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About the episode:

Best-selling author, artist, entrepreneur, and mentor Matt Tommey passionately discusses the importance of living in the abundance of God’s Kingdom on the Jaime Luce Podcast.

Have you been living a life where you feel constantly defeated? Maybe you feel unqualified to achieve the goals God has called you to do. In today’s episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we explain how renewing your mindset allows you to live the abundant life God has promised you! Learn the simple, biblical steps that will enable you to embrace who God has created you to be and understand the discipline needed to have a victorious mentality.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • The 5 R’s and how they help to renew your mind
  • What it means to live an abundant life
  • The beauty in partnering with God
  • How to understand your reality under God’s direction

About the guest:

Matt Tommey is a best-selling author, artist, entrepreneur, and mentor who is passionate about helping people live in the abundance of God’s Kingdom. Through his personal growth journey and extensive work mentoring artists, Matt learned how to make Kingdom principles easy to understand and apply to everyday life so anyone can experience abundant life in Christ. He currently lives in East Texas with his wife, Tanya, and their son, Cameron, where he enjoys life with friends and family, gardening, and creating original artworks. Since 2009, Matt has primarily mentored artists who want to thrive spiritually, artistically and in business. He is a successful entrepreneur, popular conference speaker, podcast host (The Thriving Christian Artist), author of 7 books for Kingdom creatives and is recognized internationally as a leader in creativity and the arts. Through his new book, God’s Plan for Living, Matt is taking the Kingdom principled he’s learned in mentoring artists and sharing them with the world.

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TheThriving Christian Artist



The God’s Plan for Living Podcast

The Thriving Christian Artist Podcast

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ testimony has daunting personal mountains and treacherous financial valleys. She was trapped in day-to-day stress and couldn’t see a way forward. But how she started is not how she finished! And she wants you to know God has a plan for your life too, no matter how tough it seems. Today, Jaime has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owns two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. God’s way is always the blessed way!   Learn more.

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I’m so excited about this book! I didn’t want to write something that simply told about the financial miracles God has done for me. But I wanted to practically help others know how to have the same kind of results. So this book is a playbook. Just like in sports. It will have the story of the need we faced from small to the astronomically huge and how God provided every time. Then we will give you what I call “the play call.” After you understand the Biblical method that was used you are then given a teaching on how to use that knowledge. I can promise it will give you the tools to change your situation and to realize that “You Don’t Need Money. You Just Need God.”

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