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About the episode:

Founder and Lead Pastors of Passion-Life Church Terrell & Brandy Scott share their inspiring testimony on redemption, healing, and finding purpose on the Jaime Luce Podcast.

No matter the severity, we have all done things we are not proud of. If we don’t deal with our past, we can stew in that negative mindset of regret for the rest of our lives. But there is good news – healing and redemption can be found in HIM! Tune in and be inspired by Terrell and Brandy’s journey of forgiveness, healing, and finding purpose in their past trauma. Learn about the importance of surrendering to God, being thankful, and the power of forgiveness in allowing us to move forward and make a difference in the lives of others.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • How to find purpose after trauma
  • What forgiving yourself and others looks like
  • How to achieve your God-given calling
  • Why healing through faith is necessary for you to move forward

Where to dive in:

(0:00:02) – Testimonies of Overcoming Adversity
Pastors Terrell and Brandi Scott share their ministry’s four pillars of salvation, deliverance, identity and purpose, and how they use the River Refuge and Malachi Project to serve the least of these.

(0:08:04) – Deliverance Ministry and Mentoring Children Internationally
Terrell and Brandi Scott share their passion for Christ, deliverance ministry, children’s ministry, international outreach, struggles with drugs, and Brandi’s journey to find security.

(0:20:04) – Surrender and Fear of God
Surrendering to God, understanding His power, and recognizing His value can lead to wise decisions and protect us from the enemy.

(0:24:19) – From Gang Leader to Minister
Terrell Scott’s transformation from gang life to leading people the right way through God’s mercy is discussed.

(0:33:47) – From Drug Addiction to Forgiveness
Brandi Scott found forgiveness through faith in God, realizing He was willing to love her despite her mistakes.

(0:43:43) – Healing, Transformation, and Ministry
Terrell and Brandi Scott share how God called them to start a ministry, the power of repentance, inner healing, and forgiveness.

(0:51:39) – Finding Purpose Through Trauma and Faith
Terrell and Brandi Scott share their journey to finding purpose through faith in God, peace in prison, and overcoming strongholds.

(1:01:21) – Finding Purpose Through Forgiveness
Terrell and Brandi Scott share stories of transformation, healing, and deliverance through faith in God.

(1:12:58) – Jamie Luce Podcast Promotion
Terrell and Brandi Scott share their stories of faith, forgiveness, and purpose, and how God has helped them start their own church.

About the guest: 

Founder  and  Lead  Pastor  of  Passion-Life  Church,  an  inter-racial  ministry  that  breaks  the  power  of  darkness  through  anointing  love  and  power. Terrell  is  being  used  internationally  to  bring  deliverance  ministry  to  different  nations.    God  has anointed  him  to  bring  good  news  to  the  captive!    Miracles,  Signs  and  Wonders  follow  his ministry  because  he  preaches  the  Word  with  Faith  believing  God  wants  to  display  his  love  and  goodness  to  all  humanity. Also,  Founder  of  the  River  Refuge  International,  Inc.,  a  ministry  to  the  underprivileged  and  outreach  to  those  in  need.    This  ministry  is  reaching  different  communities  in  the  states  and  internationally.    Evangelizing  Communities  through  Matthew  25  Ministry!    Thousands  have  been  touched  and  saved  through  this  outreach! Married  to  Brandy  and  the  father  of  five  children,  Elijah,  Elizabeth,  Ethan,  Eugene  and  Emily. “Passionate”  about  seeing  the  next  generation  raised  up  to  honor  and  glorify  God.    Out  of  that  passion  they  started  Malachi  Project  to  reach  the  next  generation!.    The  Malachi  Project  is  built  on  a  heart  for  the  kids!    From  Malach  4:5-6!.    Pastor  Terrell  was  given  a  vision  in  prison  17  years ago  of  the  hand  of  God  pulling  him  out  of  his  pain.    A  woman  he  had  robbed  at  gunpoint,  shared  the  Gospel,  forgiveness!.    Now,  that  woman  (Brandy)  is  his  wife.    Serving  in  the  same community  he  used  to  run  drugs!    God  has  given  this  family  as  a  gift  to  the  Body  of  Christ. Testimony  and  ministry  has  been  featured  on  CBN  700  Club,  Fox  5  Atlanta,  93.3  JoyFM, Channel  57  Atlanta,  News  Nation,  Chicago’s  Morning  Answer,  NTD  New  York  News,  and  written about  in  the  Epoch  Times  and  the  Atlanta  Journal  and  Constitution.    Also  a  number  of  local channels  and  news  outlets!!!!

About the host:

Jaime Luce’ testimony has daunting personal mountains and treacherous financial valleys. She was trapped in day-to-day stress and couldn’t see a way forward. But how she started is not how she finished! And she wants you to know God has a plan for your life too, no matter how tough it seems. Today, Jaime has been married to the love of her life for almost three decades, owns two companies, and has become an author and podcaster. God’s way is always the blessed way!  Learn more.

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Full Transcript

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0:00:02 – Jaime Luce
Welcome to the Jamie Loose podcast. I’m your host, jamie Loose. Thank you for listening today. All of my blogs, social and YouTube links can be found on my website, If you enjoy this podcast, you can support it by liking, subscribing, getting notified and sharing this broadcast. Another way you can help is by rating and reviewing on Apple Podcast. My hope and goal in every episode is to give you tools found in Scripture, either by teaching, discussions, testimonies or interviews that encourage and equip you as you navigate living a real Christian walk in a difficult world. I would love to hear from you Whether you have a comment, question or prayer request. You can email me at mail at jamieloosecom. If you’re watching on YouTube, drop me a comment. I’d love to partner with you on your journey of faith. If you’re listening today on any podcast platform, take a screenshot and tag me and I’ll post it to my Instagram story. And now join me for today’s episode. Welcome to the Jamie Loose podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today.

It is my pleasure to share this time with you with some special new friends of mine, all the way from Georgia. We’ve got pastors Terrell and Brandi Scott with us today. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re in a place you can really listen to this. The story is going to bless you. I was just sharing with them, before we started, about what the Lord was sharing to me personally in my prayer time, about what it is to be a good Samaritan, what the picture is that we are to emulate, about Jesus and how he cared for people. And this couple has lived a life once. They’re going to share with you where they started from, where this started from, but where God has taken them. So if you have a life right now that you’re dealing with I especially want to talk to, because I know, i know who some of you are.

If you are someone who’s either in prison you have family members or children in prison You are someone who has dealt with addiction. You’re somebody who is dealt with or is dealing with shame over your past, over things that you have found yourself caught up in that you wish that you never, ever went that way, but you did or you got trapped in them, whether you were somebody who has gone through abuse or trouble or been taken advantage of. Listen, folks, i’m telling you. Their story touches every single one of these things and you’re going to want to really listen, because Jesus is a miraculous Jesus, He is a perfect savior and no matter what your circumstances, he is the answer. So we’re going to welcome into the studio with me today pastors Terral and Brandy Scott. Hello guys, how are you today?

0:03:08 – Pastors Terrell and Brandy Scott
Hello, hey, doing great, excited to be here with you and excited to share our story. We overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and love, not our life under death.

0:03:21 – Jaime Luce
Well, why don’t you share just real quick who you are, where you are right now, what you’re doing right now, and then we’ll kind of go backwards in time and tell the whole story?

0:03:33 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, so 2013,. We launched and founded Passion Life Church And one of the things is I was passionate about the wrong things. Why wouldn’t I be passionate about Christ? Yes, the four pillars of our heart beat and the pillars of those ministry is salvation, deliverance, identity and purpose. And so we know, when you get ahold of that, you get ahold of the gospel. And then out of that we were serving for years and we had a lot of grace on our outreach ministry And the church initially led that. And then I had some ministers and some close friends say you need to start a CDC, a community development corporation, and so we started the River Refuge, and the River Refuge is the benevolent Psalm of the church. It’s a whole another 501c3 where we do just the Matthew 25 ministry. We go out and touch the least of these prison, homeless, hungry, broken, you name it And we love on them And we do monthly evangelism.

And we have quarterly things where we serve the homeless, we take out book bags, we do a back to school bash where we feed a bunch of 1000 people and take out 400 book bags. And then we have Thanksgiving boxes, what we do what we call redemption boxes, and we give out several hundred of those to families And then we have Christmas in the city out of that And that’s what we meet needs for kids. And so out of the River Refuge we have one more ministry on this year, on this weekend fusing, but it’s really a heartbeat of our ministry. We had Malachi project birthed in. Malachi project is from Malachi four, five and six. And so in the last days the spirit of Elijah will be poured out And it will lead the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. And if this does not happen, god will smite the land with the curse.

And as we drove in our neighborhoods and we drove into the projects and areas we serve in, it was obvious there’s a curse operating. So we decided that we’re going to do something about it And so we had those practical steps. There’s four connect points throughout the years where we’re touching people. But we said we got to have hands on weekly mentoring, investing, walking people do it, and so we started Malachi project, which is our mentoring and after school program, mentoring from middle school and high school, and then also the tutoring programs for elementary age, where we bring them in in the afternoon, we give them a snack. We tutor, we do homework, we do devotion, we pray, we mentor, we teach them how to deal with irregular emotions. All the things that these kids are facing.

We help them heal from father wounds and issues at home and trauma. And then we feed a healthy dinner and then we bust them back home. But with that the Lord has sort of knit the ministries together. They have their own identity. But we have people that will come through the outreach ministry, get saved And then they’re at church. We have kids that come through Malachi. We have a young man named Antonio Martin. He decided he wanted to come to Malachi over football.

And what a testimony, Yeah you know his, his whole family, his dad was ex gangster and thug and in the streets and we run from us.

0:07:02 – Pastor Brandy Scott
The daddy, when we would come and knock on the doors would like like army crawl. that’s right, going to the door now.

0:07:12 – Jaime Luce

0:07:13 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Lord has got to hold the whole family, loving on the child and teaching sight words and just you know life principles through. Jesus, of course.

0:07:28 – Pastors Terrell and Brandy Scott
So as, as we get into the story, i’ll come back to the power. of the power, can I tell you, this Jamie So we have.

0:07:34 – Pastor Brandy Scott
We have five children. And I cut up and say I birthed five. Right, i have five, but I’m the mom of the neighborhood. Because this is the thing, miss Jamie, that enemy wants our children, my children, your children, the children in our neighborhoods, and somebody’s got to do something about it, and that’s the body of Christ. Because if we don’t, if we don’t train them, if we don’t teach them, the streets will try to right In our neighborhoods, not not on our watch. Right, right.

0:08:04 – Pastor Terrell Scott
So heaven’s really given me two strong mandates. One is for the deliverance ministry, and we see that happen from church. We see that happen in river, the river when we’re out in the streets preaching. We see that happen with our kids. We deliver kids a lot. And then the second is the children. God has called us to mentor and restore the next generation.

0:08:26 – Pastor Brandy Scott
And they won’t have to walk the walk.

0:08:27 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We walked right, you know, christless right And so with that, i know we’re not getting into the story yet, but when we do I’ll link some of these things in. And also, god has called us internationally and we are launching Malachi project in India and also in Costa Rica, and I’ve already traveled to India in March and it was a super from deliverance to walk in the streets and the slums and God given a very clear vision. And then I’ll be traveling to Costa Rica in May where we’ve already been working there and I’m excited to come in and implement what God has given us and the burden Lord’s given us with. also, you know we’re going to help educate, equip, train and prepare people to take them to the next level, to help more people.

0:09:15 – Jaime Luce
Amen. Well, i’m super excited because I know it sounds like you both have been born in Christian homes and raised. You know, just serving Jesus and doing a mighty work for him is what is telling the truth?

0:09:28 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Yeah, it’s telling the truth, it’s honest, right.

0:09:32 – Jaime Luce
Exactly. Okay, so we’re going to go all the way back into your high school days, right? So if it goes before that, then let me know, if the story starts before that, which one of you would like to start. I mean, i think maybe for you, terrell, i don’t know, more about his background just from some interviews I’ve seen, but you might have some too.

0:09:55 – Pastor Terrell Scott
So yes, sure. So. Randy and I, we were friends in middle school and high school. I excelled in football and wrestling and, long story short, i ended up in college and full scholarship wrestling. I had hurt my neck in football. I would have played big football. I was a four-year starter on varsity and I hurt my neck. It really I was just had a lot of pain, a lot of things I didn’t know how to deal with properly.

I would cycle in and out of using drugs. I would start for a little while, i would get injured. I would use it for a while, then I would quit. But during that time I started to open doors in that middle school, high school window where I was looking at pornography. I was having sex prior to marriage. I would dabble with drugs. I didn’t really like drugs, to be honest, at the time. I would dabble with it. But then, when I was early years and then more, which was my senior year, when I got injured, i started using and I couldn’t put the brakes on the way I did the prior times.

But going into that, during that time in high school, for a season when I didn’t use drugs, me and some of the guys I played football with. I started running drugs from the west side of Atlanta down into the county I was living in And we started making a lot of money and it became very addictive And there were times I would quit and step away, but for a long time I was running major drugs. I was mixing two lives. I was still putting on a face in front of my family. I was putting on a face in front of my coaches. At that time I did not attend church. I didn’t ever go to church until I was 18 years old, and so Brandy and I, we were friends, but we started partying together And I’ll let her sort of share her story, because she’s got some major situation that happened that shifted the course of her life for a season.

0:12:05 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Yes, so very. I wasn’t raised in the church. I called myself a creaster. We would go Christmas and Easter growing up and I had no knowledge of Jesus. I didn’t really know who he was. Well, as Pastor Terrell said, we’ve known each other since sixth grade And can I tell you, miss Jamie, i liked him in sixth grade.

He was a handsome, cute little football playing boy And I liked him. But I just said, oh, that we were friends, right. And so we moved on to high school and I partied and I drank and I smoked a little pot in high school. But senior year my mom passed away And Miss Jamie, it sent me spinning out of control. I did things that I said I would never do. My mom, in a sense, was I wanted to.

0:13:03 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I would when she was Renancy for security. Yes, I did run to her for security.

0:13:10 – Pastor Brandy Scott
And when she would pass away, i did drugs that I said I would never do. I got strung out beyond. I mean, it was insane. The pain from losing her was so, it was so strong that I would anything, any drug, i would do. It was, oh, the pain was unbearable, truly. I even sharing it. Every time I shared it’s like thank the Lord I didn’t die in those moments, that I didn’t overdose, that I didn’t kill myself in a car accident, the countless times drinking and drugging and driving. And so, needless to say, when my mom passed away, i dove into drugs, into drinking heavily, and that was just a very dark time for me.

Yes, so I didn’t-.

0:14:11 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, yeah. so I go off to college. I’ve opened these doors. I would have seasons, i would quit and start back training. I get a full scholarship. I was in college but I’m still dabbling. At times I’m hustling really heavy, like in off season. At times I’m just doing a little bit And in that time there was a crack epidemic in the 90s, in the late 90s, and they’re going into early 2000s when I’m selling drugs, i’m moving drugs. So I continue, even college, trafficking drugs to a Christian college. I was telling you a pinpoint that Two Christian college don’t make Jesus.

0:14:50 – Pastor Brandy Scott
When he went to the Christian college I remember thinking a Christian, he’s gonna be a God boy.

0:14:58 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Like what in the world is happening.

0:15:03 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And so during that time I have a season where I get in a little bit of trouble on my transition schools And I also had an elbow injury And so when that took place I got really deep in the streets again And I could go to zero to a hundred like that, And so it wasn’t. I’d never done the in between thing. So if I’m gonna do good, I was gonna do good If I was gonna do bad. So this mixture caught up with me very quick, Having two faces we used to call it being a chameleon Acting like someone. I’m not And I went on about a three month window, pulling off a lot of more of Marabris while I’m in college and going back to college. So some of that was pumped from the music we were listening to. Some of that was just the mindset and the stuff we were involved in and being in the inner cities and not having regard for life. But so, long story short, I pulled off a lot of our Marabris. I ended up getting shot at at point blank range.

At one of my colleges. Gunpowder and glass went right into my face and arm. The bullets missed me. One went in front of my face, one through the headrest. Two got lodged in a door with a cross beam that looked just like a cross in it, and so God spared my life, but in that moment I didn’t slow down. I didn’t say, hey, let’s just go to college, do what’s right. you’re on a wrestling scholarship, Be a good boy. I just got more angry. I continued. I was recruiting people.

0:16:43 – Jaime Luce
So it fueled in you what you were doing instead of a come to Jesus moment at that point.

0:16:49 – Pastor Terrell Scott

Yeah it was not a come to Jesus moment. Yeah, i was leading, so I had started in high school. It comes out of middle school, but I really put.

I had started messing around and getting involved in gangs in middle school. In high school, i formed my own gang And so these were guys that were leaders on the football field, these were guys that hung with me. These were got. A lot of them were good friends, but a lot of what we were doing is just We were trafficking drugs, making a lot of money, but there’s a lot more. When you get in that life, it’s like a vacuum And so, yeah, i’m just gonna sell a little drugs. And then you get in. I remember someone close to me confronting me, very well-rounded orthopedic surgeon. He came and looked me in the face and he said hey, where’s your way out? Like you need to start working yourself out of this Man. This is gonna destroy you. Like you have too much going for you. Like, hey, back out two more weeks, weeks, something You got to do, something to quit.

But I was really addicted to the power and control I found, and so there was a lot of hooks in me. Out of my needs, out of my brokenness, a lot of the needs would happen And I would go further. Every time I would get hurt I would go further And so like if I’d get injured then I would get deeper in it. Well, that season of our Marabris I pulled off around a quarter million a little, actually over a quarter million in our Marabris. During that time I had a woman robbed at gunpoint And I said two men in that worked for me and had a woman that I was friends with robbed at gunpoint. So they came in, drew down on her, took a bunch of eggs to see and then we pulled off and went to party, so, closing out that window, i ended up in college getting in trouble, catching a traffic charge.

Everyone thinks I’m going to walk on this because my family has money. I had money, we had vehicles, that stuff to sell. It looks like I’m going to walk. I actually have a season where they’re telling me you’re not going anywhere, everything’s okay, and as soon as they told me I was going to walk, i started back selling droids And within that month they called me into court And it was God slamming the gavel down, saying enough’s, enough, you played with me, enough because God is wooing me in this time. So I would have a season where God’s wooing me, and then I would walk away.

0:19:13 – Jaime Luce
The season God’s wooing me. Is that the influence from the school, or how is God wooing you during that?

0:19:19 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, so it’s a series of times where. So I called the traffic charge, I did a month, And so when I did that month I got out on bond. When I got on bond, I went back and I was on a full scholarship. So I have a season, like a two year window, where I’m out fighting the case. When I was in, it wasn’t the school, it wasn’t a friend, it wasn’t my family. When I was in the county jail the first time and I had this sit, I couldn’t get out. So I’m in there with a New Testament And I started to read.

And one of the guys that we had did. roam had got saved in the county jail before I went in there. He ends up being my bunkmate, and so he starts to share with me what God had did with him.

0:20:04 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And so.

0:20:04 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I had thought about that part of the story and so long.

0:20:06 – Jaime Luce
It’s a divine setup for you. It’s a divine setup.

0:20:09 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I mean this would be a guy I would have been fighting. And then when I get there he’s like no, the Lord’s touched me, i forgive you. And so it started a process where God was so in seed into me. And my first college I had a season when I started going to church for about six weeks And it was right. And then I got injured or something half. I can’t remember the details or maybe even it was a little compromised. So I would quit drinking, i would quit smoking, I would quit running drugs and I would start doing right for a little while And then as soon as I would drink or as soon as I would open that door again, it would be like a horse coming out the gates.

I mean it’ll be off to the races. And so we teach people. Now you know, it’s little foxes, that’s full divine. It’s the little 11, 11 of the lump, like don’t compromise a little, because that’s going to destroy your life. That was my demise over those years is I wasn’t willing to fully surrender. I wasn’t willing to fully get pure. I had certain things I would change, but I wasn’t deeply sure. I still had a thug mentality. I still had things and influences that I was unwilling to let go of. So-.

0:21:18 – Jaime Luce
That’s really amazing too, because if we step back and just look at the church at large, just the body of Christ and those who are in the church and this isn’t to say it’s everyone, but there is a really large amount of people who come on Sunday or come every couple of weeks, you know, and if you were to ask them, they’d say I love Jesus, i’m saved, but there is a compromise going on. There’s not a total surrender going on.

It really does make a difference in your life, it’s Sure, yes, i wish I just aired it, actually aired this morning actually on the fear of the Lord, a right understanding and need for the fear of the Lord. It’s a and it’s not that because we like to say don’t be afraid of God, you just wanna have awe of God. But if you don’t understand who he is and his power and that you will face him one day, there is an actual heaven, there is an actual hell.

Yes and and it takes Turning away completely, turning away from that life, from that fallen state, and receiving in its fullness what God has for us to save, us, to actually Carry that, because we we can get lost in this life, we can get lost in thinking.

This is really the more real, that this is more Impactful, you know, because we’re feeling this scene, this with our natural eyes, and when it’s spiritual or when it’s in the future, it’s. It’s not something I can touch, it’s, it’s something that is hard for me to grasp or understand, and and we’ll, we’ll make an exchange For something that we think is more valuable now, not recognizing That it’s actually the reverse, you know it’s. It’s even, brandi, like you are Saying, with the loss of your mother, that, for the moment, the pain over here that I can’t really even wrap my head and heart feelings around, that has so much control I want so badly to affect that. So I I take hold of this tangible drug that will, right, do something to my mind and my body for a moment, but it never really touches it, it never affects, it, doesn’t change it, it doesn’t mean it. You know it is worse right.

Yes, and we keep running. I mean, i mean, what you’re saying, pastor, is that this is that continual.

0:24:03 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And so this the scripture talks about when the Lord comes and cleans the vessel and if we don’t feel it, he comes, sweeps it, cool, but if we don’t feel it, then the demons go into dry places and they come back seven times stronger. And so I had that happen several times. This is over a year, so you know. But then every time I would do that it would move more into the double-mindedness where I wouldn’t denounce Christ Verbally. I book, book my actions, my behavior. I mean I even have I’m running the gang, and I see this now with our ministry. I have a cross on my back. I’m in a gang I’m using straight. I get so low to the point I’m using so much sorcery and witchcraft in the gang I run that I’m using scripture in the gang I run.

0:24:49 – Pastor Terrell Scott

So there’s, a progression over this.

0:24:51 – Pastor Terrell Scott
You know 12, 13 year old boy that was dabbling, playing, throwing up gang signs. He got real serious, real fast. Over a 10 year window things progressed into a deep, dark place and with my personality type I’m typing leader, visionary already And it was just that during no other way to say it I was just destructive and I would say hell on wheels, you know, just destroying everywhere I went and um and had everybody following him.

0:25:19 – Pastor Brandy Scott
He was such a great. He was a leader on leader Yeah, leader, leading everybody to hell.

0:25:25 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Every tell says they were.

No, i mean even the guys that went in and robbed the lady And so, you know, going back into the store because I want to move into this. So, people here I go down the road. God starts to deal with me for a moment in the county jail, even shows me my calling. I have an open vision of Jesus. I’ll walk away again. This is early and, uh, i could give you know the details of that vision. Was super natural what God was doing. But God was showing me like no, you, i put you in jail and you’re, you’re good. You got to get right with me until I ran away again.

I got deeper and more callous and worse than ever before. I’m in the prison. I’m recruiting people. I’m running drugs in the prison. I’ve become yeah, they’re ship. I went to seven different prisons in two-year window. They pegged me as the biggest dope dealer in Georgia in the prison system And so I’m in their breach in security. The warden’s the 13th, your only. They’re trying to catch me. I mean, it’s just, it’s all out funny and clad with me And the guys I’m working with in the gang I’m running in the prison, um, and we’re making money. We’re calling shots. I mean it was like street life on the inside, and that’s really what it is. So, uh, long story short, a guy tries to rob me of marijuana. I start laughing at him. I’m a fighter, i’m athlete, of all these things right. So we getting a fight? I end up getting stabbed over my left eye right here, wow, and right here That’s. My wife loves it now, but that was, that was not the Lord’s original plan.

I’m going in after this guy. Again, the officer sees they call they locked the prison down, they lock us up. I do six. I was going to kill the guy And it was mercy because either there was one or two options I would have did a life sentence in prison or I would have died myself. Right, you know, and um, but I was, i was in that zone. There was, you know, that murderous rage. You’re not gonna do this to me. You’re not well and um in. I was in that lifestyle. So, long story short, god in his mercy. In the seventh prison, um, i get locked down. The sixth brother, i’m sorry. I get locked down in isolation. I do six months in isolation And God starts to deal with me And I’m going a little out of my mind. But I’m also the only thing. I got some bible and I can write people out.

So I’m jumpsuit, a bible by myself, walk down And as I’m going, a little bit on my mind, but then I’m reading. And then holy spirit starts to convict me. And I read a scripture out of Proverbs 10 1. It says a wise son is the gladness of his father and the foolish son the heaviness of his mother.

My brother’s in college wrestling in a national tournament Competing to be the best in the nation. I’m in a prison cell, locked down, grieving my family That they’re having to see and know what I’m going through and doing in my heart.

I prayed. A simple prayer said God, send me someone that will walk the remainder of the prison sentence with me. And I’m not all the way pure now, but this is coming up in my heart. I believe it was out of my spirit. And so remember I had these encounters with the Lord prior to prison and even in prison, and I would, i would do good. Then I would reject the Lord And a lot of those seasons God was working mess out of me, but I was hardheaded. I had to go through pain before I’d listen. Yeah and and so with that, within a month, a woman wrote me and Wrote me and shared the gospel with me to catch that this was a woman I had robbed at gunpoint, and so she writes another letter.

The second letter, she sends a picture, and then we continue on and I get shipped to my seventh prison, where God meets me. And at the seventh prison this woman had wrote me came and as a minister and shared the gospel with me in.

So, um, i don’t. I’m gonna go ahead and just just The second visit we had. Um, she reached my mail. She calls out tattoos on my back. She says you’ve been leading people the wrong way your whole life. It’s time to lead them right. God has not called you to be a crime boss. I have a tattoo on my back what a cb for crime boss on it But God has a purpose and plan for you.

0:29:59 – Pastor Terrell Scott
You know.

0:29:59 – Pastor Terrell Scott
In that moment the Holy Spirit lanced this whole hardened heart open. I hadn’t cried in years and a tear ran down my face and hit my boo. And the Holy Spirit came in that prison, a visitation room, and sat down on me and.

In. I just remember God’s presence there and his love touching me, and so I go back to my room. I’m in there at this moment before I had this meeting where I’m fisting to make another drug move, i’m fisting to bring drugs back in the prison I hadn’t been through all this investigation. I’ve already been locked down six months. That had narcotics agencies on me. All this stuff’s happening.

I’m about to make another move and I have an encounter with God and it’s heavy And it was like I feel like it was like Paul getting knocked off of office horse on the road to Damascus, and so I go back and I sit down and open the bible. There’s going to be a cool part of the story in a minute, but then, the. I sit down and read the bible. Everything this woman said to me that I had robbed I read, i did. I do now the same thing, years into ministry.

I’m not a pastor. I’m reading and I’m getting a little freaked out.

You know like no, god’s real, god’s speaking to me. Um, that was a Saturday, that Friday, because I had to. I had to make a decision because I’m running a gang. I got people. I got people working for me. I’m gonna have to talk to people. I’m gonna have to tell them what I’m doing. I need supernatural protection covering everything Right, and so on. I made a decision to renounce the game, to cut ties and tell people I’m out, i’m gonna serve Jesus, and I did that and I wasn’t told and apologized to. My mother was one of the first people I apologized to, and so then, just to share with everybody. That woman that forgave me, that woman that shared the gospel with me, is now my wife and who I serve and I’m in ministry with, and so I didn’t know how to really wrap that in to bring you into it, So I’m probably brandy just to come in and share your part in how you know.

0:32:09 – Jaime Luce
Yes, absolutely, because, if people were listening, you were wrong, you were the one who was robbed, you were the one that had a point of view.

0:32:17 – Pastor Terrell Scott

0:32:18 – Pastor Brandy Scott
So let’s take it back to remember me telling you that when my mom passed away, that was a devastating time in my senior year. Well, when he went away to college, that was a hard move for me because he was very special to me. You know, regardless of the lifestyle we were living, i really trusted him and I really loved him, you know, through all of our mess. And so when he sent the guys in to rob my connection, it was like a scene in a scary drug movie. This girl living the party life, living this glitzy life, the enemy paints up the drug scene and the drinking and the drugging and all this stuff in glitz and glamour and there’s nothing glamorous about it. Right, so I was living that lifestyle, but when that drug deal happened, the glitz and the glamour were revealed to be horrific Right And so I’m strung out on drugs, my mom’s dead.

My best friend just turned his back on me, miss Jamie. When that happened I hated him for what he did to me. Though it was two other men, he was the mastermind behind this, so I hated him for that. I wished I had things on him And that the big kingpin over that situation was asking me questions. They’re looking to me because I vouched for these men and was telling them listen, they’re legit men, let’s do the drug transaction and let’s get to party. And it was a Friday night. Well, when they sent, when I vouched for them, and they come in with guns, they think you’re the one who set it up. I’m the one who set it up And that wasn’t the truth. I was just trying to set my friend up with the drugs and set the dealers up with their connection.

0:34:14 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And we were going to go party. That was the. That’s why we would party together.

0:34:19 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Yes. Well, instead, the you know when, when they come in and steal the, the drugs after I vouched these, these, let’s make the deal, make the transaction. A gun in the girl’s face, a gun in the face, one wrong move and that woman would have been dead. Well, they, the guys, took the drugs, went out. Well, after that, i go back to my apartment and it was. It was the dark, one of the darkest nights of my life. So I’m left alone in this apartment, all alone. I couldn’t get in touch with anybody on the phone. I’m all alone. You know, i had been drinking and drugging that night and I was scared, i was nervous, i was anxious, i was what in the world has happened to my life? So it was, it was horrible.

Well, shortly after this situation, i meet a man that loved Jesus and he did prison time and I shared with him what had happened with this bad drug situation. And he said Brandy, if you don’t get out of this lifestyle, you’re going to die. So he said listen, i’m going to go to church in Atlanta tomorrow. Why don’t you come? And I looked at the man in the face and I said, okay, i’ll go.

But on the inside I hated God. I didn’t want anything to do with God. I didn’t know him and what I did know of him, i didn’t like God. I didn’t want to step foot in the church. I blame God for every hurtful thing, every painful thing, and I’m painting it. I’m painting the picture for the people that are going to watch, because there are people right now that hate God for things that the enemy has done in them. So I just want to be honest with whoever’s watching.

I hated God. I didn’t want to go into that church because I was blaming God for my pain, for the death of my mother, for the lifestyle I was living. But let me tell you something in me said yes, sir, i’ll go to you, i’ll go with you to church. So I went to church with that man in Miss Jamie. Those people welcomed me. They welcomed me a welcome I had never experienced before. And I went to the church and was welcomed And just the presence of the Lord was in that place And I began to you know as worship, as they’re doing worship, and on the screen everybody’s raising their hands and worshiping. I’ve never seen anything. So in my heart I’m making fun of these people, like why are they raising their hands? Why are they so happy?

Why are they so full of joy? And but then, as I read this words on the worship screen, the spirit of the living God touched me, miss Jamie, in a in a supernatural way, and I began to weave. tears fell in and I began to weave and I began to just almost like on that worship screen. I could see the sins, i could see all the pain, all the travesty. I could see all this stuff, years of pain and heartache. And this woman came to me and she’s leading me to Jesus.

And I remember thinking, ma’am, if you really knew how dirty I was, if you really knew who I was. This Jesus that you’re talking about is so sweet and so joyous and so loving. He would never accept a dirty girl like me. There’s no way. So I couldn’t muster up to tell her I was really strung out and all the things. But I said, ma’am, you don’t understand, i’m a pothead. And she looks at me and she says, brandy, you’re in the right place. I used to be too, And I couldn’t believe it. I was like, oh my goodness, i’m welcome, i’m accepted. This Jesus that she’s talking about will accept me. So I accepted him that day, miss Jamie, and he began to womb me, he began to transform my life. Even not being raised in the church, i knew the obvious sins drugging, drinking sex and was out the window. But when I get in love with this glorious gospel and can I show you my pink sword Yes, you notice, i had it right beside me because I love the word of God.

It is what has changed me and transformed me. But as I got into his word and began to really soak up every dot, every tiddle because, keep in mind, i wasn’t raised in the church So I didn’t have these preconceived notions of who he was, but I was getting to know him for myself. What this word said, i believed it.

0:39:00 – Pastor Brandy Scott
But can.

0:39:00 – Pastor Brandy Scott
I tell you, miss Jamie, when I came to forgiveness it shattered me Like I’ve never heard of such forgiveness. So you’re telling me that if we don’t forgive other people this is what the Bible says If we don’t forgive other people when they wrong us, we can’t forgive forgiveness from Jesus, from the Father. So this man’s face, those drug dealers were in my head. So I’m talking to the Lord and I’m saying Lord, so unless I forgive this man that could have had me killed, you won’t forgive me. And I’m having this dialogue with God in tears and snot and weeping Like Lord. I don’t know that I can forgive him. I don’t know that I want to forgive him.

0:39:44 – Pastor Brandy Scott
I hated him for what?

0:39:46 – Pastor Brandy Scott
he did to me, but through, truly, i’m excited about it because it’s just as real now, 22 years, as it was then, and somebody needs to hear it with the passion, with the realness of forgiveness and the ability that, no matter what people do to us, jesus and Holy Spirit can help us forgive him because it’s by his spirit that we do that.

So I truly forgave that man. I truly forgave him. And when I forgave him, Ms Jamie, I found out that man went to prison for trafficking cocaine. So I began, so my heart switched. So now I’m praying for this man.

Lord don’t let him die in the sins, don’t let him die in those streets. Let him have the same opportunity to receive Jesus that I had. So can I keep going? Sure, yeah. So when I prayed for him, in my mind I knew if he would see me, if he would see the Christ woman that I had become, he would know God is real, because the girl that he’s seen was strung out. Was, i mean, a loose girl, was a druggy, was anything, i mean, very opposite of anything, godly, very, very dark, very dirty, very broken. But I knew if he would see this woman that is at an encounter with Christ, he would know that Jesus is real. But automatically, as soon as I prayed that prayer, doubt came in, because that was too good for God. That’ll never happen.

0:41:29 – Jaime Luce
Yeah, right, yeah.

0:41:32 – Pastor Brandy Scott
But then I said Lord Jesus, if you give me his address, i promise to write him a letter, and I’ll write him a letter in Jesus’s name amen.

0:41:40 – Jaime Luce

0:41:41 – Pastor Brandy Scott
So three years later, after I prayed that prayer, i ran into his mother and the prayer that I prayed was ringing in my head like I’ve got to get this man’s address.

0:41:51 – Jaime Luce & Pastor Brandy Scott
So at the end of my Three, years later.

0:41:53 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Yes, wow, wow. At the end of my talk with his mother I said, ma’am, can I please have his address? And I she said, sure, she writes his. She rips his address off of a letter that he had sent her from the prison. So I had this man’s address. I ran to get my three ring spiral notebook and I wrote it, chris, jamie, and I’m keeping it real and I’m talking to you as my sister So the people can really hear in a real posture. I wrote whatever Holy Spirit said. I wrote it with no, with nothing. I put it down and I made sure to let him know. You have someone praying for you.

But you don’t have to write back this. I just want you to know that you have someone praying for you And there’s more to you than this prison, and I just, i just put it at that. Well, i’m so, i’m so blessed to retell the story because it comes alive, because when we share Jesus, he’s still, he’s still. It still is fresh and still alive 22 years as it is today.

0:43:04 – Pastor Terrell Scott
So she wrote right when really the drug kingdom and I was under all this investigation and I got stabbed. She wrote right after I said that prayer in my heart. She poured that out and wrote and that letter was so timely And that was all ushering me to that point to respond when she had the word of knowledge and read and called out tattoos on my back.

So, moving into that part. her forgiveness awakened me that there’s a God and I’m going to be accountable to that God and I need to make a difference and I need to change. And so I’m long story short. I genuinely repented and I started ministering right there in prison and we started seeing guys that were in the streets with me, everything, people started getting saved. God started moving in a mighty way. He started teaching me and I got baptized a little ago some fire by her. I prayed my heart and she showed up and she started. she never used to pray in tongues and stuff, and so she never used to pray in tongues, and so when we were closing out and the visitation, she prayed in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit fell on me right there in the prison And from there we started building our relationship. instead of on all the worldly stuff, we built our relationship on the word of God. So she walked with me two and a half years while I was in prison And then we both heard from God that we were to get married.

and then we got home and helped start a ministry for drug and alcohol recovery ran that for four years, and then God called us back to McDonald’s, where we live now and where we serve now, and we’re like no Lord anywhere, anywhere, but there Ten years later.

We’re so grateful, but that first six months of being home was a lot of inner healing, of facing things, seeing people from our past going into areas, and so, as God launched our ministry into the area we serve now, i had to go into the same streets where crime was committed and seeing people I did prison time with, seeing people that used to work for me, seeing people I played sports with, and there was one special time where we were passing out flyers for a big back to school bash and that’s where we preached to over 500 people and give out bags and all these things.

And so we’re out doing it and I go into an area where people were sent to kill me one night and in that time that the people actually shot the people that were on their side and we got away And I asked God in prayer. I’m up late, crying and God’s healing me and I’m just so grateful. He saved my life and you know I may have had two, probably two children at the time before we had Elphav, and God spoke to my heart and he said touch not mine, ordered and do my prophet in the arm. He said I picked you and put a protection over you. Even then, such a time is this.

I knew you would be who you are today, and so yeah it’s been a journey of healing and forgiveness and prayer and serving and just going back to work and caring for people and loving. But when I got, when I surrendered in prison this last time, there was like nothing, like I want to do it God’s way, no matter what Right I was immediately. When I repented in prison, i was immediately delivered from we should drink. This chain came like liquor we should. I was delivered from it. Marijuana, drugs, pornography immediately That was the first thing. And then I started ministering, preaching. But when I got home I did have to go through some inner healing and God had this to deliver me and clean me up.

0:47:08 – Jaime Luce
So that’s really what we were talking about before we started. Was that story of Lazarus? if we picture that being Jesus, being not Lazarus but of the good Samaritan. If we picture Jesus doing that healing, seeing the broken man, seeing the man who’s gone through abuse, seeing the man who was traumatized and left by himself to deal with it with no hope.

0:47:35 – Pastor Terrell Scott

0:47:35 – Jaime Luce
No hope, yeah, and Jesus pours in that oil and begins dealing with those wounds and takes him to the end and make sure he gets care for a while and then says I’ve got to go but I’m coming back And Jesus is coming back, but his promise is that whatever you still need, i will take care of it.

0:47:57 – Pastor Terrell Scott

0:47:58 – Jaime Luce
There’s nothing that we tend to like. I love the fact that you were both really at the point of finding Jesus. A real transformation took place in your heart, a real real healing and transformation took place But, like you’re saying, even though there was deliverance from those things, there was still healing that needed to be, and so in the morning it’s fine, You know that takes time.

0:48:23 – Pastor Terrell Scott
It does take time, yeah, and every time God entrusts us more in his kingdom. You know, god heals us deeper and prepares us, and one of the visions I had and I wanted to share this before I got out of prison was a hand reaching. I closed my eyes, been fasting, I laid down and closed my eyes on my bone And I had a vision of a hand reaching out of the heavens And it had this beautiful heavenly background and clasping my hand, pulling me out of the mess I was in.

And so now, on our Malachi project logo, we have our church logo and then over it we have two hands clasping. So God became. He sent the good Samaritan to me. Right, right, pull me out, not so I could just stay in the end and just feast. But no, as I got healed up, as my wounds were bandaged, as I was taken care of. Now I have the honor and go do the same.

0:49:18 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Yes. And we teach others to do that right. That’s our mission is to teach other people once they’ve been, you know, delivered and healed. But it’s a constant thing of helping others out of the situations of pain, of trauma, of situations Right.

0:49:41 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And now we have staff that were lifetime drug addicts, lifetime collins, and they get delivered, get demons cast out of them and then they’re serving doing the same thing we do. Isn’t that amazing that?

0:49:54 – Jaime Luce
right away, like you saying that this ministry, from the moment you started, you were able to go in, even in the prison. While you’re still in the prison, getting people saved.

0:50:04 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yes, ma’am.

0:50:06 – Pastor Brandy Scott
I started in the prison.

0:50:08 – Jaime Luce
Yeah, we get so hard-hearted in our site and in our evaluation of people that we just think, well, they’re not ready, they don’t want Jesus, they don’t think they need Jesus, and we just dismiss our responsibility, blaming it on that. They just don’t want Jesus. But it’s obviously evident that these people were ready. I mean ready, right, jesus said the fields are ripe. They’re ready. Yes, these workers.

0:50:40 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We’re going to go out there. So, going back, pastor Brandy had spoken a minute ago. Her prayer was if he sees me, if he sees me, yeah, when she walked into her first visit this was before I repented there was a glory. There was a glory I don’t like this of the word, but there was the glory. Let me say this.

0:50:58 – Pastor Terrell Scott
There was a glory.

0:50:59 – Pastor Terrell Scott
There was a presence on this woman, a woman I disrespected so bad. There was an immediate respect come up in my heart. I had decided before I ever repented either one or two things will happen. I’m going to honor her or I’m going to tell her to leave. There wasn’t no question in me of trying to be manipulative, deceptive, and that’s who I was Right. Anybody else I would have been trying to get them to bring drugs in And I was master at manipulating people. But the Holy Spirit put a covering around her and she lit the room up with a presence in the beauty of the room, and so now, when people see us, they know.

0:51:39 – Pastor Brandy Scott
And that’s the way we live our life. He calls me the Walmart evangelist because I love to share Jesus and it doesn’t have to be.

it’s not about the words we speak, but the way we love Him. as you said, the word of God says if you love me, you keep my commandments and we can share His love. by the way we treat one another, the way you treat the helper at Walmart, the way you treat the person’s stock in the shelf, people are groaning to truly experience the true people of God, to rise up, and that’s not on a platform on Sunday mornings. That’s the way we live our life daily.

0:52:23 – Jaime Luce
Right, well, i mean, jesus said there are two, basically two commandments. All the commandments fall on this. I have to love the Lord before I hold my strength, right. But second is, like it, you love your neighbor as yourself, and so it’s that. It’s that understanding of this is what he’s done for me. I’m living for him. But the automatic outflow then is that I have to be that to you. This is real. If I have really experienced this, then that’s an automatic that needs to flow from me to those that are around me, which is exactly what you guys are doing.

0:52:58 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And so that’s. That’s what happens now. The same thing that happened to me is happening now. Sunday, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a young lady who’s in addiction. It was having suicidal thoughts. Two weeks ago, young lady came in smoking marijuana to church. I called her up front.

0:53:17 – Pastor Brandy Scott
We brought those kind of people.

0:53:19 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We laid hands on her. She renounced the using and the addiction and all those things. The evil spirits left and the young lady had to drifts in two weeks And she’s you can see it on account now she gets the honor to go tell someone else.

0:53:33 – Jaime Luce

0:53:34 – Jaime Luce
I know this is really. this is a message of hope, And I know several people who deal with the trouble of all of what drugs have done to their life and what. what have they had been robbed, what’s robbed them and how it is robbed their family, like you had mentioned when you read the scripture, pastor, about what this does to a father and what this does to a mother, what a child is in this kind of life, any kind of life that brings trauma and difficulty to them.

You know, but that none of those things, none, no matter how far in it they are, no matter how deep the pit they have sunk, there is still a Jesus who is powerful enough to pull them out. His hand, just like he was reaching to you, is able to reach wherever they are, whether it’s a young girl who’s lost someone so dear to them, a family member, a parent, you know. For you, brandy, it’s that the loss. You know, the enemy loves to come in and kind of compound on the same issue. He knows what you’re dealing with and he likes to kind of build on that same thing and just keep pushing the like a hammer, keep pushing that nail down just a little bit further. And so for you, it was loss.

Okay, let’s make some more loss. Let’s take this person who was a friend and take that person away from you, and not only do that, but let’s turn. How you even feel about this person, that people can’t be trusted. Let’s just take that thing and make that worse. You know hammering that nail. And then for you it’s that same, no matter how much I go. Okay, here’s an injury? Okay, well then, let’s. If he’s able to get free from that, well, let’s give another injury. Let’s, let’s do another thing. Let’s keep hammering that same thing, if it works you know using it Right, right, right.

0:55:42 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And that’s how, and that’s how strongholds are built in our lives And that’s some of the things our early years of ministry was destroying the mindsets and the strongholds from all the years. So the enemy snuck in in middle school and then he like door made for a while And then he just kept on continuing And, as you were saying, hammering it deeper and deeper and deeper, until bam I got you. You know, i tell people now the enemy plays for keeps. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.

And you know, the sooner we get to the end of ourselves. This is no longer my life. I’m willing to surrender all. I’m going to pick up my cross, i’m going to follow Christ And really the beauty of it is is we get everything back True life, true freedom, true hope, my true joy. I mean what happened to me in prison People on the light I had joined, speakable for glory. I got peace that surpassed me While in prison. Right When I tell people to be thankful now, i’m not talking out of a blank sheet Like you got freedom. You don’t understand. So everything stripped away.

0:56:47 – Pastor Brandy Scott
But I learned to be thankful in all things And learned to find God in that moment. And that really ministered to me, miss Jamie. When he’s, you know, in a five by eight, he’s thankful, right, you know just the thankfulness. And we operate. We teach that to this day just how important it is to be thankful for exactly where we’re at.

0:57:07 – Jaime Luce
Yes, Well, and the beauty is that both of you saw where your lives were spared.

0:57:13 – Jaime Luce

0:57:13 – Jaime Luce
God had his hand on your lives before you even recognize that his hand was on your life.

Yes And that he’s caring right now. You know that’s not too long ago. I taught a message on how, with God, it’s always backwards, in that the day actually begins when it’s dark, when it’s at night, but it’s actually the next day. If we look at the clock and it’s midnight, we think it’s dark, it’s midnight, this is the worst. It’s this So, and yet that’s a new day. That’s a brand new day And, with God, we don’t realize he’s working in our dark places. He’s not absent. It’s a brand new day. Just because it hasn’t gotten bright outside, don’t let that discourage you. God is still working. He’s definitely already at work on our behalf, so maybe you could pray for the listeners.

0:58:02 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, I do have something I wanna share.

0:58:05 – Jaime Luce

0:58:06 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Because, as we walk through trauma, as we healed, as I look back at when I went to prison, i thought my life was over. Right, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Yeah, we’ve faced things over the years of ministry, whether it be persecution or issues or problems, and so many different things in life. When you come out on the other side, when you do it God’s way, when you obey the Lord, when you allow Jesus to reign in your life and you trust him and process the very thing I thought was the worst thing in my life Now this is 20 years later was the best thing ever happened to me, right. So I share, the best thing happened to me was Jesus, and the second best thing was my wife, right. But I look at prison now and the thing I thought was the worst ever actually became a gift.

0:58:58 – Jaime Luce

0:58:59 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Because when I turned that over to God, god gave me several scriptures in prison. One is Romans 8, 28. All things work together for the good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. If you’ll turn your pain over to God, he’ll turn it into purpose.

0:59:13 – Pastor Brandy Scott

0:59:14 – Pastor Terrell Scott
If you’ll release the tragedy to Him, it’ll become a triumph. If you allow Him to take the mess, He’ll turn it into a message, The only thing. There’s nothing special about us, nothing. We’ve impacted thousands. Our stories went out in millions of people. Now, right, We just turned it over to Jesus and we said all right, God, we’re gonna go to work, We’re gonna pray, we’re gonna fast, we’re gonna obey your word, we’re gonna be humble. If I make a mistake, I apologize. We’re gonna go through process to be what you’ve called us to be. And now we’re gonna allow everything that enemy meant for evil in our life.

Yes, this is for somebody right now As the enemy intends evil and even uses people close to you. Sometimes I was close to her and I was the Judas right. We have Judas as cut show up in our ministries now and they’ll say how awesome they are and they’ll use you and then they’ll stab you in the back. I was a Judas to her. I mean, let me take responsibility, so like I call out Judas’s now and we bought for them and we love them, But I was a Judas 20 years ago a person who I should not have hurt and harmed.

I made that decision. I remember even the guy in the gang when we said hey, now let’s don’t do this to Brandon, because they were dear friends of mine too.

1:00:25 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Let’s don’t do this to Brandon.

1:00:26 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I said, no, we’re doing it. So I made the call. I can remember right where I was standing. I said, no, i’m gonna be Judas today because I care more about money, i care more about getting, i care more about myself and what I want in the kingdom I was building. Then I do this person And but thank God, even for me living and acting like a Judas towards my future wife, and I didn’t know it There was mercy, there was forgiveness. The Lord met me and revealed his heart to me and turned my life a 180.

And so, no matter where you’re at, no matter how bad it is, no matter how painful it is, no matter who’s rejected you, no matter who’s walked out.

No matter how bad your decisions are. I just told you I made decisions I deserved to go to prison. It wasn’t. I didn’t go to prison because I didn’t, i shouldn’t have. I deserve to go right. Sometimes we deserve the things we’re in. But I’m telling you there’s forgiveness. I’m telling you there’s mercy. I’m telling you God can turn it around. It says call unto me, i’ll show you great, mighty things you know not of. It says no, i have seen nor ears, heard, nor entered into the heart of man What God has in store for those that love him. Those were prom. I grabbed the whole. Those are bedrock and who I am today. I grabbed the whole of those in the prison cell and I said God, i made a mess. I’m sorry. Take responsibility for where you’re at. Get right with God. Call on the name of the Lord The.

1:01:44 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Lord will answer you.

1:01:45 – Pastor Terrell Scott
The Lord will not fail you If you’ll call on him with a whole heart, with a pure heart. those are the willing and obey what is the good of the land.

1:01:53 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I’m evidence.

1:01:55 – Pastor Terrell Scott
I was living in a pick pen, i was eating the scraps of the land, right. But when I call unto the Lord, i came to my senses and I walked back home. I said I’m coming to the office house. Some of you need to come to office house today. You need to come back home. You need to put a lot of pain, blame all that system of sin, to sit in point fingers and say, no, god, i’m sorry, i made bad decisions, i was hurting, i was deceived. Lord, i’m not even blaming the devil, forgive me. And when you receive forgiveness and you put your sin nature to death, then you can tell the devil to leave.

I made a decision 17 years ago when I was saved. The enemy had his foot on my neck for too long 24 years of my life. From this day forward I think we’re at 18 years now. But the point is I said from this day forward, devil, my foot’s going down on your neck and we’re going to rescue people, we’re going to bring healing, we’re going to bring deliverance, we’re going to minister the gospel everywhere we go. So I’m telling you God can take your worst situation and turn it into your purpose. He can take the trauma of your past. If you were abused when you were a child, god can take that and then it can be your platform to help others that were abused. We help people out of prison. We help people out of addiction. We help people forgive. We help people get free of demons. I had all kinds of demons. You don’t live the way I do. I have demons, but Jesus right, he kept devils out.

1:03:12 – Jaime Luce
That’s right.

1:03:13 – Pastor Terrell Scott
He did a lot of my life and he’s sitting down. I got a purpose for you. I got five beautiful children, an amazing wife. We’ve been married for over 14 years.

1:03:21 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We serve in the same community.

1:03:23 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We used to run drugs and party and all that stuff. And God says hey, I’m going to take you to where the dry bones were. I’m going to resurrect some things. And I’m going to put an army around you so you can help the hurting. That’s what we do.

1:03:37 – Jaime Luce
Yes, that’s so fantastic. We’ll go ahead then and let’s pray for the people, and then we’ll get find out a way, if they want, to get in touch with your men, if they can.

1:03:48 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Listen, guys, if you’re listening right now, I just want you to open your heart If you’re in pain, if you have unforgiveness, if someone hurt you, look, she didn’t deserve me robbing her. I’m not saying what they did is right, but it is right to forgive, because it only put you in prison. It’s not about how you feel. It’s a choice, with an act of your will. I choose to forgive this individual.

1:04:16 – Pastor Terrell Scott
So I’m going to pray that.

1:04:17 – Pastor Terrell Scott
And if you’ve been in sin, you need to ask God’s forgiveness. So, lord Jesus, i lift up the people And I pray for them right now. Anyone bound in sin, i pray, as I’m praying that they would run into your arms, that they’d receive forgiveness. If you’re in sin, just say Lord, forgive me, call out that sin. If it’s addiction, if it’s pornography, if it’s immorality, if it’s fornication, if it’s lust, if it’s anger, if it’s rage, if it’s negativity, if you’re double-minded, just say Lord, forgive me. Lord, i’m sorry for being double-minded. Lord, i’m sorry for negativity. Lord, i’m sorry for doubt and confusion. Lord, i’m sorry for playing church. I’m sorry for showing up on Sunday and then going back to the club. I’m sorry.

And in front of one person I say I love Jesus, but in front of the other, i deny him in my actions. Lord, forgive me. And to receive his forgiveness, he paid a high price for you so that you can receive forgiveness. Receive his forgiveness right now, receive his mercy right now. And if you need to forgive someone, jesus saw. Christ said if you don’t forgive, you can’t receive forgiveness. Just pray this well. And he said Lord Jesus, i choose to forgive.

And then you feel in the blank, no matter who it is. Say their name out loud. Release that person to God. Allow God to heal you. Let his presence come into that area. His presence is bigger than your pain. His presence is bigger than your addiction. His presence is bigger than what you’re going through. Receive his presence, receive his love, receive his mercy, receive his healing, receive his peace, peace that surpasses all understanding. Enjoy unspeakable, full of glory.

Lord, right now I release peace and healing. God, i pray over every heart that has been broken. According to Isaiah 61, that you bind up the broken hearted. Right now, lord Jesus, i ask you to release angels that will come and minister to the broken hearted, in that you would bind up every broken area right now. Every broken heart be bound up Right now. Every shattered peace just be released into the presence of the Lord. Lord, restore that broken heart. Oh God, bring healing, bring peace.

And Lord, god, i pray you would bring encouragement Right now for those that are weary and discouraged. They’ve been fighting a good fight, a fight, but they don’t know what else to do. Be still and know that he is God. He will never fail you, he will never leave you, he will never forsake you. So I pray right now. You receive the encouragement, lord, be ye not discouraged nor dismayed. Be ye of strong courage. Be ye of strong courage. Be ye of strong courage, lord. I pray a release of your might and your courage over the people that have been broken hearted. Be healed, walk in peace, receive his peace, receive his healing, receive his strength now, in the mighty name of Jesus. In the mighty name of Jesus, lord, we thank you, lord, we thank you, god. I bless you now. I speak the prayer. We pray over everyone we see. May the Lord bless you and the Lord keep you. May his light and his countenance shine upon you. May the Lord, our God, be gracious unto you and may he give you peace in Jesus mighty name. Amen, amen, amen.

1:07:15 – Jaime Luce
Amen, oh praise God. I know that has ministered so much. I know that, and you know what I love about this technology is that it just keeps going. It’s just out there and it keeps going and God will make sure that it finds its way, just like branding down herself in that prison, minister. And to you, this word will find itself in whatever spaces it needs to go. Amen, and the beauty of what Jesus has done and paid the price for already. Amen. And we, just if we only knew what he had for us. My mother used to always say that when we were grown up, if you only knew what Jesus had for you, you would say yes, with all your heart. You’d say yes, you’d come running for it.

1:07:58 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yes, yes, i’m a witness of that. Amen, amen.

1:08:01 – Jaime Luce
Yes, ma’am. Well, how can our listeners get in touch with you all in your ministry And if they want us support or just find out more, and you know how can they get home?

1:08:12 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, so we have two different websites. We have the Passion Life Church website And then we also have the River Refuge website. And so people also. We offer deliverance and interhealing for people. If they want that, they can go to help at passion-lifeorg Also. They can reach out to our church line. It’s 770-639-8685. And so the both websites. The Passion Life Church is passion-lifeorg, the River Refuge is the riverrefugeorg. So they’re easy to remember, easy to put in. If you need more information, you wanna know more about us, all you have to do is reach out. We’ll have our secretary or one of us will call back and we’ll email you and give you information on both websites. Whether you wanna give to Passion Life or whether you wanna give to the River Refuge and the Outreach Ministry, you can go on there and find links, paypal, cash, app, venmo all those things are there so that people can give and support.

Right now we’re in the middle of a building project. We have the foundation, went in. We bought an old, rundown drug house. We were old and rundown down by sin. We ended up taking it down. We’re moving it And we’ve been in the process. We had it rezoned for what we’re doing. We’re building a youth center and a community center there And we’re building it by faith. We’re gonna build it debt free. Right now we’ve raised over 110,000 to get the foundation and the plumbing and the foundation in And we’re trusting God. We’re on the same stage now. Yeah, we need prayers, standing agreement right now, framing, come in in Jesus’ name. And so we are reaching out to big companies, corporations, other nonprofits. People love what we’re doing, how we’re serving the kids and helping them. We had a kid that outreach the other day, say. A person said we’re so glad to see you kids out here.

1:10:11 – Pastor Brandy Scott
You don’t have guns in here, but the gospel and not a gun.

1:10:13 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, you got tracks in your hands sharing about Jesus and not a gun shooting somebody.

1:10:18 – Jaime Luce
That’s right amen. I love it. Take your G. We want the gospel and not a gun. Yes, that’s good. Well, this has been such a pleasure to be able to hear your testimony, hear your heart, see what God is doing, watch the redemption and how he multiplies, how he takes what little we have and he multiplies in just as beautiful things with it. It’s a beautiful story.

1:10:46 – Pastor Terrell Scott
Yeah, I’d love to share too. We’re working with a ghost writer. We’re deep in a book right now about our story, the house. like we were to try to go into all the details, we’d be on for the more. Right right, we’re getting into all the details and how heaven showed up.

1:11:02 – Pastor Brandy Scott
We’ll share it with you And Jamie when it comes out, Okay.

1:11:06 – Pastor Terrell Scott
We’ll that book will be coming out in the fall.

1:11:09 – Jaime Luce
Okay, in the fall Okay. Yes, ma’am, we will have that And you know and I’ll take all of your information that you’ve given all the websites and all that We’re gonna I’ll link, make sure it’s all linked in here, so people have access to it too. So, I want them to be able to share in this and get ahold of you and minister to you as well.

1:11:28 – Pastor Terrell Scott

1:11:29 – Jaime Luce
Thank you so much for you know, we spent quite a bit of time. We’ve been about an hour and 10 minutes, So thank you for.

1:11:36 – Pastor Brandy Scott
Miss Jamie, it was so nice to talk to you.

1:11:38 – Pastor Terrell and Brandy Scott
Thank you for the honor to be on. We love you. We bless you. Thank you for what you’re doing in the kingdom and letting us come in and share our story And hope to see you again Yes ma’am.

1:11:48 – Jaime Luce
Well, stick with me, i’ll go ahead and sign us off and stick with me for just a moment. We’ll wrap things up. But thank you so much, folks, for joining us today. I know this was a definite blessing to you. It was to me, and if you know anybody who needs to hear this, i encourage you to share this podcast. If you’re listening by podcast, you can not only share that way, but we ask you to help us by giving us a rating, because if you’ll rate us, that helps us with the algorithms. We get the gospel out even further, and that’s so we ask you to do that. The same with YouTube. If you’re watching this on YouTube, if you’ll share in live, you help us spread the gospel.

It’s a simple thing you can do And it does get the word out. So take advantage of this. We you know people who need this Take advantage of what God puts in your hands. Just like you heard the message today, they used what they have a letter, some paper writing a simple, a simple letter. You just never know what God will use if we’ll be obedient and do what he asks us to do. So like and share today, folks, and we will see you next time. Thanks so much.

1:12:55 – Jaime Luce
Bye, bye for today Bless. Thank you for listening to the Jamie Luce podcast. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please rate and review the show on Apple or Spotify and subscribe wherever you listen. For more, visit jamielucecom. That’s J-A-I-M-E-L-U-C-Ecom. You’ll find a free chapter of her new book. You Don’t Need Money, you Just Need God and a fresh word from Jamie on the blog each week. See you next week.