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About the episode:

Have you lost something in your life that you need to reclaim – health, finances, relationships, or anything? It is time to walk in your Kingdom Authority and tap into a source that can avenge your debts. But you can only access this power if you grasp WHO provides it. In this episode, we break down what the Bible says about a kinsman redeemer and how it allows us to recognize who restores us in challenging circumstances. We will continue to dive into the story of Boaz and Ruth and study how Boaz being a kinsman redeemer to Ruth, exemplifies how Jesus provides for us.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • A three-point biblical breakdown of a kinsman redeemer
  • How to understand and tap into our Kingdom Authority
  • How God “avenges” us during challenging circumstances
  • The parallels between Boaz and Jesus as a kinsman redeemer

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ story begins with emotional and financial struggle as a single mother trying to survive. Today, she has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owned two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. She is on a mission to help others walk through the valleys of life with hope and knowledge that God always has a way.  Learn more.

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Welcome to the Jamie Luce podcast. Thank you for tuning in today it is my pleasure to spend this time with you. And I wanted to encourage you today, I want to help give you some some valuable information that I think will produce great results in whatever situation you find yourself in today. Because you have far more than you realize you have because of the authority of a very key piece of information. And I’m going to share that piece of information with you today, I want you to recognize who you are what you have what’s available to you. If you were tuned in last week we had listened to or went over the story of Naomi and Ruth. And I told you that I would be speaking to you about the kinsman redeemer. And I know you’ve probably heard that before. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re someone who loves your Bible. You probably know this story.

But I did some research. And I was shocked to find out what I found out about the kinsman redeemer, I really thought that I knew what that meant. And to be honest, there was so much more there than what I thought was there. And I really expected there to be, I don’t know the the references to Jesus and things that we know about him. And we know that he’s a redeemer, we know he’s our Redeemer, we know he has purchased our life back for us. But I did not expect to find what I found in this research. So to begin, I want to kind of let you know what’s ahead, there will be benefits. And this is like anything that we’ve talked about when it comes to your inheritance, whatever your inheritance is in the Lord. You know, the Scripture is really the it’s the two testaments. And I always like to use this is this example. It’s like if you were to have someone who passes away, and they’ve left their last will and testament, it is their desire that they want to take place in the lives of those who are now reading this document. And based off of what they had and what they are passing to them, whether that’s information, whether that’s finances, instructions about what to do with things, all of that is found in our will and testament, the Lord has left us, He died for us, rose again left us this will and testament and these instructions. And this is this is where we find our inheritance, but you won’t know what you have.

If you don’t understand who’s giving it to you, if I were to say that, you know, I could I could send you an email and you could get a letter in the mail and say we have this found money for you. And you need to you’re gonna have to do whatever you need to do to come in and claim this as yours. Well, if they told you it was, you know, somebody that to you was of no importance and had no real wealth or had no real inheritance to give it was just something they were leaving to you, you may not pay that much attention, it might be a blessing, it would be something nice, it would be something you’d be willing to do to attain whatever that is. But there would be a difference. If that letter said that the king of you know England now that we do have a king, the king of England has left you a monetary gift or an inheritance or something you would understand that that most likely is substantive, that there are some weight to whatever that is, it’s probably Gjerde probably is more in depth than what you realize. So that is really my heart in bringing the understanding of what a kinsman redeemer is to you today.

If you don’t understand what’s been left to you and you don’t understand its true value, you can never make good use of it. It will never do you really any good.

So I know that might not have been a great example. But I want to take you into this because in this kinsmen Redeemer to know what a kinsman redeemer really is. Then you understand that there’s inheritance for you. There would be an avenger of all things and Avenger Do you You need justice in your life? Are you going through things? Have you been through things that are unjust? Are you looking at life circumstances around? Or are we not living in a time of pure injustice all around us? Do we need an Avenger? Do you need new life? Do you need fruitfulness? Are you barren in some part of your life? Whether actually physically barren? Or is there a? Are there things in your life like the the work that you put your hands to? And the things that you seem to go after to do? Is it producing fruit? Or are you barren in that area? Do you need fruitfulness in your life? Do you need new life where there seems to have been a lack of life a something is missing, and you need the part that’s missing.

All of this is found in a kinsman redeemer.

And so I want us to look first at the life of Boaz. And then we’re going to look, of course at the life of Jesus to see what we have, because having a kinship and redeem we have is the authority that we can now walk in. I did some looking up and you can look this up for yourself. I’m actually going to read this to you. From verbatim for what I pulled off from this website. I’m going to give you that in case you want to go read it for yourself. But I looked up at the Messianic messianic dash And it says that a kinsman redeemer has three roles to play, he has to fulfill three things in order to be a kinsman redeemer, there are three requirements of a kinsman redeemer. Number one is to rescue the land owned by a family member that was in danger of being lost to someone else or rescue the family member himself from being sold into bond servitude. It was the right of redemption. The family member either paid the debt off, or if the person who had lost his land, or had become a bond servant was somehow able to come up with enough money on his own, then he rescued himself.

So this first requirement is to do with land. Do you need land? Are you somebody? Do you need a home? Do you need a place to call your own? Are you a leader in God’s house? Do you need a new church building? Do you need facility? Do you have a business? Do you need office space? Do you need a place? You know a warehouse to do business? What do you need that is land. And if you are in trouble with your landlord you’re in trouble with you don’t have the finances to do it. You’ve lost it. You didn’t pay things and you’ve lost the land. Are you now? Are you in debt? Are you now in servitude Are you now having to pay off this debt and you’re in bondage to this thing I want you to I want you to get a grasp. This is huge. We deal with this stuff in real life, you might be dealing with this in some form or fashion in your life. And I want you to see the role what is necessary of a kinsman redeemer what his job is, okay? Therefore, whatever his job is, when you find this kinsman redeemer, and he performs this for you, you realize the benefits that you have and the victory that you can walk in, okay. So, this was considered this duty was considered a high duty of a family relative to redeem the land or purchase the bond servants freedom.

So it was his duty it was it was the highest thing he could do is to make sure and buyback and not let you suffer loss in respect to land and your freedom, land and freedom to make sure that if you found yourself in slavery in some form or fashion, whether that’s addiction, no matter if that is in finances, and you are bound because of the financial situation you’re in, whatever that is, if you’re in a lawsuit and you are bound because of things and judgments that have come against you, folks, we need a kinsman redeemer. We need what this affords us okay? However, if the closest family relative didn’t have the financial means to step in and become a kinsman redeemer, then the duty fell to the next closest family member in line and so on. So this was an expected and now necessary needed?

Oh, what did we call it? It’s a it was just a family duty. Somebody in the family was required to do this somebody in the family, it was necessary for every family member to know that in the family, somewhere in their family, there was a kinsman redeemer. Okay? It’s important to note that the land then did not become the property of the kinsman redeemer. Now hear me on this because this is a doesn’t just keep it in the family because a family member has it. Okay. If he purchased the land back, he was not purchasing the land back, and then taking ownership of it. He was actually rescuing that family member, he was purchasing that land for them. debt paid, debt paid folks, land stays yours debt paid, are you hearing this? It was the rescued it did not go to the kinsman redeemer, it belonged and stayed with the rescued family member. Likewise, if the Redeemer saved a family member, from a life of bond servitude, they did not become the servant of the Redeemer, though they could choose to stay under their authority out of gratitude, but it was not demanded or expected. I mean, you’ve got to see, you’re probably way ahead of me on this. And I’m gonna go slow just to make sure we see all the components here.

But I want you to recognize what is so beautiful and what belongs to us, if we have access to our kinsman redeemer, so we just read that the land stays with the rescued, it belongs to the rescued. And if that person themself had to be rescued, I want you to see the heart of your kinsman redeemer here, because most people in their natural state, when they do something for somebody, they expect that person then to do something in return. It’s kind of a tit for tat, right? If I do this, scratch your back, you’ll scratch mine, this is the way people tend to operate. We tend to hold people under this guilt trip that I did this for you. And now you owe this to me. But that’s not the heart of a kinsman redeemer.

A kinsman redeemer says, “You may out of gratitude, want to serve or do something for the one who’s rescued you. But it is not expected. And it is not required.” This is why Jesus Christ could die for our sins, and then not do it while we’re still sinners. Whether we have accepted him or not, he has paid the price whether we accepted it or not.

And not only that, the you know, there’s a portion of Scripture, I don’t have the reference for you right now. But it is explained that when it came to people who served in bond servitude, that after a so many years that they could that person can then be set free. In the Jubilee year, that person could be set free. However, if that person who was serving loved serving their master, they loved being a part of that household, they loved their their life of service to this person, that person was good to them. And they wanted to stay in their house. They didn’t want to go free, they wanted to stay. They wanted to live with that person. They wanted to be under their covering, they wanted to be in their care, and they wanted to serve that person, then that person would actually do like an ear piercing they would put their ear up against a post and they would they would pierce through to the post. And it was the sign that said I’m serving you forever. I’m giving my life to you forever.

So this is an option that you can serve. We can serve the one who saved us with our whole life. We can say no, I owe you my life. I will serve you with my life. But what Christ did was not predicated upon us saying yes to him. His heart of giving and love supersedes our ability and our desire to love him back. He loves so selflessly. It was totally what he did was totally for us and not for him. There’s not one part of it that benefited him. Other than that we would love him that we would accept the sacrifice that he made us a bonds, kinsmen from a bonds person to having a kinsmen redeem a life of law of servitude, not not of forced servitude. By law, the kinsman redeemer was to receive no personal benefit from his legally required acts of kindness.

So he was legally expected to do this. And though he was legally expected to do it, there’s not one thing that he was expected to receive in return. He had no personal benefit. It was the rescued family member who received all the benefits and got his land or his freedom back. Okay, that’s just number one. There are two more. Number two, the second role and responsibility was that of an Avenger. You know, we’ve seen the hero movies, right, the Avengers. These are people who come in and bring justice where injustice has been done. So let’s look at what an avenger is. And that to understand that Christ is your Avenger. Now he’s he, we are not to ask for, I want to say this right? Christ Jesus, or God set up himself that we are not to take vengeance that vengeance is his vengeance is his it’s for him to decide what is just and what is unjust. So we don’t take revenge. We’re not asking for a Revenger we’re asking for justice, we want an Avenger there is a difference. And it says so if a family member was killed, either on purpose, or for a, if it was accidentally, or if it was by a tragic accident, it was the responsibility of the kinsman redeemer to find get this and kill the perpetrator to avenge the killed family member. I mean, this is serious stuff.

The difference between avenge and revenge is that the person’s seeking it is looking for justice, and to punish the wrong instead of lack of care about justice. The Revenger wants to cause harm, even possibly harsher than the crime itself. Do you see and hear the difference? Revenge says I want to do to you what you did to me, and I’m gonna make it even worse. It’s not justice they’re looking for they have now given themselves over to the very same thing that has come against them.

They have partnered with a spirit, whether that spirit was of murder, whether something happened by accident, you know, they’re there. We have different in our courts of law, we have different charges, whether it’s murder, whether it’s in a first degree or second degree murder, whether it’s manslaughter, something can be a tragic accident, and someone be harmed at your, you know, you could be on a highway, driving in the rain, and your car, you lose control of your car. And that’s an accident in itself. You’ve lost control of your car, and now you hit another car, and someone else is injured. Well, you did not intentionally tried to injure that person. You don’t want someone to take revenge on you. That person might look for justice. They may need medical care.

Someone could lose their life, folks. But it could be a tragic accident. You need the God of justice, to look at your life, and to say, this is what you need, and I’m going to provide it for you. And if someone has lost a family member to murder, truly murder, you can trust the Lord that you serve, to to be your Avenger. To bring about justice, not to bring reckless causeless harm, not to do something in the spirit of hatred or malice, but injustice in truth in what should be done. So God is our Avenger.

I mean, how many if you live in the United States, I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the world, but we have what we call ambulance chasers here. I mean, we have whole law firms that set themselves up for the sheer purpose of looking for some way to sue somebody and to gain financial gain, whether it’s actually just or not. And that’s why we call them ambulance chasers. They’re just looking for someone they can sue and take advantage of. I remember being in a I have a very minor, minor minor fender bender, I was sitting at a on a side street. And there was a main highway in front of me and I was needing to come out and merge onto that Main Street. I was there was one car in front of me. So it was me behind them one car in front of me. And we’re waiting for our turns to turn right. And the car in front of me, had looked to the left look to their right, looked again and started to pull out well, as soon as they started to pull out. Now this was my fault. Okay, I took my foot off the off the brake and began to roll forward because I was now going to have to stop look left look right, and then pull forward. So I was just next in line. Well, as I took my foot off, at the same time, I took my foot off the brake. I didn’t even hit my gas, I just took my foot off the brake. And at the same time, I was looking left to see what’s happening. As I begin to roll forward. I ended up bumping into the car in front of me, I did not realize as I turn left that she decided not to turn and she had hit her brakes. So and I was just in that forward roll motion. So I bumped into her.

I happen to have in my car, a camera at the time. This was before there were cell phones with cameras on them. So I had a camera in my car that I kept in the glove box, glove box, and I pulled it out and I took photos of her car, I took photos of my car, I took photos of the intersection where we were at what was going on. And I was making sure I knew that this was so minor. You couldn’t tell that our cars had touched, it was very, very minor. So I gave her my information. I took her information. And sure enough, I got a phone call from the insurance. They were trying to say that it was a big accident that had happened. Her daughter had to be taken to the hospital, that she needed extra chiropractic work done. Because her daughter’s neck she had whiplash and she was I mean it was they were making drama out of this. And I laughed, literally laughed when my insurance person contacted me and I said, Boy, Are they pulling your chain. I’ve got photographs, nothing of this sort happened. They they’re looking to take advantage of the situation and to gain financial gain through the insurance. And I said I hope you will fight properly in this because this is not this is not just and I would have had no problem. I gave her the insurance information. I’d have had no problem. There was actually something that needed to be done. I mean, she looked at the courses that Liz and she said to me it doesn’t look like there’s anything here.

I said no, I don’t see anything either. We both walked away thinking this was just nothing. But we did the formalities just so they were formalities. We went ahead and did them. You have to understand there is justice. And then there is the abuse of justice and Avenger sees to it that Justice get served. But someone who is looking for revenge is not looking for justice. We have a kinsman redeemer, we have one who serves to be that one who goes for us and Avengers what has taken place in our life and make sure that justice is served. So if you need justice, you need an Avenger. Okay? Let’s look at number three. The third responsibility of the kinsman redeemer was to step in and marry a female family member who lost her husband to death if she had not yet given birth to a son for her now deceased husband. So this really takes us into the story of Ruth and with Boaz, because what we see is that when Naomi went into Moab with her husband and sons, they married daughters in law, all the men died, the Naomi’s husband died, the sons died. They leave now Naomi and orca and Ruth, without husbands and none of them now have children. They’re all dead. So a kinsman redeemer comes then and redeems by marrying the one who was left a widow with no children. And his job was to then in marriage, give her children, but get this. The children were not to go.

They were not the kins man’s children in God’s eyes, they belonged to the dead spouse, the one who did not have children so that a name could be raised up in their stead. I mean, this is incredible. The sacrifice of giving a son okay giving an heir giving the inheritance for this person to this other one that you’ve now you’ve married them. I mean, there’s there is a con, a covenant that has been made. But again, the kinsmen Redeemers rule goal was not that anything he did produced personal benefit. This was literally done for the person who in who was inflicted with the loss who incurred the loss, okay? So that so technically the kinsman redeemer was redeeming the dead and his legacy and inheritance. The kinsman redeemer did not gain land, a bondservant, or even a son, everything he did cost him and benefited the family member who was in danger. So in Ruth, we see that the nearest kinsman redeemer refused to marry Ruth. So if you read the story, we’re not going to take the time to go over all that. But there was a kinsmen who was nearer to Naomi that Boaz tells Ruth now there’s one that’s closer, if he will do the work of the kinsman redeemer, then he needs to do it. That’s his responsibility.

If he doesn’t, though, I will step in and I will perform the duties of a kinsman redeemer. Well, when Boaz went to explain this to this other person, he wanted to redeem the land, he was willing to do one thing. He had the heart to redeem the land. But when he found out he’d have to marry Ruth and give her children, he said, No way, I’m not doing it. I’m not performing that that will hurt my own inheritance. It’ll mess up my own family, I’m not doing it. So his heart was not that of a true Kinsman Redeemer. He did not want to fulfill that task. And so Boaz said, okay, and in front of all these people, they do the shoe exchange, he takes off his sandal, he says, You are all witnesses that he is saying that I am now going to do this and I’m going to buy that land, I’m redeeming that land. And I’m gonna marry Ruth. I mean, it’s beautiful, what he was willing to do he It’s beautiful, that he was willing to do this, but let’s keep going.

In fact, I’ll read you the the, the portion of Scripture that talks about this, Boaz went to town, the town gate and took a seat there. Just then the family Redeemer had mentioned that he had mentioned came by so Boaz called out to him, come over here and sit down, friend, I want to talk to you. So they sat down together, then Boaz called 10 leaders from the town and ask them to sit as witnesses. As Boaz said to the family Redeemer, you know, Naomi, who came back from Moab, she is selling the land that belonged to our relative Elimelech. I thought I should speak to you about it so that you can redeem it if you wish. If you want the land, then buy it here in the presence of these witnesses. But if you don’t want it, let me know right away, because I am next in line to redeem it after you. The man replied, all right, I’ll redeem it. Then Boaz told him, of course, your purchase of the land from Naomi also requires that you marry Ruth, the Moabite widow, that way she can have children who will carry on her husband’s name, and keep the land in the family, then I can’t redeem it, the family member replied, because this might endanger my own estate. He was concerned about himself. Remember, now, the kinsman redeemer has no personal benefit. And he’s saying, there’s no personal benefit in this for me, you redeem the land, I cannot do it. So Boaz, on the other hand, considered it a privilege.

He told Ruth that she was showing him a great kindness by being willing to marry him. Do you see, this is this is so beautiful, he’s saying, Not only am I willing to do this for you, I count this a privilege that you’ve chosen me that you’ve said yes to me to redeem you. Folks, that is the cry that God is putting out to us. He’s saying, Don’t let, don’t let this whatever this thing is that that you’re stuck with or that you’re troubled with, that you’re in bondage to or whatever you have needed, or whatever you lost, whatever injustice you’ve occurred. Don’t stop short in thinking that I can’t provide this for you and take care of it for you. I want to God’s hand is not shortened that he can not deliver. He wants to bring us the victory. We have a way to walk in victory in every single place in our life. And we do not have to stand for being robbed from one more day. Not one more day. Do we have to say that that’s not something we have to deal with. We have a kinsman redeemer who says I’m here I’m willing, I counted my privilege to do this for you. And I want to show you how we can I want to prove to you that Jesus is truly our kinsman redeemer. As beautiful as the story of Boaz is, he performed two of the three requirements. One was the land. And number three was that he was willing to come in and produce a son to Mary Ruth, and to give to her family, the inheritance that was do them. But Jesus, our kinsman redeemer has performed all three of these things for us. Let’s look to show how he is our kinsman redeemer. Jesus is set in scripture of being our elder brother in Mark 335. It says, Whoever shall do the will of God. The same is my brother, and my sister and my mother. Hebrews 211 says, For he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified, all have one source. That is He is not ashamed to call them brothers. The word brothers here translates literally blood relatives, as well as its reference to us Christians. So we know that he is saying you are my blood, relatives, I died for you, I shed my blood for you. We are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

We are his brothers and sisters. He is our elder brother, Romans 829 says for those whom he for new, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, in order that he might be the first born among many brothers. Jesus is our elder brother, our kinsman redeemer. He has fulfilled all three requirements, he purchased back and set us free from bondage, slavery to sin and debt, and we now serve him freely from a heart of gratitude. Number two, he avenged our death by not just taking our place, but by dem destroying the works of the devil over our lives, stripping him of his power over us. He has purchased our freedom from death and sin with his own precious blood and took the keys from satan over death and the grave. And he gives us a life in return. He has in fact, we know that according to Scripture, there’s coming a day where Satan is going to be bound with chains. He will be the one in bondage, not us. I know right now he’s free to do what he’s doing. But there’s coming a day that justice is coming, our Avenger will show up and Satan will be bound with chains. Number three, he has stepped in and given us His spirit and a new life. He has given us new life where there was Baroness and given us fruitfulness instead, the end there’s no way to care were where there was no way to carry on or hope for inheritance. Our Avenger Our Bondsman our I mean our kinsman redeemer who has set us free from bondage has come in and he has given us hope and inheritance, the nearest kinsman redeemer fulfilled, could only offer I should say, bow as the nearest kinsman redeemer could only fulfill to his cousin was only willing to fulfill one. But Jesus, our elder brother has fulfilled all three, and that more abundantly for us. Whatever debt you have owed, Jesus has paid the debt. If you have a debt right now, you can call on your kinsman redeemer, to show you the way out. He is the debt payer. He cancels debt.

I have a testimony, God canceled the debt that we owed. I wrote about it in my book, you don’t need money, you just need God. But if you want to get this book, I’m telling you, you want to get the book. But the story is that we had received after the Great Recession that took place in 2007 2008. Our business took a major hit during that time, we had to shrink the business. We went from over 300 employees down to like 50 employees. And we were doing everything to survive. During that time, the crash when everyone was losing their homes and businesses were closing all around us. And everybody who was in the business we were in, they close their doors. So it was God our kinsman redeemer stepped in, he kept us going he in fact, he’s revived it we’ve now got another business and and God has done miraculous things. But during that time we received a tax bill. And that tax bill was reflective of the year previous where things were Good, not after everything crashed and all the money was gone. And we said, God, I’ve got a debt I cannot pay.

Do you know I was in prayer one day and the Holy Spirit came into that prayer time. And I he had me read a portion of Scripture, and just opened my eyes to what the scripture said. And he said that debt that has been, that is stands against you has been canceled and nailed to the cross. I knew that moment when I read that, that he was saying, I am your Redeemer, I am your kinsman redeemer, I have paid your debt for you. Do you know we within the next couple of days, God showed us that not he gave us the answer. We went to go to the tax guy and talk to him and, and a turn of events. Not only did we not have to pay that debt, they paid us praise God, they paid us. God is our kinsman redeemer, no matter what your debt is, God has the answer. And he’ll take care of that for you. Whatever territory that you have lost, God will restore it to you. That’s your inheritance. We are to have land, we are to be possessors of land we are to be the head and not the tail. Folks, if you need God to do a miracle in your land, and in your inheritance and your promised land, whatever that is, you have a kinsman redeemer, that is his job. He counts it a privilege to do this on our behalf. What does it mean to restore it means to bring back to reinstate, to repair or renovate to its original condition. So when God says that he’s going to restore to us our territory that was lost, it means exactly that. He’s going to give it back to us reinstate it repaired if necessary, renovated, if we need it back to its original brand new condition. God knows what you need restored personally. Joel 225 says I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten the cankerworm and the caterpillar and the polar worm, all this pestilence that has come to destroy from you God’s going to restore it all to you. That word restore in Joel 225 means to complete sound to be safe, free from fault. Get that folks free from fault. Even if you land it in the position you’re in because it was your fault. It was your fault. And he’s saying even though it was your fault, his word to do that and restore that to you means that you are free from fault to make over to be complete, safe and peaceful security to give you back your security to be uninjured to make whole or good restore, or good restore things last pay a debt make compensation for Wow, do you hear that? I bet you need some of that I’ve needed that I need that God’s my kinsman redeemer.

Jesus has my elder brother and he will do this for me. Take that today. Stand on that promise.

If you’re living in obedience and surrender, and you are believing to see this happen in your life, I want you to remember now your toes. Ruth 318 says and she said steal my daughter until you know how a matter will turn out for the man will not rest until he has concluded this matter this day. God’s gonna take care of it today. I declare over you listening today. I don’t care if you’re listening to this right when this drops or if you’re listening to it over again and time has gone by whenever you hear this. This is the declaration over your life today. You have a kinsman redeemer, and he is willing today to settle the matter. So we declare in the name of Jesus, that our kinsman redeemer is stepping in. He’s restoring. He’s setting free. He’s giving back what was lost. He is performing the right in our life to make us fruitful. He is He is avenging every circumstance of injustice in our life today. And you can see the results sit still till you hear how he says how the matter is going to come out. Don’t let yourself get out of peace. You stay in peace. You’ve got a God working on your behalf. He cares about your life and what’s happening to you. And you do not have to be in despair. He will show up. He is the Avenger. If it hasn’t happened yet, God’s not done yet. Hear me if it hasn’t happened yet. God’s not done yet. Be patient. He isn’t slow. He is working things out for your good to make sure that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Jesus stood in the synagogue and quoted from Isaiah 61 And I’m going to read that to you. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed had me to preach good tidings to the poor, he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberties of the captains, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God, to convert all who mourn, to console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. Boy, that if that’s not the picture of our kinsman redeemer, he concluded by saying today, this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. It is done, folks, he’s done it, we’re not waiting for him to come, he has come he has done it. According to Romans four if we are a fate, then Abraham is our father and every promise made, whether to Jew or Gentile affects us all. We have been grafted in just as Ruth, a Moabite. Gentile was grafted in by union to a Jew. We are united to Jesus and now he is our kinsman redeemer. You can make that decision today to be saved, Redeemed and Restored.

I want you to pray this prayer with me. Father, in the name of Jesus, I receive you right now as my kinsman redeemer. Everything that I have need of you are, I receive the finished work of the Cross in my life. You are my kinsman redeemer, my elder brother, I thank you for an inheritance and land I thank you for redemption. I thank you that you are my Avenger. And I thank you that you are producing fruitfulness and new life for me something that will carry on beyond me. Thank you in the name of Jesus, we pray it. Amen. I know the Lord wants to speak to you today. I want you to take some time. I want you to ask him personally. Father, what do you say to me? Are there instructions you want me to follow? Are there things you need me to do that I line myself up with your will so that your perfect plan and your redemption our mind today?

Thank you so much for joining me. I pray this was an encouragement to you. We will see you next time. Bye bye