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Nothing Can Stand Against You!

To you who have decided, to you who make God's business your business and aren't content to simply sit in salvation, you will be victorious! Have no fear. God has already planned your enemy's defeat!

3 Keys To A Fear Free Life

You can only fear not when you know you have [...]

What Is A Christian, Really?

Those who feel the word represents "good" call themselves Christian. This comes from some sense that morality or good works are associated with this term. However, what morality is would be debatable among this group as well as what is good.

In Not Choosing, You’ve Made Your Choice

Don't kid yourself. We live in a polarizing time—a time [...]

Why Are You Here?

It won't matter how much perfume you put on a corpse. If it's dead, it's dead. This is why the angel asked them, "Why seek ye the living among the dead?"

You Decide

The crowd of accusers stood hurling their violent lies and [...]

Jesus Needs Your Donkey

What do you have that the Master needs to carry Him through the streets? What have you kept tied up that needs to be loosed? What do you think you have that is too humble to be significant? I say to you that the Master has need of it. It's time to allow the King to be carried in on our backs. It's time for His praises to be heard. It's time to worship Him!

Your time is Now!

In the early morning hours that Saturday, my phone rang. I knew it couldn't be good. A close friend had just got word that the company we were both using to build our swimming pools was bankrupt, and we wouldn't get our pools finished or our money back.

What’s Your Weapon of Choice?

Battles are inevitable, but victory is a choice. Warriors live [...]

Need An Answer?

Trying times bring difficult questions. It can seem that life is a riddle. Or better yet, a parable. As Christians, we often encourage each other by reminding ourselves that we are not alone. We take comfort from being with others even if others don't have the answers.


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