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About the episode:

At one point or another, we have prayed for a monumental blessing to move in our life. To see our prayers come to pass, we must trust in Him by being grateful for what God is currently doing and what He will do in our future. When we give God thanks, He hears us and works on our behalf to fulfill his promises. In honor of our 100th episode, we will look into what the Bible says about the 100-fold blessing and how we can tap into it through a life of thanksgiving. Finally, we will see what the 100-fold blessing looked like in the lives of Abraham and Isaac.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • The biblical significance of the number 100
  • What the 100-fold blessing is, and how it works in your life
  • How to access God’s promise that is already ours

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ story begins with emotional and financial struggle as a single mother trying to survive. Today, she has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owned two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. She is on a mission to help others walk through the valleys of life with hope and knowledge that God always has a way.  Learn more.

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Full Transcript

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Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Jaime Luce podcast. This is my 100th episode, I am so excited. You know, it’s so funny because when I first started this journey, I really wasn’t going to do anything special for this episode, I was just going to keep going.

And then the Lord completely just opened my eyes. You know, I’ve told this to I don’t know how many people this is kind of your freebie today. But there are so few big, momentous moments in our life. That when we come across those I have always made it a point to tell people celebrate, make sure and celebrate those because you’re gonna have plenty of opportunities, you have to deal with stuff where you’re not celebrating. But you have to celebrate. The big thing is you have to celebrate the momentous things you need to take time to give the Lord Thanks. And so today I’m doing something a little special, a little different. Because this is the 100th episode. And the first thing I want to do is give a shout out to all of you listening all over the world, when I was looking at these, I look at them every month to see who’s listening who’s watching. And we have listeners, not just in the United States, but in Australia, in South Africa, the United Kingdom, in Finland, in Sweden, in Poland, the Netherlands, Nigeria, I mean, that’s just to name a few. And we get comments from people all over the place. So I’m so excited, and so grateful for you today, thank you so much for for going on this journey with me, if you are someone who started with me, it’s been goodness, maybe about a year and a half ago, to get to this point. Or this might be the very first time that you’re listening and tuning in.

And I just want to say a huge thank you to you. You’re the reason I do this, you’re the reason that my heart beats to do this, and you are the heartbeat of God. And I’m so grateful that you are hungry for the Word of God and to be taught and to to go deeper in your relationship with our Savior, I’m so grateful for that. I’m so grateful for you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know I care about you. I care about encouraging you I care about you know, kind of provoking you and stirring you up and sometimes being like a little bit more like a coach than then a soft voice. But that’s my heart is to help grow you so that you receive strength. So you receive Joy so that you know how to be an overcomer, to walk in your authority to take ground in the kingdom of God. And I want to see that happen in your life. So thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

When I first started just to give you a little a little look back into how this all started. I have taught the Bible for many years in different ways, in women’s ministries in Bible study classes, I would even venture into do book studies where we would take a book of a biblical, spiritual book, a godly book. But then we would take it and take Scripture and then do a Bible study with the book and do a book study on things that we know are issues of life that we need to grow in. So I’ve done that. And while I was on as a staff and serving as a pastor on staff at a church in Southern California, I also taught a class there. And so it’s it’s always been my love to delve into the Word and when I begin to read, it just comes alive. And I think somebody’s got to hear this. It’s like Jeremiah saying that there’s a fire shut up in his bones, you get it, you think, okay, somebody needs this, somebody needs to hear this. And so that’s how I knew the birthing of my calling is teaching, but at the same time to start a podcast, that’s, you know, it’s a big deal. If you’re taking it seriously, if you feel it’s a call if you feel like God’s asking you to do it, because it’s not something you can start and then you just, you know, you do it a little while then you get tired or you think well, I can’t come up with anything now. So I’m done. And that was it. It takes being consistent. It takes work it takes having a good work ethic, it takes commitment, it takes understanding of God called me to this then he’s equip me. And in that equipping, I will have what I need to do what I need to do, and I need to keep showing up. So I knew this was not I didn’t take this lightly. I didn’t take this to see. Okay, let’s see how it goes. I I was really sick. I was in the midst of writing my book, actually. And so I was very consumed with writing the book. And I was speaking to somebody and what was strange was in the back of my mind, I kept feeling this. I should do a podcast

I think a podcast, I just don’t even, I don’t even know what what all is involved in that. I really don’t even know what I was thinking, Where’s this coming from? And at first, I didn’t even chalk it up to being the Lord. I just thought I was having weird little thoughts about a podcast. And then I began talking to someone, and in the midst of talking to them about the book and different things about the book, and they just kind of interrupted me and said, well, Jaime, have you thought about doing a podcast? And I just kind of chuckled and said, You know, I have, and, and I thought it was me, but maybe it’s not me. And this person was a godly person. This is somebody who I look up to, and somebody who means something to me spiritually in my life. And then I was talking to another person, the same thing. Well, Jaime, have you thought about doing a podcast and at that point, I realized this is the Lord. And how many confirmations do I need? I need to get busy. And so I contacted my brother had a conversation with him. And he used to do a radio program. And he said, Jaime, no worries, I know all about podcasting. And he began to share all kinds of information with me. And then he said, and not only that, I know somebody who’s got a podcast studio, and with literally, within one week, I had not only made contact with this person had a meeting with this person, we signed up for my first day to get started. And it just began, the ball just began to roll. It really was like the snowball effect. Once I said yes to the Lord, it was just a downhill roll. And we’ve been rolling ever since. And here we are at the 100th episode. So again, thank you, thank you for being on this journey with me, it means so much to me.

But I am looking at my notes because I want to make sure I get everything special in here they wanted to do I wanted to say this, okay, so here’s how God knows better than I do in my life, what I need when I need to do it, and how he plans our life. If we, I pray this all the time, I’ve told you this before. And I asked the Lord, order my steps, because I know he’s the great orchestrator. He’s the great tapestry maker, he, he’s the great chess player, you know, he, he takes all of these pieces that like a puzzle that just look like a mess. And he knows how to bring them together and make such a beautiful picture out of them. And so I’m constantly asking him to take my life and do that. And when it came to preparing for this episode, I was praying and I said, Lord, what do you have for the people? And I just want to say this real quick, if you will stay with me, to the very end, God has given me something to prophesy over you. So I hope you stay with me because it’s for you. He was giving it to me.

But he said, Jaime, this isn’t just for you. Anybody who’s listening, this is for them, too. So and whether you’re listening when it first airs, or whether you listen at some other time, it doesn’t matter. I want you to know God said it’s for you!

And so the issue that I are not the issue, but the the thing that I saw God do that was just so fun to me, is I just out of curiosity thought, okay, 100, what do I do with 100? Right? And how does this applicable to my listeners lives because I promise you, this isn’t just a show about me talking about things with me. I’m going to give you something today, and it’s about 100. And so I began looking and one of the very first things that popped up just when you Google 100, just google 100. And because all of my Google searches are biblical, of course, the first thing that pops up is Psalm 100. And I didn’t even think to look up what the 100 Psalm was. And I wanted to, I’ll read that to you. But I wanted to emphasize first and give you the Scripture job. 2310 says, But he knows the way I take, and I’m gonna read this out of the amplified classic.

He knows the way I take he has concern for it, appreciates, and pays attention to it. When he has tried me, I shall come forth as refined gold, pure and luminous. And I thought, Lord, you did that. We’re even orchestrating this 100th episode, because if you’re listening to this the week that it airs, it is thanks giving week. This is Thanksgiving this week. A wonderful time I mean for me to say thank you and to have a 100th episode for it to fall on Thanksgiving week. But not only that, the 100 Psalm when I looked it up you guys is a Psalm of Thanksgiving. I mean, to me, that’s just I feel like that’s what God just winks at me. He just does these things.

And I feel like you say and I got this, I’ve got this. I’ve already planned it all out. You don’t need to stress. If you’ll rely on me, I will guide you. I’ve given that to you before. He guides us with his eye. And that’s my my heart today. That what God showed me you’ll be able to receive it. And let it bless your life. Let it go in you let it change something in you, and make it. Make it yours today. So listen to this Psalm 100, this week of Thanksgiving, make a joyful noise to the Lord, all you lands, and I’m saying all you lands, because of all of those listening all over the world. This is for all of you, where whatever land that you call home, okay? Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all ye lands. And I want to say even now, as I’m, as I’m reading this to you, as I’m going through this with you, just stop in in your own heart, give the Lord Thanks. Having a grateful heart, a thankful heart makes the difference in your day, it makes the difference in your life, when you are a grateful person, someone who recognizes the hand of God has been moving all around you, even in the midst of very difficult circumstances.

I’ll give you an example. Not that this is so difficult. But just today, for me to be grateful today, as I’m in preparation to come on here and record this for you, I get a phone call kind of a little bit of a frantic phone call from one of my daughters, who is driving on the freeway. And today, it happens to be raining pretty hard out here. And she has her little baby daughter in the car with her and she gets a flat tire. And she doesn’t have any kind of roadside assistance type stuff. So she was calling me not knowing what to do. And I had literally just gotten myself out of the shower, and I hadn’t dried my hair, anything. And I said, Oh my gosh, where are you at? She tells me where she’s at. And she happens to be very close to her actually my husband, her husband and my son work. So I said, Okay, call your dad, see if he can do anything he’s closer than I am can get there quicker. And to make a long story short, she wasn’t able to get the help she needed. Because we have a a, what we call out in out here at AAA service that we can call but you have the person who has the card has to be present, well I can drive to her. And as long as I’m there with her, they will service the car because of what I have. But the card is in my name. And the same thing with my husband, we have a card to help. But our names are on it. And he was in big meetings and couldn’t leave. So we her her husband went to go be with her. So she’s not alone. On the side of the road, my son went as well. And as they were standing there, I began to pray. And I know she was praying. But I began to pray and say, Lord, we need your favor. Because they’re not going to service the car if if one of us is not there. And I don’t want to wait another minute with her on the side of the road. And I don’t want them in danger. And we just need your favor, Lord, do you know she called me right back and said, well, they said they’re not going to come out. But there’s a service out here that just drives around in the area. And they help you for free. And they’ve already pulled over and asked us and they’re doing it right now. And it’s not, they’re not charging us anything. And I was just like, Thank You, Lord, because here, this could have been an interruption. I wanted to get this message recorded for you.

This was important. I felt like the Lord said it was important. It’s important not just because of what the message is, but because he wants me to declare it over you. He wants me to prophesy it over you. And I know the enemy wants to hinder that. And I was literally getting ready to have to get in my car and say I guess I don’t get to record today. And I’m gonna have to go and deal with this. But the Lord said, “No, you do what I’ve called you to do, I’ll take care of her and take care of the issue.”

And so they’re on their way, they’re fine. They’re all packed up and got their spare tire on there. And so I just tell you that little bit to say, there’s always something to be grateful for no matter what’s happening, no matter how frustrating it is, even in the very difficult moments of your life. And I’m talking about the most serious, very serious, troubling, hard things that we walk through. When you’re walking through those if you’ll stop and give praise to the Lord, He will interrupt, he will interrupt to say wait a minute, I need to help that child of mine. I hear them giving me honor and thanks and praise and I am always there to be a help and I want them to know I’m there. He will show up. He will remind you of the things he has done in your life in the past and what he’s going to do for you today and what he’s got planned for you in your future. God has a good plan for your life. Don’t you worry about this. You give thanks to the Lord, He’s gonna take care of it. If you’ll receive that encouragement today, I’m telling you if you’ll put your trust in Jesus Christ, he’s going to take care of you today. So we want to be grateful we say along with David make a joyful noise to the LORD, all ye lands, serve the Lord with gladness. Let’s not come before him begrudgingly. Let’s come to him with gladness to serve him that it is my honor to serve my king to bow before him and give him my life and do what He has asked me to do. And I will repeat the blessing and the bed. In a fit of serving him, come before His presence was singing. And I’m not going to sing right now. But if you have time later in the day, you can just sing a song to the Lord, you can hum a little tune you can put put on worship music, Sing to the Lord, tell him how wonderful he has been to you and what he means to you. No, no, get this again, this isn’t the amplified. So there’s it, they call it the loud version, there’s a lot more to say and the Amplified, no perceive, recognize and understand with approval, that the Lord is God.

It is He Who has made us not we ourselves, and we are his we are his people, and the sheep of His pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and a thank offering and into his courts with praise. Be thankful and say to him bless, and affectionately praise his name. For the Lord is good. His mercy and loving kindness are everlasting. His faithfulness and truth endure to all generations.

This kind of example, this scripture this, this Thanksgiving Psalm is the the example of what our lives should be to the Lord. And this day, this little, this scripture, this little wink from the Lord, this very special day for me of the 100th episode. I just want to say let’s give thanks. Let’s just give thanks. Even though this is it, you’re not there recording this your 100th episode, and it’s mine, I’m asking you to give thanks with me, and to thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us. That when we need a word we can get on the internet, we can pick up a phone, we can get some kind of Wi Fi going somewhere, get on YouTube, or or get on a podcast, and we can find encouraging word and be lifted up. And so I just want to say thank you to the Lord. So let’s go ahead and dive in. We set our things we give our our gratitude to the Lord, I’m so thankful for you. But now I want to give you something. Okay, so I want to talk about what is the blessing of 100? What is the big deal with the number 100. And literally in the Bible it is it’s used all over. It’s used for meaning the things I’m going to talk about today, but it also talks about it. It’s used commonly as a weight or a measure, probably because of one of the definitions of the word, which talks about it being in the fullness. So what does 100 mean? I’m glad you asked, because that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So why don’t we look at.

And this won’t be an exhaustive study of 100 because I keep you too long. But I do want to start with what it means in the Hebrew because everything that we read biblically, and the portions of Scripture that I’m going to read today are in the Old Testament. So I want to give you the Hebrew what this means. And in Hebrew, each number is associated with a letter, a letter and a number are associated with each other. So the number 100 is the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and I’m not going to pronounce it right. So I’m not going to attempt it. But if I were to spell it out, and what’s strange is I’ve seen it spelled two different ways, but it’s the same word. And so I wrote down this one, and it’s k u, F. And according to the Hebrew, there’s a I went on to a website, so it’s called Hebrew today, according to Hebrew today, the letter K U, F represents two opposite concepts. Okay, so when the Hebrew mind looks at a number or a word, they don’t just look at the way we do in the western world where we, it just means that one thing and you can have words that are spelled the same and have different meanings. And there’s there can be confusion. But that’s not the way it is. It literally comes with a picture, it comes with thoughts behind it, there’s there’s much that you can build. And when you have numbers, those numbers build on one another in their meaning and in their fullness. So this particular letter that gives us the meaning of 100 that it’s associated with, has two concepts and they’re opposite of one another. On the one hand, the word it’s the worlds of spiritual heights.

So if you’ll try, if you’ll take some notes, you’re gonna see that when when I show you where this is in Scripture and the 100 in Scripture and what God is saying to us today, you’re going to see these very concepts in action. spiritual heights, okay, on one hand, but on the other hand, the most physical matter materialistic elements. So you have two opposites, the spiritual, the very height, the spiritual and the very least the very materialistic elements the very physical, so two opposites. It means completeness, and perfection. What is full wholeness, okay, completeness, perfection, what is full and wholeness? The letter is the first letter of the word holiness, therefore it represents what is holy or holiness. Okay, the number 100 Keep this in mind I’m gonna keep going back and forth with this means all these words completeness, perfection, what is full wholeness, it also represents what is holy, or holiness, it means God’s election, it’s a numeric value is the same as the value of the word may cone in English may con mckown, which refers to the all mighty, okay, the Almighty, not just the word God, but all mighty, it refers to all mighty. So today, I want to talk about this connection of holy, and the Almighty, and how that pertains to us. So there is a in Scripture reread of the 100 fold blessing, which is the SIM in its simplest form, it means 100 times as great or greater, or as much, okay, 100 times more, it also means what is full or a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, okay. 100 represents that.

So when I receive a 100, full blessing, it has been pressed down, shaken together. We use that analogy and that picture in Scripture, because it’s like if you were to pack something into a container or basket, and you shake it around, and make sure everything falls down and seeps into all the spaces, it makes room for more, and then you put more in it… just as it says it is pressed down, shaken together, and it’s so full now, where it cannot contain any more that it is running over.

What we can see that these meanings, God gives them to us in grand display in the book of Genesis, and it’s in two lives. And I loved this because it was in Abraham’s life. And then Abraham received a promise of blessing. Okay, so you have it in Abraham’s life with the promise of blessing. And then you see it in Isaac’s life, who was the fulfillment of the promise, so he was the blessing. Then he received the 100 full blessing, which meant he got the double blessing. Okay, so the fool and running over 100 fold blessing. And we see this in Abraham, and Isaac. So if you’ll turn with me in your Bibles to Genesis, chapter 17, I’m going to read you a few verses, then we might skip some and I’ll give you the explanation. And we’ll skip to a few more. But it says when Abraham was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, I am God Almighty. Do you remember me saying that the word 100 means the Almighty, I am God Almighty, walk before me faithfully, and be blameless, then I will make my covenant between Me and you, and will greatly increase your numbers. So he’s getting ready to bring his proclaiming a promised blessing on Abraham, who is the elemental physical realm at 99 years old. Okay. And you have God Almighty. So I want to see, I want you to see this whole thing, playing out. Verse three, Abraham fell face down, and God said to him, as for me, this is my covenant with you. You will be the father of many nations. No longer will you be called Abram, your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations, which is interesting. He’s saying, I’ve already made you this. You don’t know it yet. The promise hasn’t been manifest yet, but I’ve already made you this. So you need to understand about God’s promises in your life. If God has made a promise he has already made you that.

For instance, when the children of Israel were getting ready to go in and take Jericho, God said go in I’ve already given it to you. I’ve already decided this promised land belongs to. It’s already yours, you’re going to need to go in and take it. But it’s already yours. I’ve already done it. And that’s where our faith comes in where we just believe the Lord, that if I haven’t seen it yet, it doesn’t change the fact it’s already happened. God’s already said it, it has to happen. I’ve said this over and over again, please, please, please, if you can get anything, you have to understand the power of God’s word, it is infallible, God’s Word doesn’t fail, he will do what he said he will do if he has said it, it will come to pass he will do it. We may have to wait for it. It may have an appointed time, his word can have an appointed time. But when the fullness of time comes, like when the Holy Spirit was given when the gift of the Spirit was given and made manifest, he didn’t come at just any time he came at the appointed time he he came when he at the time was full, like we were talking, that’s part of the meaning of 100, there’s a fullness there, there’s a fullness of time there, there’s a fullness or readiness of this, okay, so let me find my spot. Whereas up here, I will make you the father of many nations, I will make you very fruitful, I will make nations of you and kings will come from you. I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come. So this was not just a blessing for Abraham. This blessing that God was pronouncing was for his children and his children’s children. This was the generations to come. So we have to understand that this is this is him talking about Isaac, who will see gets a double blessing God’s Word doesn’t fail, okay, not to mention the whole children of Israel. And now the blessing that comes to us as the Gentiles if you’re not Jewish.

So this is the whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you and I will be there God. Now I’m going to jump down, verses nine to 14 Explain the covenant of circumcision. We’re not going to discuss that today. But it’s jumped to 15. God also said to Abraham, as for Sarai, your wife, you are no longer to call her Samurai, her name will be Sara, I will bless her, and will surely give you a son by her. I will bless her so that she will be the mother of nations, Kings of peoples will come from her.

This blessing today that I’m going to speak over you is not just for you, if you are married, it is for your spouse, and whether you have children yet or not, it is for your children and your children’s children. Thank Jesus, thank you for today. Just think of verse 17, Abraham fell face down, he laughed and said to himself, will a son be born to a man 100 years old? Will Sarah bear a child at the age of 90? And Abraham said to God, if only Ishmael might live under your blessing, he honestly thought, How was this even possible? Can you just bless the one that’s already here? And then God said, Yes, but your wife, Sarah, will bless you or bear you a son who says I’ll take care of Ishmael. But that’s not where my promise is coming from. My promise is coming from the thing that you think is impossible. It’s not impossible, what you’re believing God for all things are possible to him who believes God is not a respecter of persons. And he did it for Abraham. He is the father of faith, and we believe we are grafted into his vine. And we receive that blessing as as he received it that day.

So let’s go back verse 19. Again, thank God said yes, but your wife, Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I’ve lived this promise in my life. I’ve named one of my sons, Isaac. And we did that on purpose. My husband and I, for both of us, we knew that God was giving us a promise of a new life and what he was giving to us what he was doing for us when we when we came together, and he was going to bless us. And so our first child, we named Isaac and he’s a constant reminder of that, that God will be faithful, He will be faithful to what he has promised and what he has said, I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. As for Ishmael, I have heard you, I will surely bless him. I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of 12 rulers and I will make him into a great nation.

But my covenant I will establish with Isaac who Sarah will bear to you by this time next year, when he had finished speaking with Abraham, God went up from him. This is such a beautiful way for us to understand how God deals with us. Abraham at that moment had a decision to make because it was going to take faith to produce a child. God wasn’t going to do it without Abraham and Sarah as well. So this took faith. And he had to get past the fact that he had to just laugh and how this just sounds crazy God, I don’t know if God’s ever given you a promise that you just think that just sounds nuts. I have I laugh with Abraham, I think God, that’s just crazy. And that you could do it for me or he’d call you to something and you think, how can he use me to do this? I’m sure Sarah. I mean, she laughed too. Now Abraham kind of left in faith, Sara laughed a little bit out of faith. They both laughed. And they named Isaac which means laughter. Because the whole thing is comical. God can bring such joy, where there was bareness and fruitlessness. And a feeling of discouragement and frustration, and dead dreams that you thought you had to let go of. And God says, No, I will bring laughter into your life. And I will cause you to smile and be happy again. And you will have the fruit of what I booked a birth in you you will you will birth this thing that I’m giving to you that I’m calling you to. Let’s look at Genesis 21.

Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah, as he had said, And the Lord did for Sarah what He had promised, Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham, in his old age, at the very time God had promised him there it is, again, there’s a fullness of time, Abraham gave the name Isaac to the son that Sara bore him. When his son Isaac was eight days old Abraham circumcised him as God commanded him. Abraham was 100 years old, when his son Isaac was born to him. You know, we need to remember that we cannot despise the day of small beginnings. Abraham had to wait for that promise until he was 100 years old. I know some of us have been waiting a long time. I know you have. There’s things I’ve waited for a long time to. And if you’ll remember a couple episodes back where we talked about, you can either live in self pity, like the man at the pool of Bethesda, or you can be the woman with the issue of blood. And you can say, I’m not staying here a day longer. I’m not staying like this. I’m getting up from this place. I believe God, and God’s got an answer for me. You have that choice to make today. There’s a 100 fold blessing that God wants to produce in your life. Verse six, Sara said, God has brought me laughter. And everyone who hears about this will laugh with me. And she added who would have said to Abraham and Sarah, that or to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children, yet I have born him a son in his old age. Oh, folks, I don’t know if you feel that, but I feel the presence of God. He’s going to birth in your life. That blessing you been waiting on? It’s not gone forever. It’s it’s got an appointed time, praise God. And God’s going to do it for you. He’s going to manifest for you the blessing that he has promised you. So let’s look back at this. Did you see everything we needed to see? Are you getting it? Let’s look at verse 17. Or I’m sorry, chapter 17 verse one.

And it says when Abraham was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, I am God Almighty, walk before me faithfully and be blameless. Then let’s jump to 1717 Abraham fell face down, he laughed and said to himself with us, will a son be born to a man 100 years old? Will Sarah bear a child at the age of 90? Let’s jump to Genesis 21 Five, Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born to him. God performed the fullness of 100 on Abraham, in his full time of age, God, the Almighty blessed Abraham, the man, the elemental man, with the fulfillment of the promise that he made him the very pinnacle of spiritual height, God’s promise fulfilled, touch the very material humanity of Abraham, in the deadness of his physical body and produced the blessing and God wants to do the same for you. In fact, I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit right now he’s been having me pray something, and he told me that even on Thanksgiving to pray this and I’m going to tell you to pray this to I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

If you are battling something in your body right now, the very elemental physical part of your being your body, we are calling on the Almighty, for a 100, full blessing to hit your body. And we are, this is what you are to declare, I live and walk in Divine healing. I live in walk in Divine health, say it over and over and over again, I want you to lay a hold of it. It’s your promise. It’s your 100 full blessing. I walk in Divine health, I have divine healing, because of the price that Jesus Christ has paid for me. Take that today for those of you who need that you take that for your body today.

Let’s look at then what happened to Isaac. Genesis 26 says, Now there was a famine in the land, besides the previous famine and Abraham’s time. And Isaac went to Abimelech, King of the Philistines in gharar, the Lord appeared to Isaac and said, so we’ve saw God appear in the almighty came down to humanity, he appeared to Abraham he’s doing again to Isaac, he says do not go down to Egypt, live in the land where I tell you to live, stay in this land for a while. And I will be with you and will bless you stay in this land for a while did you get that and I will be with you and bless you, for you for to you and your descendants. I will give all these lands and will confirm the oath I swore to your father Abraham, I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. And we’ll give them all these lands and through your offspring, all nations on earth will be blessed. Because I’m turning my page give me a second because Abraham obeyed me and did everything that I required of him keeping my commands, my decrees and my instructions. So Isaac stayed in gharar. Okay, so God is saying, Isaac, I’m going to do for you what I did for your father, it’s time to take the blessing and bring another blessing. It’s time to have a 100 fold blessing in your life, that you are the blessed of the blessed. And God wants this for us. He doesn’t just want you know, there can be a famine in the land. And we are seriously across the world dealing with actual famine is hitting even in parts of the United States, there is lack on the on the grocery shelves, we’re starting to see lack in certain things that are here. And, and there are issues with getting materials into the stores for people to have what they need. And it was all over the news recently about not having a formula. If you had a baby and you were feeding them formula and you couldn’t get formula, what are you going to do? Well, if you’re someone who gives your child formula, it’s because you’re you no longer are producing milk, it’s not like you can all of a sudden start nursing them, you need the formula. That’s it, that’s a dire need, your child needs to be able to eat. And so famine is not something that we can anymore think that that that may not affect us or that we don’t understand. And they had at large scale, there was no food. I mean, you died because there was no food. If there was no, if there was no food and there was no rain, then even your animals could not you had no crops and you couldn’t feed your animals. So then you if your animals died, then you don’t have the food of your animals. I mean, literally, this is a snowball effect of what can happen in a famine. And there was a famine that took place in his father’s day. And his dad actually went to Egypt. Abraham actually went to Egypt.

So Isaac was going to follow the same pattern, he was going to go down to Egypt like his father did. And God said, Don’t do it. I’ve got a blessing for you right here. I’ve got a land for you. I’ve got blessing for you right where you are. You don’t have to go run off someplace else. And not worry, I am. I am the God who takes care of you. I am the same God and I’m going to, I’m going to bless you in this land if you’ll obey me the way your father did, and I’m going to take care of you and do just like I did for him. This is going to continue. This blessing is going to continue on even past your generation and I’m going to make you a blessing to the nations of the world.

And so what does it say? Verse six. So Isaac stayed, he obeyed. He listened to the Lord. Now I want you to jump down to verse 12. It says Isaac planted crops in that land. So he’s planting what he has in desolate ground. Okay, he’s planting crops in a barren land, a bland land that is going through a famine, and it says he planted crops in that land, and the same year, not even yours to get going. That same year, he reaped 100 fold 100 fold because the Lord blessed him. The man became rich and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. He had so many flocks and herds and servants, that the Philistines envied him. The blessing became the blessed, the blessing became a double blessing. So here it is, folks, I know that this blessing is for you today. And I prophesy over you right now to every person under the sound of my voice. I prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ, that you will receive a 100 fold blessing for your obedience to do what God has called you to do. And when you obey, you will see in the same year, the 100 full blessing come on your life to bless your life. All you need to do is believe what God has said, obey His commands, and watch what God will do for you.

Oh, boy, I pray this was a blessing to you. It was a blessing to me again, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being with me on this 100th episode. You are truly a blessing to me. I pray that I am a blessing to you. Thanks so much for joining me. We’ll see you next time. Bye bye