is present. He is preparing to do two things. While you wait, in his presence, he is preparing to do two things that brooding, that hovering, that movement is preparing to do two things. One is God is getting ready to speak. God is getting ready to speak. And two the action, the creation, the movement, the actual creation of the thing, whatever is necessary, whatever is needed to remove the void, whatever is necessary to separate light from darkness, whatever is necessary to bring meaning and to have purpose and value, to bring light to oh my gosh.

Okay, so Genesis 1.3, let’s read it again Genesis 1.1 through 3. In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth, everything that would not just the earth. He wasn’t creating just the earth. He was creating everything that would sustain the earth, everything the earth needed day and night so that there was seasons and times and signs. So that means that there needs to be a rotation and that rotation has to go around the Sun, because we need to be able to have day and then all of a sudden it’s night and every part of the earth has to have day and night.

If you think about how we, the earth, rotates, and on its axis, and it has to do it at a certain speed and at exactly a certain distance from the Sun and then from the moon, so that there is still light it’s just a lesser light so that there is still an ability to navigate the darkness. And yet, the minute you get out of our created little solar system, for the earth just the earth it is utter darkness. It is utter darkness. It’s amazing that, even though the Sun is as powerful as it is, it was created for the earth. It wasn’t created for space. Space is dark. Space is dark. This is if you can understand the intricacy not only of what God creates, but what he also creates in the background, what he also does to sustain and keep and to to give us everything that we will need, not even now, but later, everything you need for your entire life. God created at the very beginning. So let’s continue reading.

The earth was without form. I mean, do you feel like your life doesn’t have any shape, like it’s just? Nothing is formed, nothing is taking shape, nothing is coming together, Nothing holds a semblance of oh gosh. You know how we like to say they’ve got it all together, something looks put together, something looks uniform, something looks like it’s, it’s been done with with precision, something that has great value because you understand its complete form, boy I there’s so many ways to try to kind, kind of say that, and I’m sure you’re getting a picture in your own head, so I’ll let that sit there with you.

But it was without form, it was void, and darkness was over the face of the deep, and you might even feel like there is darkness that runs deep in your heart, darkness over your emotions, Darkness over your past, your history, darkness over any possibility of a good future, darkness over your health, darkness over your relationships, things that are deep, things that run deep. The darkness was over the face of the deep and yet the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Have you ever felt like you’re drowning and you feel like you’ve got nothing to grab on to, nothing to pull you up? The Holy Spirit is hovering over the face of the waters. And here’s verse three. And God said what did he say? What did he say to this darkness? What did he say to this formlessness? What did he say to this void? He said let there be light. And there was light.

So God takes action with his word. He speaks, he gives life with his word. You folks have his word. This book is filled. The word is here. We have his word. You don’t have to have another word. You don’t have to have an outside word. You don’t have to have a prophetic word that comes from a person. You have his word. You are not left without something to hold on to.

Child of God, if you feel like you’re drowning, here is your anchor, right here, the word of God. You have his word. You’ve got to be in his word. His presence can be found in his word. Who he is, what he wants, his desires for you, the plans he has for you, they’re found in his word. You have his word. He speaks. God still speaks. His word is alive. It’s living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword. Okay, it’s living. That does not mean it was said once and it no longer has any power. That’s old. No, his word is living. It is eternal. That means it is just as much, exactly today, as it was the day it was spoke. It’s no more true back when it was written than it is today. It has never lost power. It has not lost its presence. God is present. His word is present. It is present for right now. It has not lost its presence. It is just as powerful, just as present, just as fresh. It is the bread of life. It is always fresh. It is right now what we need. It is exactly can nourish right now what you need.

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And he spoke and said let there be light. And there was light, okay, and God saw that the light was good. All of these things we’re learning about God. So I want you to go to John 1 and we’re gonna read verses 1 to 5. John 1, verses 1 to 5, and this is gonna sound a little familiar In the beginning. Where have we heard that before? In the beginning was the word. So we just heard that in the beginning was a God, said Okay, in the beginning was the word Do you need a word? Well, in the beginning was the word. The word was always present. The word is still present and the word was with God and the word was God.

For those who like to say that Jesus is not, oh, what’s the word I want to use, that they want to say that Jesus is not divine. You can’t get away from the correlation between John 1 and Genesis 1. Old Testament, new Testament, doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. God doesn’t change. Okay, you can’t remove this fact. The word was God. He was in the beginning with God.

All things were made through Him.

God spoke. Jesus is the word. Okay, all things were made through Him, through the word and without Him, without the word, was not anything made. That was made In Him was life, and the life was the light of man. What was the first thing that was spoken?

What did the word first say? Let there be light. What is the first manifest will of God? That there is light and not just darkness? That there is. Oh, what do I want? There is, there is birth. That light is what immediately dispels. God wants the darkness dispel. Okay, god wants the answer for the void, the darkness and the chaos, and he gave that answer.

At the moment he spoke that answer, it was revealed to us what the answer was. It was Jesus. All along, it was Jesus. So let’s keep reading In Him was life and the life was the light of man. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. That word is still true. I don’t care how dark the situation may seem or feel. The darkness has not and cannot ever, ever Defeat the light. It can never outpower the light. The light is never overcome by darkness. It can’t, eternally, forever, it cannot. That is Jesus, jesus, okay, so let’s keep going.

So I’m here to tell you today. I know it’s dark, but our Father, our eternal, creative, all powerful, ever-present Father, has already turned the light on. He’s already turned the light on. That is our encouragement today. What I’m trying to tell you is turn on Jesus, okay. Have you ever worked a dimmer switch? If you’ve ever worked a dimmer switch and I’ve got several of them in my house here and you are so there’s always light, there’s always power to the switch, there’s always available light and even if it’s completely dimmed, there is still light shining. It’s not off, but it’s just very low. But the more you turn that switch up, the more powerful and more light that is emanated and that comes right. So I’m saying turn Jesus up, turn his presence up, spend time in his presence. I know that’s hard.

The temptation is to sit in the dark and have a pity party. That is the temptation for everybody. The temptation is to say what was me, it’s always going to be like this, it always happens to me like this and I’m the victim and this is just always going to be like this? And why does nobody want to help me? And why does this always happen to me? And we just rehearsed these self-deprivating and demotivating statements and we just sit in our darkness. We sit in it and we can sit in some pretty serious dark. I’m not talking about just lighthearted stuff. I’m talking about some serious stuff. We almost chain ourselves to the darkness. Please hear me. Please hear me. Do not chain yourself to the darkness. Your Father has the light, is the light. Turn the light on. Sit in His presence and push that dimmer. Switch up. Just stay in His presence.

God said of Himself to Sarah in Genesis 1814, is anything too hard for the Lord? This is God talking about Himself. He’s saying excuse me, do you know who I am? I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to. I don’t think you really understand who I am Child of God. I want to say that to you. Do you realize who you’re talking to? Do you realize who your Father is?

You know how many times have I heard different people who are famous, who have made movies? I remember hearing the story of Dwayne Johnson the rock when he made the Moana Disney film and he sang those songs. He was actually singing a song to his daughter telling her that was him, and she didn’t believe him. She just did not believe that that was him, even though it’s his voice and that’s familiar and he’s singing this song to her. That was not him, because that’s not what she saw.

We look at the separation between our circumstance and because we can’t see God in the circumstance, she couldn’t see her Father on the screen. Therefore she couldn’t believe that that was her Father. You can’t see your Heavenly Father with your natural eyes in your circumstance. You think he’s not there and that’s not your Father, that he’s not active on your behalf. You don’t know who your Father is. You don’t realize he’s famous. He is the most famous, matthew 1926.

I want us to look at that real quick. Jesus looked at them and said with man, this is impossible. You’re looking at your circumstance and you’re looking at you or you’re looking at somebody in the natural who you’ve been depending on. If you look at flesh, jesus says you’re right, it’s impossible. Sorry, it’s impossible, but with God all things are possible. All things are possible. All, a double L, all.

Now let’s look at Jeremiah, chapter 32, verse 27. This is God again speaking through the prophet, but it’s God speaking of himself. Behold, I mean behold means stop. Take a look at this in strong verbiage. Hey, pay attention. Behold. I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? Is there anything too hard for me? The answer is no. There is nothing that you are facing. There is no chaos, there is no darkness, there is no emptiness that cannot be totally changed by the creative power of your father. Nothing. And where we can get messed up and this isn’t what my message is about today, but I’m just throwing this one in for free Okay.

Where we get hung up is, we think okay, well, why hasn’t God done anything yet? We despise his hovering. Ooh, I know that hurts. I know that hurts, that hits me too. I’m telling you that hits me too. We despise his hovering. We think act already, do it. Why haven’t you done it? You’re not going to do it.

And then we don’t believe who God is. Folks, we can’t do that. We’re believers, we believe God. Settle it. Settle it in your spirit.

God is present. He’s always present. His word is present. His word never fails. His word is still alive. You have a word. God is speaking. He is not inactive.

We have to sometimes hang on to that word. Sometimes we’re like Joseph and we’re tested by that word. Do we still believe? When we’re thrown into the pit, when we’re totally lied against and we’re betrayed and the circumstances were ignored, we’re forgotten? Do we still believe the word? The word can test us. The word says it tests us, but in the end it does not lie. In the end it does not lie. It will do exactly what it was set out to do. It will perform exactly what it was sent to perform.

Remember God is who he says he is. We can see in Genesis 1 alone how God is eternal. He was always there. I’ve always present, powerful, he is all powerful. There’s nothing he can’t do. His wisdom to know how to put all this together and to create what he has created that sustains us even today. Whether you are someone who believes in the literal seven days short earth, long earth. However, you believe this has been going a really long time, whether it’s thousands of years or millions of years. This has been going a really long time and your God was so smart and has all wisdom so that we have to spend lifetimes trying to figure out what he already said, in the wisdom that he already has displayed. It’s mind-boggling because our minds cannot comprehend how wise and how powerful, how big and how good our God is, the goodness of God that he in his creation story.

We’re not reading the whole chapter, but you need to go back and read it. He created everything with life and sustaining power that he blessed it. He multiplies it. He says continue to reproduce it. You have it within you to do. He’s already given it to you. I know you have forgotten this Child of God. It’s not different for you. He’s not one way with one person and one way with another person, and he is always present. What do you need today? Whatever that is, Jesus is the answer. What do you need in your darkness? You need the presence of God. So get in his presence, because the presence of God is what brings his word and his action.

Let’s look at the order, layer upon layer, of what God created. He had to separate, he had to form, he had to fill, he had to. I mean, everything that he did was layer upon layer, line upon line, precept upon precept is how the word says it, and when he did this? You have to understand that’s the way God does it. That’s a part of his nature. So how does that translate for my life? When God begins to do things in our life, he’s going to do them layer by layer. He’s going to do them in order. He’s going to do them one thing first and then build into the next thing. He’s not going to just bam. Everything was there. There are signs and wonders, and God did do creative miracles and in a moment something can happen.

Yes, but if you want to look at how it usually happens, how what happens the majority of the time, then we would understand that God is doing things, laying foundations, building layer upon layer. If you understand that, you are less frustrated because you realize he’s active, he’s moving, his timing is perfect, everything he created was stamped with a. That’s good, that’s really good. It’s something that lasts, it’s something that prevails. It’s something that cannot be overcome. If you let God do it God’s way, you get the indestructible. But if we try to get out of order and get ahead of God and get frustrated and want to do it in our own strength and do it leaning on the arm of the flesh and not on the Spirit of God, and we jump out of his plan, then we wonder why it goes the way it goes, or why it didn’t last, or why what happens happens.

Folks, God knows what he’s doing and he can be trusted. He can be trusted. Look at his track record, just in creation alone. Look at his track record. Nothing has failed, nothing that God has done has failed Nothing. And if you want it’s not to fail in your life, then you want God to do it. You want to stay in that brooding, that hovering. You don’t want to despise his hovering or how long the hovering takes. Encourage yourself in the Lord, get in his presence. It will encourage you, it will strengthen you, it will fortify you, it will fill those emotional voids, it will talk to you and it will instruct you in the way that you should go.

God knows how, in his great, unmatched wisdom, how to bring order to your chaos and light to your darkness. Our God acts on, then he says and then he acts. So he acts on what he says. And I just jot these down. I want you to go back and read them. I’m not going to read the whole thing, but this is how many times God acted. Okay, he’s making this line upon line, layer upon later layer, genesis, one three and God said One six and God said One nine and God said One eleven and God said One fourteen. One fourteen and God said One twenty and God said One twenty four and God said One twenty six and God said One twenty nine and God said he was very active. He was very active over the void, over the darkness Folks. He will be just as active and is just as active when we submit ourself, get in his presence stay in his presence.

His subsequent actions after he spoke were God made, god created. God saw, god blessed. So if you need something made, god will make it. If you need something completely created, it does not exist. It’s not that it just needs being put together, not just made, put together, it needs to be created. God created. If you need to be seen, you need something unearthed. You need something to be seen God saw. You need God to bless when there was cursing, where there was, where you need multiplication, where you need to have a fruitfulness, god blessed.

Go read it. Just read Genesis one, just chapter one, and read all these things that God did. God said God made, god created, god saw, god blessed. It won’t be dark forever. The Holy Spirit is hovering and the light is getting brighter in his presence. We need to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. In all our ways we must acknowledge him and he will make our paths straight. That’s Proverbs 3, verse 5 and 6.

I like I read that verse in a couple other versions as well and I like how it ends, because this one says makes your paths straight, but it also says shows you which path to take. If you don’t know which way to go, which way to turn, get in his presence. Get in his presence. He will show you which path to take. Another version said he will direct your path. So that’s he is giving you direction, he is showing you the path. He is making that path straight. He is doing what needs to be done in order for you to get where you need to go. Folks, he is your light in the darkness. He will navigate this darkness for you. He will turn the light on, he will come in and show you there’s no boogeyman under the bed, there’s no boogeyman in the closet.

Your father is present. There’s nothing he’s afraid of. There’s nothing he can’t handle, there’s nothing he won’t do. He is present and he loves you.

Let me pray for you today, father. We just want to praise you for who you are, for your greatness, your all-powerful greatness, your eternality, your, your, your desire, not only in creating but to be with us, your presence. You are always with us, always. You don’t leave us, you don’t forsake us. We just give you the praise right now, for who you are, that you have not changed. You have not been diminished. Nothing you do is diminished. Your word is not diminished. You’ve given us everything we need and we will come out of this. We are overcomers. The darkness has not overcome the light and we are the light bearers. We house Christ in us. The darkness has still never overcome the light. It cannot and it will not in this circumstance.

So today I pray for your children every single one listening to this today that they would see your light grow brighter and brighter, that they would be in your presence, hear your words and know your movement over their situation. Father. May they know you intimately, may they be encouraged by your word and may they see the goodness and the blessing that you have pronounced over their life and over their circumstance. And we give you all the glory and all the praise In Jesus’ name. We pray. Amen. I do pray. That was an encouragement to you. Thank you so much for taking time to be with me today. Get in your words, spend time with the Lord. You can visit me on my website at If you are listening to this on podcast, I encourage you to give us a rating, and if you are watching this on YouTube, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe. Either way, no matter where you’re listening, share this message with those that you know that need to hear it. Help us get the gospel out, and we’ll see you next time. Thanks again for joining me today. Bye-bye.

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